Star Wars: Rise Of Jakeb Blandus


1. Meet Jakeb Blandus

"Ok Riley, I did what you said."

"Right, now Jakeb somewhere around you there should be a non-descript black box."

"There's nothing in here except this battalion of droids that keeps shooting at me."

"How is there a battalion of droids in a vault?"

"I'm not in a vault."

"But I gave you clear directions to get there!"

"Sorry, I was too busy following this sexy guy with white armour, a black cape and an amazing head of blonde hair!"

"That was your bloody reflection!"

"Ok, calm down, I'll kill all the droids."

Jakeb unsheathed his lightsaber and threw it through the battalion, killing them all.

"Show off." Scoffed Riley, rolling her eyes.

"You know some people would pay to watch me at work, but you get paid to watch me." Laughed Jakeb.

Riley smiled "Just find the vault and come back."

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