5SOS: An Unexpected Twist

Quick, hurried, drunken steps and bed springs squeaking as two figures fall on to the bed in a romantic mess. The rest of the night was a blur to them but the next day was sure to be clear as a glass of water. Allie met a man at a club in New York. An unexpected twist throws her through a loop; she never expected the man to be HIM.


2. Allie Slept With Who?!

~Allie's POV~

Amelia came over and actually didn't bang on my door which surprised me.

"What you didn't think I'd remember? That's sad Allie." She pouted.

"Well every time I've told you you did forget and do it any way but it's okay, let's get you ready Mill Mill." I said.

Amelia and I have known each other since Pre-K and have been inseparable since. I'm Allie-bear and she's Mill Mill. I don't know how the nicknames came to happen but it just stuck and we've just called each other that for a long time. She's been there for me through everything life has thrown my way. My parents divorce, their deaths, my depression, anxiety, and suicidal attempts, being bullied, my grandparents deaths, she's been my rock and I love her to death.

I smiled as I curled her long hair and then waterfall braided it to make it even nicer. After that I did her makeup basically the same as mine and helped her decide between two outfits she had brought as possibilities for the concert. By the time I was done we had 3 hours until we needed to be at the stadium for the concert so we hopped in my blacked out Audi and headed for our dinner.

"So you don't remember anything at all from last night?" Mill Mill said.

"Not at all, I just know he was attractive." I smiled.

"Well I could've told you that! He was like 6 foot tall or something and I didn't get a look at his face but hey you can tell a lot from the back too." She giggled.

"You were staring at his ass weren't you. What is up with you and men's asses?" I laughed.

"I don't know! But I need to find me a baseball guy because they have some great asses!" She laughed.

We both were laughing still when we got to the restaurant. While we were eating Amelia was getting more and more excited for this concert while I on the other hand was still trying to remember the events of last night. It was all still pretty blurry but I remember a few guys trying to flirt with me but they were all either too old or pretty ugly, not that looks really matter a whole lot to me but I wasn't going to just be flirty to any one. I guess I was deep in thought because Amelia was snapping her fingers in my face.

"Earth to Allie!" She giggled.

"Sorry Mill Mill, I'm trying to remember last night still." I said.

"Well I don't remember much after you were actually talking to a guy, the same guy you left with by the way. I think you two were talking for a while though which is crazy. But you two also danced a bit before leaving. I do remember that." Amelia winked.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, she's very childish at times but hey, that's Amelia for you. The first time we went to a club together and I hooked up with someone she made a really big deal about it to me like she never knew I would've hooked up with a guy, it was funny though. So the next time we went and she hooked up with someone I pretended to make a big deal out of it for laughs and she thought I was being serious which made it even more hilarious.

We eventually got our checks and paid for them then left and headed for the arena we would see the concert at. I actually was a little excited because hey, who doesn't love a concert? But this time I felt a little more excited as we made our way to the front of the arena to wait for the doors to open. We got VIP tickets so we were in a different section apart from the others who hadn't purchased VIP, let's just say it was way less crowded that the other section. It felt like an eternity passed before we were let in to the building and brought to the VIP section in the arena, we were in the very front. I silently thanked Amelia's family for getting us these amazing seats because I already felt like this was going to be really fun! There were already party lights and music playing it was kind of like the cub was last night. Then I remembered some of the guys that tried to flirt with me and I laughed to myself trying not to get Amelia's attention so she wouldn't flip out. Then a wave of screams filled the air as all the girls rushed in trying to find their seats or sections, it got loud really fast. I looked over at Amelia and she looked at me as we both laughed.

~Man's POV~

I arrived at the event with my friends laughing, all the sudden cameras were flashing at the limousine and we stepped out. Security rushed us in to the area we would get ready at. As soon as I got to my room to get ready I automatically checked to make sure the hickeys were still covered up. I'd have my friend touch it up again probably before the event. I was already in my attire for the evening so I just waited for a bit and let my mind wander to last night. My head was still at a blank when I tried to think about her. It was frustrating, but why should I care who I slept with? I mean it's not like I'm going to ever see the girl again. I closed my eyes for a moment and then someone came in.

"Yeah, I'm going to touch those areas up on your neck." She said chuckling.

I smiled, "Work your magic."

She did my hair and then touched up my hickeys then sprayed some sort of thing on my neck saying it would help the makeup stay even if I got sweaty, lord knows I sweat a lot. But with my work it's hard not to.

"10 minutes guys, come on!" One of our co-managers said.

I smiled at my friend and got up thanking her again and hugged her. As we got closer you could hear the people talking outside waiting for the event to start. The music was nice and the lighting when you peeked out was perfect. I smiled and our signal came.

~Allie's POV~

Every minute marked a minute closer to the concert starting. Amelia was literally jumping up and down fan-girling about how excited she was to see her idols and meet them after the concert. She was probably one of their biggest fans, I mean I don't blame her, they're pretty famous so of course who wouldn't be excited to see really famous people? I don't listen to all of the bands songs but for this concert I decided I should probably listen to their music so if at least have a little fun at the concert. Their music was actually really cool, it was upbeat and the lyrics to a lot of their songs were cool. Not my favorite band but I'm not complaining, after all I am right in front of the stage and a really famous band was about to come on.

There was a massive countdown to the concert beginning and I was getting more excited as the adrenaline started pumping through my veins and I looked over at Amelia who was probably twice as excited as me, she was going to sleep great tonight after the concert. She'll probably crash in the car and I'll have to wake her to help her to my apartment.

The count down was at 10 and everyone started joining in the count down.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5!" Everyone was screaming.

It was so loud and then the lights went dark and as if they couldn't get louder, the whole crowd got even louder as the band came out. You couldn't see their faces but when the music started and the lights shone down one face stood out and my whole body froze as the memories from last night came flooding in and I couldn't believe it.


"Hey, why are you alone over here?" He asked.

"I'm drinking of course." I laughed.

"Well, ummm, what's your name?" He asked nervously.

"Allie and you are?"

"Luke." He smiled.

Gosh this man was handsome. We talked for a long time then we danced as we both became more and more drunk. Things were getting hot and tense and I couldn't control my alcohol induced mind, I wanted him.

"Allie, want t-to get s-some air?" Luke stuttered.

"S-sure!" I stuttered and giggled.

He grabbed my hand and we got our stuff and left the club laughing and stumbling and laughing more. I leaned against the brick wall of the club and looked up at him as I breathed heavily from the laughing. He hiccuped and laughed at himself, I smiled and giggled. He got closer and my heart started beating faster as his head got closer to mine.

"Maybe w-we should go to my place?" He smiled.

"Oooh Luke wanna get l-laid." I joked.

I giggled like the drunken idiot I was and he bit his lip, I couldn't resist him. I held his face in my hands as he smiled and kissed me, I don't know how long we kissed but things were getting heated.

"Let's g-go to yours." I said blushing.

We smiled at each other as he hailed a cab and told the driver his address. We arrived and stumbled to the elevator, once the doors closed we were making out. He picked me up and carried me to his door then set me down to unlock it. We walked in and he locked the door as we walked back to his bed still kissing and well we got carried away.

~Flashback over~

How the hell did I sleep with Luke Hemmings?

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