5SOS: An Unexpected Twist

Quick, hurried, drunken steps and bed springs squeaking as two figures fall on to the bed in a romantic mess. The rest of the night was a blur to them but the next day was sure to be clear as a glass of water. Allie met a man at a club in New York. An unexpected twist throws her through a loop; she never expected the man to be HIM.


3. The Concert

~Luke's POV~

We walked out smiling and the lights were out, I always loved hearing the crowd get excited. I took my place and waited for the lights to come on as we started playing a song. The lights came on and that was my cue.

"Hello New York! We're so glad to be here tonight! Let's get this party started!" I said excitedly.

The crowd was screaming as we started playing Good Girls. This night was going to be great! All the energy in the room and getting to play with my best friends, this was a night I definitely wouldn't forget. As the concert went along I was getting more and more in to everything having a lot of fun. We played so many songs for them but it was definitely worth it.

We brought a fan up and we sang to her because it was her birthday and took a few pictures with her too. Toward the end of the concert we had questions from Twitter and different social media accounts they were all fun until a question for me popped up on the screen.

~Allie's POV~

I was mentally freaking out I couldn't believe I slept with Luke Hemmings. It could've been any other prettier more famous girl but it had to be me. Why'd he start talking to me last night? All these questions going through my mind but then I remembered I was at a concert and I didn't want anyone knowing what happened last night. Everyone would laugh and say I was looking for attention. I had to go on with my life knowing I slept with a superstar which is actually awesome but it'd probably ruin his career if people found out he slept with a person who wasn't famous and wasn't very pretty either.

I put on a smile and tried to enjoy myself tonight with my best friend, she was dancing and singing along with everyone in the crowd and 5SOS. She looked over at me super excited and I pretended to be just as excited joining in on the dancing and singing. My worries soon washed away as the night continued. The concert was so much fun and they sang to a fan for her birthday which was really sweet. But then Twitter questions came and most of them were innocent and fun then there was a question for Luke that made my heart stop for a second and Amelia whispered in my ear so I told her to ask after the concert. All the boys kind of looked at Luke laughing awkwardly.

"Wow um, what an interesting question." Luke said then drank his water, "I think I may have to pass on that question for the time being, I'm sorry guys."

The crowd "awww'd" in sadness but inside I felt relieved. Did he remember last night too because obviously someone noticed the hickeys on his neck. All the boys patted him on the back and gave him thumbs up saying stuff like "way to get it Luke" which made him blush I think? Aww they were teasing him as they got back to their instruments and said they were going to play a few more songs. It was a little funny that they played Amnesia but also not funny because I don't know if he remembered me or not. It's not like we had dated or anything though but still it was a great song and soon they played the last two songs Jet Black Heart and a really popular song She Looks So Perfect then the concert was over. That's when I got nervous because now Amelia and I get to meet them all backstage. I was getting kind of nervous, part of me hoped he didn't remember but the other part actually kinda wanted him to remember me. But first I needed to make sure my hickeys were perfectly covered.

~Ashton's POV~

A question about Luke's hickeys and who they came from came up. I had to admit I was curious too but I also couldn't stop looking at this one girl in the crowd, she looked kinda nervous when the question came up but it wasn't like the nervous fan look. It was like she knew who did it and didn't know if Luke did. The person beside her was gorgeous though she had long brown curly hair she looked at the girl who was super nervous looking and whispered something to her and the blonde nervous girl whispered something back. I may have to try to talk to those two some how.

~Luke's POV~

After the concert ended we all went back to our rooms and there were actually showers in our rooms so I took a quick shower then texted my friend to ask if she could re-cover the hickeys and she said she'd be in the room in a minute which was great. I dried off and got my clothes on then waited for her. I couldn't believe people could see the hickeys it was a little embarrassing for me. This had never happened to me before. I guess the girl really enjoyed herself last night. I still couldn't remember anything which sucked so much because I should be remembering by now.

The door opened and my friend walked in, I smiled and thanked her for covering them up yet again then laughed. She worked on the hickeys then fixed my hair for meeting whatever fans had VIP meeting passes. Ashton came in right after my friend left and he gave me the look to tell him what happened.

"Ash I don't remember last night so don't even ask." I said and sighed.

"That's why you didn't answer the question right?" He asked.

"Yeah. Ash it's frustrating I can't even remember her face all I remember is her eyes and smile."

"It's ok bud you'll remember soon enough but don't stress. We got to go meet some fans now." Ashton said and smiled.

Ashton always loved getting to talk with fans. He loves making people happy which is why I know he's going to be a great dad one day and husband. He's always caring and trying to better himself even though whoever he's with should love him just the way he is. Me on the other hand, I'm not that great. I mess up a lot, I like to have fun and be free, who'd want to be with me if not for fame?

~Allie's POV~

As if on cue after the concert Amelia turned to me and crossed her arms giving me the "spill the beans" look.

"Mill Mill I remembered at the beginning of the concert I don't want you telling anyone or freaking out so I swear you better not say anything." I said sternly.

"Allie-Bear you know I won't say anything. How many of your secrets have I kept?" She said smirking.

"Yeah yeah but this one is really serious." I said lowering my voice.

"You slept with Luke Hemmings? I can't believe it." She whispered excited.

I gave her the shut up look and she did the locking the key and throwing it away thing. I chuckled and shook my head, I love her.

"But wow, that's crazy Allie, you're one lucky girl." She winked.

"Well let's hope no one else finds out." I said hopeful.

We walked back to the VIP meet section and showed the security guards our tickets as proof then they let us through. After being let through I went to find a bathroom then locked the door and looked at my neck then sighed.

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