Save Me

She's in trouble. A lot of trouble. Adeline Hammericks is now a witness of the murder of her Grandpa, Aka: the head Supreme Court Justice, and is now a part of the biggest investigation in America. How could God let this happen? Will she trust God with her life? Will she fall in love along the way?


2. Where It All Began

 (Picture is Josh)




            I was sitting at the back of the court, watching my grandpa , Justice Edward Hammerick, do his job. He was definitely very good at his job, a little too good. It got him a lot of respect and a lot of enemies. That scares me to death! 

            At the moment I was sitting with my mom, Shari, and my brother, Josh. Josh is two years older than me, at 25, and ever since my dad died, we've been inseparable. Before that though, we were always at odds with each other. My mom hasn't been the same since, either. She basically died that day; it's like we don't even have a mom anymore, although she is getting better.

           It was five years ago when a man came into the bank where my dad died. The man came in looking for my dad's partner, but he wasn't there. So, instead he shot my dad. Worst day of my life. I lost my best friend that day, but as always, God brought out the good. You might think that nothing good could come out of that, but it brought me closer to my brother, my grandpa, and God. That's really what my dad would want. 

            As I was thinking about all of this, IT happened. It all happened so quick. Everyone was gone except for my grandpa and I, and a man walked right up to my grandpa and shot him. I was on the other side of the room, so he didn't see me until he was almost out of the room. He stopped and looked at me with a flash of surprise on his face. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to shoot me, but he didn't have time. He just left. *poof* Gone, and he took a piece of my life with him.

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