5SOS: An Unexpected Twist

Quick, hurried, drunken steps and bed springs squeaking as two figures fall on to the bed in a romantic mess. The rest of the night was a blur to them but the next day was sure to be clear as a glass of water. Allie met a man at a club in New York. An unexpected twist throws her through a loop; she never expected the man to be HIM.


4. A Long Night

~Amelia's POV~

While Allie was in the bathroom I waited on the opposite wall nervously tapping my foot against the wall. I was so close to meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, I had been a fan of them since the beginning, before they were even famous on YouTube. I always secretly liked Ashton the most but they're all so handsome and on top of that they lived in Australia.

You always hear about a fans dreams to be with their idol but I didn't want to be like the other fans really. The normal screaming, nervous, taking a million pictures with each one kind of fan although that would be an awesome thing if I could get as many pictures as I wanted with them. I took deep breaths and closed my eyes to calm myself before meeting them so I wouldn't look weird or crazy then I heard footsteps coming closer down the hallway and turned my head to see who it was. Oh shit.

~Allie's POV~

I re-applied coverup for the hickeys taking my time so there would be no way anyone would notice it. Making sure in the mirror it was completely covered I mentally high five myself for doing a good job. I don't know how long I was in the bathroom but I heard Amelia talking to someone, oh well, it was probably some security guard checking on us or asking to hurry up. I checked the mirror one more time and opened the door to see Amelia talking to the one and only Luke Hemmings.

My heart rate went through the roof as he looked over at me and smiled. I half smiled nervously then apologized for taking forever in the bathroom. Amelia hooked her arm around mine and Luke led us to the meeting area as Amelia was looking at me smirking. I swear I'm going to kill her if anyone notices that stupid smirk.

We walked in to the room and all the guys looked at Luke then us and got up to give us hugs. We took pictures and just talked a lot which was nice, I noticed Amelia looking at Ashton a lot. I smirked knowing I could get revenge later on. All the guys were really nice and chill, they weren't cocky or self absorbed which was really refreshing because usually superstars let the fame get to their heads and they get really self absorbed thinking they're superior to others. But they were like a bunch of children, so hyper and fun. They wanted to play games and just be like normal people around us. It wasn't even awkward when we were all playing truth or dare and we were telling each other about the craziest things we've done.

Ashton said the craziest thing he had done was get so wasted that he stripped in the middle of a club and the boys had to drag him to a restroom, he said the next day he didn't even remember it had happened until the boys told him. Luckily their management was able to keep it out of the news. Michael said the craziest thing he's ever done was hook up with a fan of the band and then found out she was actually a daughter of a CEO in England. The girl had lied to him for a dare. Calum said the craziest thing that he ever did was have a summer romance with the same girl Michael hooked up with without knowing that Michael had hooked up with her.

Lastly Luke said the craziest thing he ever did was get so drunk he didn't remember sleeping with a girl which was a little bit of a relief that he didn't remember last night. The boys begged Amelia and I to share something so we did. Amelia told of the time she got super drunk and hooked up with two guys at once then found out they were brothers. Then they all turned to me, why did I have to share? I mean honestly the craziest thing I had done was hook up with Luke, I didn't even know he was a celebrity until today and I didn't know how I would say it. I went with a un-detailed story saying I didn't know at the time but I accidentally hooked up with a celebrity once.

~Luke's POV~

Allie looked familiar for some reason but I couldn't remember why. Maybe the celebrity she slept with I knew and they had briefly told me. I didn't know but hey I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting her. She was gorgeous and kind but I have a feeling that she'd be a one time and done girl even if you called or texted asking. Who knows but I doubt she'd hook up with just anyone, I'd definitely hook up with her if I could.

I was pulled out of my trance by Calum laughing and saying that I looked like a zombie, I scratched the back of my neck. A habit I do when I'm nervous or embarrassed. I apologized and half smiled. Allie looked confused, was I staring at her? I hope not because that would be really embarrassing. She'd think I was creepy or something.

~Ashton's POV~

The whole time we were all talking I wanted to ask Amelia and Allie about during the concert at the Q&A part but of course all the guys were around so I couldn't. I couldn't help but keep looking at Amelia though, she was so gorgeous. Her blue eyes were like the ocean and shined bright like stars and her brown hair was so long and pretty. But I wouldn't be brave enough to try to be flirty with her she'd probably flirt back only because I'm famous. Sometimes I wish I wasn't famous so people would think of me as a normal human being and not some pop-star. Don't get me wrong, I love my job! I love singing and playing with my best friends but sometimes I just want to relax and be normal for a while.

I didn't realize I zoned out until someone nudged my leg, I looked beside me and Amelia was smiling at me asking if I was okay. I smiled back and told her I was, that I was just thinking about different stuff. We kept talking and talking it seemed like seconds had passed but in reality hours had passed and most of the guys left to go back to the hotel to sleep. I didn't want this night to end with Amelia she was just so easy to talk to and be with. Eventually we both got hungry so we walked to a pizza place she loved, she said they had the best pizza in the entire world which was actually really true because my mouth was watering while I was eating it. It was so good! We kept talking and laughing, just having a great time. Time flew by with her and soon enough we were both so exhausted that we ended up crashing in my hotel room after she texted Allie and told her she was going to stay with me. That night I fell asleep with her in my arms and really happy.

~Allie's POV~

I laid in my bed breathing heavily after what just happened. Well at least I'll remember this easier tomorrow. I fell asleep as I was pulled closer, I hope this wasn't a mistake.

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