For the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them competition. Lets take a brief look back to a perfectly extraordinary family. The Lupin's.


8. Bitten

 Lyall was not demoted or fired. He assumed the only reason that this didn't happen was because he was right. And because of this, he had assumed that his work mates would give him more respect. Instead, they barely talked or looked at him if not necessary and Mr Dragger had given him more work than usual. The whole department seemed down and angry about the rather serious news.

 Time did heal, like they say. Weeks turned to months and thing seemed to be coming back to the right track, except the fact that Fenrir and his pack were still out their, doing Merlin knew what. But Lyall stopped caring as much he felt he had nothing more to worry about than keeping his boss happy. To do so, he plowed into his new pile of work.

 Remus was soon to turn yet another year old and began to look more and more like his father each day. Though his hair obviously came from Hope, he knew the green in his eyes came from his side of the family. And the more his features deepened, the more Lyall saw himself in his son. At least in appearance. What was going on in the boys mind was obviously much different from his. Much like his mother actually. He was beginning to teach himself to read by opening books off the shelf and, with the help of his parents, begin to read. Lyall and Hope were happy to see this, considering that he was starting Muggle school quite soon. The thought of sending his magical child to a Muggle school almost made him sick. But they couldn't afford to have him home schooled, and it was probably better to not keep him isolated until he was eleven. When he was eleven, Lyall couldn't wait for the letter to come, Remus would go to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And at this point, he was beginning to think he may be sorted into Ravenclaw.

 It wasn't much of an exciting Tuesday during the month of February. Everything was exactly the same at work and at home. Actually, a little too much like normal at work. There were more complaints of a certain poltergeist at Hogwarts, which made his job feel more and more like his older one. But still, things were a little more up beat in the higher jobs in his department. When he returned home, apparating to his door step, he walked in to hear Remus laughing. It was faint, obviously coming from somewhere deeper into the house. The sound of his son having the time of his life made Lyall smile as he put down his bag, took off his shoes and cloak and began to head in the direction of the laughter. 

 He was nearing the kitchen when he heard the giggles of Hope as well. Lyall realized that the sound was coming from outside the open window above the sink. Pushing open a small door in the dining room, he walked out to the huge backyard to see his wife and son... and a deer!

 Hope stood further away, but little Remus raced as fast as his tiny legs could carry him after the young deer that pranced circles around him playfully. At first, Lyall was frightened. Seeing the small, three pointed antlers and the stags sharp hooves, the animal could be dangerous. But the young buck meant nothing but to play. Hope did not realize that Lyall was there until he wrapped his arm around her and the two of them stood and watched their son.


 Moonlight seeped through every window in the house, making it bright enough that Lyall did not have to turn on any lamps or glow the end of his wand to see. He sat comfortably in the living room, reading glasses balanced on his long nose and was reading a report about a stray Dementor assigned to guard Azkaban. All day he had completely forgotten about doing work, instead, he stayed with his family in the back yard until it was past dinner time. He had helped Hope cook dinner, a lovely breakfast dinner to be exact with pudding for dessert (Remus's favorite). Afterwards, Remus grabbed a fairly large book off of the shelf which happened to be Lyall's old Defense Against the Dark Arts book from his sixth year. Lyall joined his son as he flipped to the page of the Patronus charm. Shortly after he had taught his son how to pronounce the incantation, Expecto Patronum, he laughed when he caught Remus trying to steal his wand to try it.

 Lyall looked up to give his eyes a break from the pages full of words written in the tiniest size he had ever seen. He gazed around the room until he looked far to his right, out of the kitchen window in the other room. He saw the beautiful full moon rising above the tree line, illuminating the sky. On the field of tall grass, he saw his antlers rise into the night. It was the young stag. But he wasn't exactly alone. Lyall noticed another deer, but without antlers. A female, probably his mate. Lyall admired the beautiful creatures as they grazed together in his backyard under the clear sky. It was a perfect sight. 

 But something made their heads shoot up, their white tails rising in alarm. There was a sudden piercing howl. Very close, very strange. The deer turned and sprinted in the opposite direction when their was a sound that sounded like a bark. Lyall sat straight up, alert. Something was outside the house. Perhaps a simple wolf or wild dog? No. The frantic screaming coming from upstairs told him other. A serious threat.

 Lyall leaped from his chair, grabbing his wand from the table beside him. He raced upstairs to find Hope swinging open their bedroom door in a white night gown, a look of concern on her face.

 "It's Remus!" She cried when their eyes met. The two of them raced towards his room, and flung open the door to find the horrific scene. A monstrous wolf, covered in patchy, brown fur clung to the window sill with its huge, front paws. And in its jaws, was Remus. He had his fangs sunken deep within his sons shoulder.

 "Stupefy! Expelliarmus!" Lyall screamed every spell he could think of at the wolf. He even sent a full fledged Patronus through the room, a crystal white dove. Lyall wasn't sure which spell it was, but it sent the wolf crawling out of the window with a groan, leaving Remus on his bed, bleedng all over the sheets.


 "He needs to be taken to a hospital!" Hope screamed as Lyall picked up Remus. "Take him to a hospital, Lyall. Now!" The amount that Remus was bleeding was alarming.

 "I am!" Lyall replied. He felt Hope grab onto his arm, ready to be taken with him as he apparated. But she could not come. "Let go, Hope," He told her urgently.

 "What? What are you talking about?!"

 "Let go now! You can't come. He needs to be taken to the wizarding hospital!" He told her. He felt her grip loosen.

 "What? Why not a normal hospital?"

 "They won't know how to save him," He told her, his tone dropping.

 "Why?" She asked. Lyall took a breath to prepare the most dreadful words.

 "He was bitten by a werewolf." Hope's arm fell away in order for her to cover her mouth with her hand, preventing her from screaming in shock. Lyall took the opportunity and apparated. He could not spare another moment. No matter what, he did not want Remus to die.

 Lyall left a trail of his sons blood on the clean, polished floors in St Mungo's as he carried him towards the front desk.

 "Help!" He screamed hysterically. "He's been bitten!" He found it hard to speak the words. "He's been bitten by a werewolf!" 

 The women behind the desk was jarred awake and leaped forwards to help. As if on cue, several other nurses rushed forward, taking Remus from him and placing him down on a stretcher, immediately rushing him away from the lobby to the rooms down the halls.

 The scene seemed all to familiar to Lyall. He rushed after his son, attempting to push past the nurses to get to him, but was unable to before he was turned into a room, the door shutting leaving Lyall with no way of entering. Even the 'alohomora' charm failed to unlock the door. As Lyall waited, he refused to sit but stand, pacing around the door. He knew that when it opened, it wasn't going to be as happy as it was last time. No matter what, the result was going to be horrible.

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