For the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them competition. Lets take a brief look back to a perfectly extraordinary family. The Lupin's.


6. Remus John

 It had been a year since that day until they both agreed it was time. Lyall was actually the first to suggest starting a family. He now saw Hope in a new light. She would be the perfect mother. She was that someone you would describe of having a case of a heart of gold and hands cold. She had become more independent, more stable. She had not mentioned her family and really, seemed much more happy. This made Lyall happy as well.

 It was a sunny June day when Lyall returned from work. It was a perfectly normal day until he opened the door that evening. Bright, up-beat music rung through the halls and Hope could be heard singing along with it somewhere in the house. Lyall had called her name several times, to the response of her continuous singing. He had to find her radio and turn the volume way down in order for her to hear him.

 "I'm in here!" She called. Though Lyall didn't know where here was, he wandered in the direction that he thought he heard her voice. Eventually he spotted her figure in a room that he remembered to be empty. She was wearing bright blue jeans, a white T-shirt and her hair tied into a messy bun. He was caught in awe when he stepped into the room. Not only were new pieces of furniture scattered around the polished floors, but half the walls were covered in beautiful paintings. Hope turned and smiled at him, her clothes covered in splats and prints of paints and the paint brush in her hand.

 "What in the name of Merlin is going on here?" He asked as he gazed around at a beautiful flock of white doves painted on the walls.

 "You'll never guess!" She peeped. Lyall looked at her. "I'm pregnant!"

 It was at this moment when Lyall realized that the old piece of furniture standing next to him was a cradle.

 "You're kidding!"

 "Nope, just found out today! Happened a week ago," She smiled as she put down the paint brush.

 Lyall didn't know what to say, he was so happy. Instead of words, he just hugged her, not caring that the paint on her clothes would ruin the best suit that he was wearing.


 Hope walked by the living room dressed in a long, white night gown. Lyall made a mental comment at how beautiful she looked with her now very large baby bump. He still sat in the living room, reading that days paper since he hadn't gotten a chance. He was called back to Hogwarts to deal with Peeves. Except this time he also had to deal with another ghost who was called moaning Myrtle. Apparently Peeves had upset her so much that she went soaring through the halls, screaming and crying a lament while Peeves knocked paintings off the walls down onto students. Lyall sighed at the now memory.

 Now all he could think about was the day  when his own child would go to Hogwarts. If it was accepted into the school. He didn't know if the child would have magical powers or not. He didn't even know what gender it was. Dear lord, they hadn't even picked out names. Well at least he hadn't. Lyall imagined that it was all Hope had been thinking about, she probably had a few ideas. He glanced back down at the page he was reading. It was quite surprising to see how much dark activity was rising. It wasn't really anything to be concerned about, but it hadn't been this high in a long time. Everything was usually quite peaceful. The specific paragraph he was reading right now was about a sighting of mountain giants. Lyall glanced out the window which looked out across the forest they lived next to. He couldn't see any mountains. This relived him. He didn't have the slightest idea of how to take down a beast of that size. But then he thought of the new game keeper at Hogwarts. A young chap named Rubeus who happened to be half giant. It was easy to tell since he was well over eleven feet. He happened to be one of the friendliest people he had ever met. Again, Lyall reflected back to the great memories of Hogwarts.

 A scream interrupted his thoughts a moment later. A scream of pain. It was Hope!

 Lyall jumped to his feet, throwing the paper to the ground and knocking a table over, smashing the lamp that sat atop it. "Hope!" He called as he strode out of the living room, not caring about the many shards of glass that sprawled out over the floor.

 "I'm in the bathroom!" He heard her call. "I'm okay! Just come get me!" Lyall raced up the stairs at the mention of the bathroom. Just seconds later he found her leaning against the counter of the sink, clutching her gut in pain. But regardless of how much pain she was feeling, she still grinned up at Lyall. "It's coming,"


 Thoughts raced through Lyall's mind as he helped Hope down the stairs. No, he couldn't take her to St Mungo's. He was sure that the wizarding hospital wouldn't allow a muggle to enter. He had never tried it, but he didn't want to take a chance and waste time. This meant that he had to take her to a muggle hospital. He heard Hope give another groan of pain. Panicking- he apparated.


 "My wife! She's having a baby!" He cried at the nurse at the front table as he pushed through the front doors, placing Hope down in an empty wheelchair, not caring if it belonged to someone. "Where do I take her?!"

 "Calm down, sir," The nurse spoke as she came forth. But the pained cried of his wife weren't helping.

 "She needs a doctor now!" He nearly yelled. The nurse that came towards Hope turned quickly and exchanged a few words with another nurse that was coming to assist. The second nurse stopped, picked up the phone on the desk and announced a few brief words over he speakers above. Lyall couldn't make out what they were, he was too focused on what the nurse was doing to his wife.

 After the announcement was cast through the halls, several other people rushed from what seemed nowhere and came forth to Hope, one of the nurses grabbing the handles of her wheelchair and began taking her away, the rest of the people crowding around her as they went.

 "What are you doing? Where are you taking her?!" He was hysterical. He was becoming so infuriated when no one answered that he reached for his wand to find that it wasn't there. Left at home. Which was almost a good thing, he probably would have cast a curse on the next person who cut him off.

 As they took her down a hall, Lyall tried countless times to push through the crowd of who seemed like doctors and nurses to come to Hope's side, but countless times was shoved away. All he could hear above the rushed words among the doctors were the pained cries of his wife. 

 "Hope! Hope!" He called as she was turned through a doorway. He rushed after them, but the door was shut in his face. Locked, leaving him to do nothing but sit and wait...


 It felt like hours. Lyall was still left sitting in the chair in the hallway outside the room where he knew his wife was. He couldn't sit still. He rocked back and forth, tapped his feet and tweedled his fingers. His palms were now sweaty and his heart thundering at incredible paces in his chest with apprehension. A breath escaped his lips when he saw the door inch open. A bald man in a clear white coat stepped out, his gaze immediately fixed on Lyall.

 "Are you the father?" He asked calmly.

 "Yes, yes! Is everything alright?" Lyall asked as he stood to his feet, craving the doctors next words.

 "Perfect." The doctor smiled. Lyall breathed in relief. "Your wife is resting now. Would you like to come in?" Lyall barely even grunted an answer, he pushed past the doctor and stumbled into the room.

 The first thing he saw was a bed. Hope lay in it, her head tilted to one side, eyes nearly shut with exhaustion. "Hope!" He cried as he rushed to her side. Her head lifted a little and she fixed him in her weak gaze.

 "Lyall. How are you?" She asked rather casually.

 "How am I?! How are you? Are you okay?" He asked quietly as he cautiously took her hand as he knelt next to her bed.

 "Fine. I've never felt better. The baby is okay," She gave a feeble smile. "He's over there being cleaned up a little more."

 "He?" Lyall asked in awe. He stood in awe and looked over at the nurse standing over at a table. As if on cue, she turned, cradling a tiny baby in her arms. 

 "Would you like to meet your son Mr Lupin?" The nurse asked. Lyall didn't answer. He just reached out and took the baby. He almost felt a spark as he held the child. 

 "What name do you have picked out, darling?" Lyall asked a moment later from the chair next to Hope.

 "Remus," She said happily. "Remus John, after your father." Lyall smiled down at his son. Remus John Lupin, he thought. Perfect. 

 Though the babies bulging eyes were clamped shut, he could have sworn he saw on eye open just a sliver, revealing a flicker of green. Just like Lyall's mother. A color most special. Suitable for a child as special as little Remus. A magical child he was. Lyall knew.


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