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  • Published: 25 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 10 Oct 2016
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For the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them competition. Lets take a brief look back to a perfectly extraordinary family. The Lupin's.


2. Home

 "You're a what!?-" Hope nearly screamed, but was cut off by Lyall.

 "Sssh, Hope. Stay calm," He urged her.

 "Well, you're obviously joking, right, Lyall? Right?" Her smile turned more hopeless by the second. Lyall avoided her gaze for a moment. "Oh my god, sweetie. How am I supposed to believe this?"

 It had been two months since Lyall had saved her from the Boggart. And had been two months since they had gotten together. The two of them instantly fell in love. And a moment from now, Lyall was hoping to ask her to move in with him. Into the small, remote home that they sat in now. Lyall had lived here ever since he graduated from Hogwarts, and now he had finally decided to take Hope here for the first time. He could not apparate like he always did, but drive her in a muggle car. It took much longer than he had wished, but Hope seemed to love driving on the country side. Now, the idea of asking her to move in with him seemed hopeless. He had planned on telling her the truth about him before he asked that question, and really, he expected her to be more accepting. Right now, she looked as if she wanted to throw up. He braced himself for the worse.

 "I wouldn't lie to you, Hope," He told her calmly. Hope was in utter disbelief. 

 "Well obviously you are! Obviously this is some kind of joke!"

 "No. Why do you think I couldn't tell you where I went to school, where I work, where I live?" He told her. Hope looked at him dead in the eye, obviously thinking hard. "Obviously I've been acting much more strange than anyone else you've known. I know you've noticed..." She still said nothing. All she did was slump down in the chair that she had stood from a moment ago in distress.

Lyall got up as she sat for a minute, staring off at the floor boards of the living room. He walked over through a large entry way to the kitchen and poured her a glass of tea from the hot kettle. When he returned, she looked right at him. No anger was in her eyes, but instead, to his surprise, she looked somewhat happy. He knew that the tears gathering around her eyes meant good. He put the tea down on the table next to her.

 "This is true?" She asked quietly.

 "Of course, my dear." Lyall smiled at her. But it immediately faded as a thought came to his mind. "I can understand if you want to leave me."

 "Why would I ever leave you?" She asked as she stood. "I love you," She said as she hugged him. The tears spilled from her eyes as she pressed her face against his shirt. Lyall felt a lump in his throat as well. She had never said that before. He prompted himself not to cry as he cleared his throat and spoke. He would tell her the truth.

 "I never saved you from a dangerous man that day. That was a creature called a Boggart that takes the shape of what the person fears the most. I just happened to be good at a counter curse. It is my job at a secret place called the Ministry of Magic. I trained to become a knowledgeable wizard at a school called Hogwarts and this is where I live. And Hope?" He finally said as he pulled her away from him just enough so they could look each other in the eyes. "I want you to live here too. With me." 

Hope blinked tears form her sparkling blue eyes and let out a laugh that sounded more like a sob. "Of course I will," She said as she kissed him.

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