For the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them competition. Lets take a brief look back to a perfectly extraordinary family. The Lupin's.


3. Magical Muggle

 Lyall had never seen his home so beautiful. As soon as Hope had moved in, he made her quite her job. She always talked of how she had hated her job at the insurance office - whatever insurance was- and all he wanted her to be was happy. Lyall's income at the ministry was quite enough to support them. Their home was small, but did just fine for the two of them. With Hope's extra time, she spruced the place up. Whether it was hanging some of the beautiful pictures she had painted, or washing the old, dusty floor, she turned the old shack into a beautiful thing. Of course, it wasn't perfect. If there were ever a visitor, which there never was, they would probably see nothing but an old barn in the middle of a huge, remote field. But they did not care what the people thought.

 When Lyall would take Hope, who was fitting in with the magical life rather well, to Diagon Alley to explore the shops which she loved so much, there would always be stares as the couple walked hand in hand. Maybe it was the way that she dressed, but they all knew that she was a muggle. Lyall could care less. Despite what blood may run through her veins, in his hand he held that of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen. As she lead him through the streets as if she were an excited child, he would use every bit of pocket change he had to buy her the things that she eyed in the windows.

 One day, Lyall had to stop at his Gringotts vault for some extra galleons, but he bought her a magnificent necklace with a single sapphire hanging from the golden chain. It matched her eyes so perfectly. But not only that, it was the stone that filled the Ravenclaw hourglasses at Hogwarts when they received points. Lyall always pictured that if she were a witch, she would have been a Ravenclaw. She was so very smart, he always commented on this. She loved to hear the stories of Hogwarts school and enjoyed hearing what little it was Lyall knew about Ravenclaw house. But what came to Lyall's attention was the look that he too often saw in her eyes. Weeks passed to months and a new year was soon to come, and the look of longing still flickered everywhere they went. Whether he was just telling a funny story of something that had happened at Hogwarts when he attended, or maybe it was every time they passed Ollivanders Wand Shop. He always knew what was going through her mind.

 She was not unhappy, he knew that. She always expressed how grateful she was to experience the wizarding world. But it was the word 'experience' that changed everything. Ever since she had known about this secret world, she had a yearning to be a true part of it. Though she never admitted it, Lyall saw it. Every time someone would give her a weird look she had that feeling that she didn't belong. As she looked at the newest model of a broomstick she knew that she would never be able to fly one. And it was impossible to miss every time she slowed to make a side glance through the Wand Shop window. She knew that she was never fit to wield a wand. No matter how many times Lyall had told her that she was just as special as he was, she would give a half-hearted mumble of agreement and look away. Until one day, Lyall took them for a walk down the same trail in the Welsh forest and got down on one knee.

 "Your heart is a magical thing that gives nothing but kindness, loyalty and love. Magical or not, you are better than any wizard, any day. I would snap my wand in half if that is what it takes to be with you, for you to realize that we are equals in the same world. I love you, Hope, and I ask you for your hand so the two of us can become one," He told her. With the most joyous look flashing her eyes she hugged him tight.

 "Yes. A thousand times yes."

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