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  • Published: 25 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 10 Oct 2016
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For the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them competition. Lets take a brief look back to a perfectly extraordinary family. The Lupin's.


11. Hogwarts Express 1971

 Within Remus's new cauldron he carried his new textbooks, quills, ink and all the other supplies on his list. They had just left their final destination. The Ollivanders wand shop. Remus had a beautiful wand pick him. A Cypress wood with a Unicorn hair core.

 Lyall would have bought his son an owl if he could afford it. The supplies were so pricey and a half decent owl was nearly a fortune. But Remus didn't mind at all. He was just so thankful to have his very own magical supplies. Especially his wand. The first thing he tried to do with it was a Patronus charm. Of course, it did not work and Lyall had to lunge forward to stop him from waving his wand around wildly. Green sparks were shooting out of it and were alarming people on the streets.

 "Was that it, dad? Did I get the charm?" Remus looked hopeful.

 "No, no. It is extremely advanced magic," Lyall said with a laugh. "But you'll get it one day."

 Lyall looked over at Hope who walked with a hop in her step on the other side of Remus. He saw it for the first time. The shimmer in her blue eyes looked complete as she gazed down proudly at her son.

 The three of them stopped at Florean Fortescue's for an ice cream cone. Out of the many "outrageous flavours" as Hope quoted, Remus chose Butterbeer. And so did another boy with his family who looked as if they were doing the exact same thing they were. The plump boy with bright blond hair held a cauldron as well full of his first year supplies. His name was Peter. Remus's first magical friend. The two of them had spent the rest of their time in Diagon Alley together before Peter's family had to depart. Remus seemed so happy, even after he had left. Never before had Remus had a friend. A friend who understood him.  A friend he would go to school with for the next seven years. But Remus still didn't seem exactly satisfied. He knew that none of the friends he made would truly understand him. God, he hope none of them would.


 "Remus?" Lyall asked as he walked into the kitchen. The last lament of notes from the grand-father clock had counted up to five, so it was obviously quite early in the morning. Remus's wand sat in an empty vase like a flower on the counter, the wand tip lit. Lyall wasn't surprised that he already knew a few spells, he had read nothing but his new books ever since they left Diagon Alley. "What are you doing up so early?"

 "Sorry. Did I wake you?" Remus asked as he turned off the sink.

 "Well, yeah. You've been dropping pots and pans all over the place for fifteen minutes."

 "Oh, well I was going to make breakfast, and thought I would practice a few levitating charms." Remus said simply, gazing guiltily at the frying pan laying on the floor.

 "And how did that work out?" Lyall asked almost sarcastically, already knowing the answer.

 "Not the best..."

 "Why exactly are you making breakfast so early?"

 "The train leaves at eleven. I wouldn't want to be late," Remus told him as he placed the full kettle on the hot stove. 

 "Remus, that's six hours away. Why in Merlin's name would you think you'll be late even if you woke up four hours from now?"

 "Well, I promised Peter I'd save a good compartment on the train," Remus said as he looked down at the pan on the floor.

 "You've been in touch with Peter?" Lyall asked as he levitated the pan himself and placed it on the stove for Remus.

 "Yes, we've been exchanging owls."

 "I don't recall seeing any owls flying in," Lyall said.

 "Probably because Peter's family owl is a burrowing owl. He's a horrible flier and takes forever to arrive after such a short journey, but he's rather quiet when he swoops up to my window," Remus told his father as he placed a chunk of butter on the pan to melt.

 "He lives around here?"

 "Kind of. It is probably about a thirty minute drive in a muggle car," Remus spoke as he went to the cupboard to retrieve some food. "He lives on the outskirts of the nearest settlements. He probably would have lived further out, but his dad is a muggle and he was one to prefer living in those crowded muggle neighborhoods."

 Lyall listened and was about to ask what Peter's mothers name was, but was caught mid sentence when he saw what his son was doing. "Remus- what in Merlin's name are you doing?" Remus had brought eggs and bread up to the frying pan and Lyall was expecting that he was going to start constructing french toast when instead he pulled a half-eaten chocolate bar from his pocket and dropped it into the pan.

 "I'm liquefying the chocolate," He replied simply.

 "Why?" It was too early for this, Lyall thought.

 "French toast seemed a little too dull. I thought I'd jazz it up." He stirred the melting chocolate with a spatula.

 "And of course with chocolate..."

 "Yes, of course. Could you hand me another bar from the top shelf of the cupboard, back, very left?"

 "So, that's where you keep them..." Lyall said with a yawn as he shuffled in his slippers to the cupboard. "How do you plan on making this? I'd like to see how it works out."

 "Seeing is believing." Remus said happily



 "Mom- quite kissing me. I've gotta get on the Hogwarts Express!" Remus prompted, trying to escape Hope's grasp.

 "Remus, its ten o clock!" Hope laughed.

 "Yes, but people are already getting on the train. Look, I'll get a compartment on this side of the train so I can pry open the window and still talk to you. Please?"

 "Fine..." Hope smiled and let her son dash onto the train. Just a moment later, his face re- appeared a few windows down from the door. It was an empty compartment, just like he wanted. He pushed open a small pane of glass that was the window and poked his head out of it. 


 "Yes, Remus. We are all very impressed," Lyall said sarcastically which made Remus smile.

 The three stood there for close to an hour, talking about anything. Hope had ran through a check list of supplies that Remus should have packed about three times. He was so positive that he had everything that if his mother asked him one more time he would toss his trunk out the window so she could see for herself. And no matter how many times she would pester him to on his robes now, he refused. The train ride was several hours. He wanted to be comfortable.

 It was five minutes to eleven and the platform was becoming very crowded. The Lupin's were becoming quite nervous when they hadn't spotted Peter anywhere. But a few brief moments later he appeared through the door of Remus's compartment. The train was now scheduled to leave in one minute. When the whistle blew and a big puff of steam appeared above the front of the bright red train, it slowly began to inch into speed. All the parents began to back away, waving to their children who hung out the window, waving back. Everyone except a young first year boy with long black hair, who strode forward and jumped onto the train at the last minute.

 Remus and Peter hung out the window watching their parents, even after the platform was out of sight. They still stared back until the train had reached such a speed that they had to duck their heads back in. Remus was so grateful when he sat back down, his hair a mess from the wind and found Peter smiling back at him. A true friend. Someone who wasn't perfect, just like him. Though imperfect in severely different ways, Peter was the first boy he had met who shared a same similarity. Magic.

 But one thought crept in the back of his mind. A thought regarding Peter or any other friends he may make. It was the truth. The truth his friends would never know about him. But what if they did learn it? Would they still accept him? Or see him for what he was reminded to be every full moon. A monster... 

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