Above & Beyond

My life was going great. Lots of friends, loving parents, hot boyfriend, good grades. Everything was going great for me. It was as if I were the center of the universe. That is, until God started playing games, and my whole universe was sucked into a black hole, and I found out my whole life was a lie. Now its time for me to set out on my personal quest to find out who I really am. I will go above and beyond.


3. Chapter Three

I have always found it strange that things can change so fast.

My mothers funeral was rough. I had already seen my dad, and my brothers, cry. I had not seen the rest of the people here cry. A funeral is never for the one who died, but always for the ones who are still alive. This was also strange to me. My Aunt cried, my cousins cried, my entire family cried. Friends cried. Everyone cried, except for Landon Rodgers.

After the funeral was over, I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes, and followed Landon to his car. He drove a black car. I couldn't tell you what kind due to the fact that I never have been and never will be good with cars. He leaned against the side of it and started at his shoes. Landon held a pack of cigarettes in one hand, and his cellphone in another.

"Smoking kills, and you're at a funeral. So I think you might want throw away those cancer sticks before the next funeral that everyone attends is your own." I say, intentionally sounding as snobby as possible. He glanced up briefly at me.

"I doubt that everyone would attend my funeral. I mean, lets be real, you wouldn't even show up, would you. I doubt you even know my name, right?"

"Wrong," I stated, "Landon Rodgers is your name. Your grandmother is Nadia Rodgers. She is a sweet lady. You live with her, right? If she knew you smoked, she would have a cow, right?"

"Wrong. I don't live with her, we are just very close and always have been. I am sure she would have a cow but unfortunately for you and everyone else who pretends to care, these are not my 'cancer sticks'. They are my Uncles. So, if you will excuse me, I have a very upset grandmother who needs comforting." I was caught off guard by how wrong I actually had been. I looked over to see his grandmother sobbing next to a tree. I looked back at Landon, and took off running towards his grandmother. I sat next to her, feeling accomplished that I beat him to her.

"She was my mother." I said quietly, as I placed my hand on her arm. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and spoke softly, "She was a good woman. She would always tell me very funny stories of her children. She sang often, your mother. What a beautiful voice to match her beautiful soul." After a few minutes, Landon came over to us, looking rather angry.

"I need to talk to you, now." He said sternly.  I stood up and walked toward my car, he followed.

"What is your deal? Your mother is dead, and you are still focused on screwing up my life. Target me all you want. Tell your boyfriend to send me to the hospital for all I car, but you will not use my grandmother."

"Wait, what? I am not using anyone. You act like I tell Kyle to do what he does. Kyle doesn't listen to anyone other than Kyle. I mean, sure, I never stopped him. But it is easier to be happy than to fight in a relationship." I tried to make sense but as I was speaking I was starting to hate myself.

"Was I happy when I had to go the hospital because Kyle almost killed me. Was I happy when e got away with it because his parents are loaded. No! I wish you had a heart, Alexandra. I really do. I feel sad for you. Your whole life is some plastic Barbie world." Landon said in a snarky tone. That lit a fire inside of me.

"Do you even know where we are right now? A cemetery. Yeah, and that casket over there, that is my mom! You think my life is some plastic Barbie world?! I think you need to leave." I was crying at this point. How dare he!

I got into my car and looked at my phone. Eleven missed calls from Kyle. I sighed and answered.

"Hey cutie." He said smoothly.

"Today was my mothers funeral. Now I know I forgave you, but you said that things would be different."

"Darling, I am sick, and swamped with tests that I have got to study for. You understand don't you?" No.

"Yes. I love you." I said before hanging up the phone. I know forgiving him was not the best choice I could have made, but I wanted things to be as normal as possible. My mind was already flooding with questions and confusion. I just wanted at least one thing to be okay. I started my car and drove home.

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