The Girl That Fell From the Sky

A story that follows a green-haired, green-eyed woman who has no memory from her past. Landing atop a dragons's head, she begins living in the town of Selphia and learns to call it home. However, a person from her past recognizes her and drags her back into the past. Can she handle what she committed and continue living in her building future?


1. Falling from the sky, encountering a dragon, and becoming a princess within the hour of yesterday

I woke up, startled, and felt like I had just fallen and slammed the ground. Blinking a few times, taking in my surroundings of a warm, stone castle interior and moonlight flooding through my back doorway, I sighed in relief when I realized it was all just a dream. It almost felt too real to be just a dream. I had no recollection of what I was falling towards, nor what I fell from. It was just....a feeling, but I did experience a fall like that not so long ago. I held my pale hand up in the moonlight and watched the shine the bandages emitted in the light. I had them practically everywhere, including my face due to the impact of my fall from the previous morning. It was only yesterday, but its the only thing I can remember vividly, since I have no memory of anything past my fall. The only thing I was certain of was that I was named Frey. Sighing again from exhaustion, I laid back down into my warm, dark red bed and felt myself beginning to doze off again. The last thing I remembered thinking about was what all happened yesterday...


My eyes watered as I came closer and closer to the ground. My voice was paralyzed and I was completely terrified. As I neared the ground, I noticed I was heading towards an open-roof, green building, and I was approaching it, fast! Forgetting my terrified state, I began screaming as I came through the opening, but I met brown eyes before colliding heavily onto the creature's head. It gave out a roar and fell to the ground from the force and I was forcibly thrown from the creature to the hard, marble flooring. The breath was knocked from me and I heaved heavily while the creature ranted horribly in English. "Holy mother-lovin shit! That hurt!! What the hell are you?!" I looked up at the booming, inhuman voice and my grass green eyes met flaring brown eyes, which changed to shocked as the creature stared at me. When I got a good look at the creature, it had a dark green reptile-looking skin with large, feathered wings and horns jugging out of its head and curling behind. "Your... a dragon?" It looked annoyed, and in a very feminine voice said, "What do you think I am? A duck??" I couldn't help but chuckled, however, I stopped as it began hurting my sides. The female dragon took in my green eyes, green hair, and my black n' blue bruises before speaking. "How did you possibly survive that fall with only cuts and bruises? You should thank the Native Dragons that you live!" Before I could respond, a heavy, masculine voice boomed behind me. "WHO THE HEAVENS ARE YOU?!!!" I turned my head and saw an older man who had grey facial hair, cold blue eyes, and wore what seemed to be a butler outfit. "WELL?" He took a step towards me, yet it didn't entirely scare me, but the dragon began speaking. "Relax Volkanon, she is just a frail human who fell from the sky." She then turned to me and spoke, "however, where exactly did you fall? You can't possibly have fallen from out of nowhere?" I looked at her, confused, and responded, "No, I don't actually remember anything past me falling into here." Her eyebrows raised and Volkanon mutter "bloody hell" before walking over to me and examining my wounds. "Well, wherever it was, it was pretty high. Perhaps a airship, Lady Ventuswill?" She nodded in agreement and turned towards me again and spoke with authority, "Human, what do you go by?" I told her my name was Frey, which she then turned towards the man, Volkanon, and told him to go prepare a room, which shocked me. "Um, Ventuswill, that isn't for me, is it?" She looked at me as if I was crazy and Volkanon looked at me in horror and told me, "Miss Frey! She's known as Lady Ventuswill! Its not lik-"

"Silence, Volkanon, it is alright. She would not know better, since it seems she is confused." After explaining that I only knew my name, Volkanon apologized and went to prepare the room, leaving only Ventuswill and I in the wide mosaic-looking room. She then told me it is possible that I was actually the princess they were looking for, which I hastily denied, but she snorted and kept speaking. "Well you don't know for sure, now do you? It isn't a wrong assumption and all we must do is contact Norad and ask. Besides, you have no place to go, do you? Accept this generosity and quick complaining human." I couldn't help but laugh as she spoke because she went from a loud voice of authority back to her feminine, quieter voice. She became embarrassed and told me to never speak this to anyone or she would eat me, which only made me laugh harder. However, I told her I would keep that promise if she could tell me things I didn't know, which she agreed to do. Volkanon came in and she switched back to her "authority voice" and told him to escort me to my room and rest. Before I could protest, She interrupted me and said, "Miss Frey, It would be wise for you to do so! Volkanon shall help wrap your open wounds, but only rest will help you heal fully." I replied by saying, "But I'm not a princess! Plus, you promised me that you would tell me things I don't remember!"

"I will not break my promise, Miss Frey, unless you break yours." Volkanon looked confused, but didn't say anything as he helped me to "my room", which I'd let him because she was right. With no memories from my past, how would I know who I was? Not to mention that my wounds were pretty severe. With Volkanon's help, I managed to wrap my cuts and some raw bruises and got myself situated in a warm bed. "Good night, Miss Frey" I said good night and, suddenly becoming exhausted, I fell into a deep sleep, saying aloud, "I hope this gets resolved soon..."



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