5SOS: An Unexpected Twist

Quick, hurried, drunken steps and bed springs squeaking as two figures fall on to the bed in a romantic mess. The rest of the night was a blur to them but the next day was sure to be clear as a glass of water. Allie met a man at a club in New York. An unexpected twist throws her through a loop; she never expected the man to be HIM.


1. Mistake?

Quick, hurried, drunken steps and bed springs squeaking as two figures fall on to the bed in a romantic mess. The rest of the night was a blur to them but the next day was sure to be clear as a glass of water.

~Allie's POV~

My head was pounding from the amount of alcohol I had consumed last night and my throat hurt so bad from being dehydrated. I put my hand on my forehead and groaned as I slowly tried to get up but that's when I noticed the arm wrapped around my stomach.

"Well shit" I whispered to myself.

I carefully moved the arm off of my body and slowly got up to find all my clothes were scattered on the floor, but where the hell am I? It doesn't matter though.

I put all my clothes back on, grabbed my clutch, and high heels then looked back to see the man I slept with still asleep on the bed.

"Well hello there! Good job Allie." I smiled as I thought to myself.

This guy was definitely attractive, blonde hair, muscular, and a strong jaw line. I wondered what his eyes looked like but shrugged it off and left the room heading to the streets of busy New York City. I hailed a cab and told my address to my apartment then tried to relax as my mind, still pounding, tried to recall what the hell happened last night at the club.

By the time I got to my apartment I still didn't know what happened but I just hoped he wasn't too drunk to forget to put a condom on. The thought of getting pregnant from a one night stand sent chills down my spine. I guess I should go get the pill to make sure it wouldn't happen but first I need to change.

~Man's POV~

I woke up and automatically my head was pounding from too much alcohol. I needed to stop getting so drunk but it was hard when you needed an escape from your life. With all the stress of working and trying to impress you had to have some way of escaping and relaxing, having fun. I looked beside me and there was an imprint of where someone was lying not too long ago.

"Shit, I hooked up with some random girl? I don't even remember that." I thought out loud.

I got up to check all the trash cans, I hoped I used a condom, that would be bad if I didn't, my career would turn crazy. Luckily I found a package that I guess I used last night, thank god. Now to find something for this damn headache.

~Allie's POV~

I took the pill as I made a small smoothie for breakfast. After finishing my smoothie I went to the bathroom to take a nice warm shower but stopped to take in my reflection. Love bites all over my neck and collarbones, I can't believe I went out like this. I had thrown my hair up in a ponytail too, great job Allie. I sighed then got in the shower and scrubbed myself clean from whatever happened last night.

I got out and wrapped my body in a towel then walked over to my bedroom to put a pair of black ripped jean shorts and a crop top on. I went back to the bathroom and dried and straightened my hair for the concert later today. I was going to see a really popular band just for the fun of it because my friend wanted to go. I carefully put concealer on my love bites and covered them as much as I could without making it obvious I was covering something up then I worked on my face. When I was done I stepped back and smiled, I wasn't going to lie, I did my makeup pretty good. Without makeup I looked like crap but with it, I looked pretty decent. My dirty blonde hair and fair skin and blue brown eyes looked boring but it's what I was born with so I have to live with it.

After I finished my makeup I went in the living room and turned on the TV to see if anything interesting was on. Flipping through the channels all that was really on was news about the concert I was going to tonight and a few lame shows. My phone then started to ring so I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey Allie-bear!"

"Amelia it's too early for yelling" I groaned.

"Someone got too drunk last night. By the way, who was that guy you left with? He looked hot af!" Amelia said.

"I don't remember okay, can you calm your tits?"

"Sorry babe! Hey I'll be over in a bit, I need you to help me get ready for this concert okay?" Amelia begged.

"Okay just don't bang on my door."

"I won't! I love yooou! See you soon!" Amelia chirped then hung up.

I swear that girl is too hyper. I loved Amelia, she was like the sister I never had but she's so bubbly and I'm not. She's basically the opposite of me. Brown hair, blue eyes, naturally beautiful, and a little more tan than my ghost like skin tone. She's the total package, I wonder why the guy I hooked up with went after me instead of her?

~Man's POV~

As I showered my mind wandered off thinking about last night. I wish I knew her name or at least what she looked like. All I can remember from my drunken state last night is blue brown eyes that were so mesmerizing to look at and a beautiful smile to go with them. If only I could remember more. I wish she would've stayed long enough for me to wake up with her so if I saw her again I'd remember her better.

I ran my fingers through my wet hair and rubbed my face then turned off the shower stepping out and wrapping a towel around my waist. I wiped off the bathroom mirror and observed my neck. Well shit how am I supposed to cover these up? I guess I'm going to have to call my friend to see if she can help before the big event tonight. I found my cell and called her up.

"Hey, I'm sorry to ask this but I hooked up last night and I need to cover some hickeys can you please help?" I asked worried.

"Yeah, no problem I'll be over in a bit!" She said and hung up.

Thank god for her. Now my manager won't kill me later at the event, I already get enough crap about getting drunk, I don't need to hear more about hooking up with some girl and having hickeys all over my body.

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