Above & Beyond

My life was going great. Lots of friends, loving parents, hot boyfriend, good grades. Everything was going great for me. It was as if I were the center of the universe. That is, until God started playing games, and my whole universe was sucked into a black hole, and I found out my whole life was a lie. Now its time for me to set out on my personal quest to find out who I really am. I will go above and beyond.


1. Chapter One

I remember how it used to be. I always felt as though I was on top. I had the group of friends that followed me around and always asked my opinion. I had the grades that made the teachers always remember my name because they wished all their students were like me. I had the boyfriend that all the guys wished they were and the girls wish they had. I saw myself as their idol. Most of the underclassmen looked up to me.

My family was very wealthy. I always got what I wanted and I had never had to ask twice. My mother was very hands-on with us. Always paid attention, always made us dinner, always cleaned up after the family. My father was a hard working man who still managed to make time for us on the weekends. He owned two businesses and was almost always on the go.  My parents always stayed very loyal and true to one another. My mother always told me, "Even when the man is gone, he always seems to make it feel like he is still here." She was never wrong about that. He had a way of making a place feel as cozy and friendly as it possibly could, and when he was gone, it was like he left that magic that he carried home with us so we always felt cozy. My mother had that same charm about her.  She carried it with her everywhere however, and she never left a room, without leaving a smile on some ones face. I also had two twin younger brothers. Johnathan and Anthony. They were always quite nosy and very hyper active.

My friends consisted of three girls, Madison, Julia, and Felicity. They always complimented me and told me how much they adored me. I did my best to repay the compliments. I always gave them advice and I always asked for theirs, they were my girls. Madison was a shy girl when I met her. She had little to no friends and would sit alone at lunch. Julia was and still is a Jesus freak. There is nothing wrong with being religious, but it seems like a bit much to pray every time someone sneezes. Felicity was broken hearted by her ex boyfriend when I met her. She was crying in a bathroom. I will spare the details of their awful break up, but she needed a friend, and I swooped in like the amazing person I was. Ever since those three days in the 8th grade, we have been inseparable.

My boyfriend, Kyle Mason, was the captain of the football team. I know, typical, right? He was a scholar athlete,  a part of the student counsel, and incredibly attractive. Kyle was also a senior, which meant he was an entire year older than me. I will be honest, I didn't know much about him before we started dating. I just knew he was good at sports and very cute.

My name is Alexandra Davidson. All of this sounds great, right? It was. I went from on top of the world, to here; sitting in a car stranded at a gas station, waiting for the school punching bag to get back in the car so we can finish our journey. With spilled coffee on my lap, one par of jeans, a dead cell phone, no charger, no gas, and no reason to turn around and go home.



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