Above & Beyond

My life was going great. Lots of friends, loving parents, hot boyfriend, good grades. Everything was going great for me. It was as if I were the center of the universe. That is, until God started playing games, and my whole universe was sucked into a black hole, and I found out my whole life was a lie. Now its time for me to set out on my personal quest to find out who I really am. I will go above and beyond.


4. Chapter Four


It took every bone in my body to not tell my dad about Landon Rodgers. I knew it would upset him as much as it would upset me. I was no stranger to keeping secrets from my father. I hadn't told him about Kyle cheating on me, or the time I caught Felicity trying to do heroine. (Btw never do heroine, kids.) He does not know about the time I stole his beer and felt bad so I got a fake ID and bought him more beer. That isn't even half of it.

I walked into the house to see my dad, holding and staring at the same box that he had been the day I found out that my mother was gone. Again, I decided to leave him be. I started towards my room when he stopped me.

"Alex, will you sit down for a minute?" He said quietly. He rarely asks me to sit down and talk. I took a deep breath and prayed that we were not going to talk about how my mother died. I sat next to him and avoided eye contact.

"I am not sure how you're going to respond to this, but it think it is time you know." His voice shook as he handed me the box, and walked away. I was afraid to open it, so I set it on the table and stared at it. What could possibly be in that box. I pulled out my phone and dialed Kyles phone number. He wasn't there for my mothers funeral but sure enough he can take a few minutes out of his studying to talk to me while I open this box.

The phone rang, and rang. I called again, and it rang and rang. I called him five times until someone finally answered.

"Kyle is a little busy right now, may I ask who this is." Maddison laughed.

"Well, Maddie, its Alex, Kyle's girlfriend. Maybe if you didn't have a pea sized brain you would have known that just by looking at the caller ID." I snapped. Without another word, she hung up. Good lord. I looked at the box again, and began crying. I cried for the rest of night, and ended up falling asleep on the couch.


The next day, my brothers woke me up extra early and requested that I get them out of the house. After a half an hour of arguing with them, I finally agreed due to the fact that I did need to let my brain take a vacation. Jonathan insisted on going bowling, and Anthony wanted pizza, so I grabbed changed my clothes, grabbed my wallet, and headed out.

We bowled two games and I had lost both of them, but honestly had the most fun I had ever had with the two of them. It was when we started eating that they actually wanted to have a serious discussion.

"So, did dad tell you how mom died?" Anthony asked. My heart broke at the fact that they didn't know yet.

"Yeah, he did. I am not going to tell you though because frankly, I don't want to talk about it." I replied.

"Did you open your box?" Jonathan asked. How did he know it was mine?

"No. Not yet." I said quickly. They noticed that I was not enjoyed the conversation and they quickly changed the subject. After awhile, we were laughing and having a good time again. I just so happed to look to my right toward a window, and see a flash of curly hair run by, followed by a small group of Varsity Football players and two thin girls dressed in pink jog by. I knew exactly who it was. I began to stand up and walk away from Jonathan and Anthony.

"Stay here." I said trailing off. It set in exactly why the curly haired kid was running, and I took off in a sprint. I ran out of the entrance and to the back of the bowling ally. There, I found Kyle and a group of his monkey brained buddies beating the life out of Landon. Cheering them on were Felicity and Madison.

"STOP!" I yelled. The girls stopped cheering and all of the apes except for Kyle stopped. I walked over to him and grabbed his ear, pulling him away from Landon, who was now pressed against a dumpster. "What the hell are you doing?" I scolded him. He pushed me off of him and glared at me. I waited for an answer.

"Why are you even here, Alexandra?" Maddison said.

"Wow! Maddie, is that you? I almost didn't recognize you with a uni-brow!" I shouted referring to the fact that she cannot do her eyebrows for the life of her, and when she draws them on, she goes a little overboard.

"Be nice, her mom just died." Felicity mumbled to Maddison. I lifted my hand and gave them both the finger.

"Don't." Kyle said, grabbing my arm. I stopped on his foot causing him to yell out in pain and let go of me. Madison ran over to him and asked it he was okay.

"Omg! Are you guys a thing now? How cute? Did he tell you that he has an STD and that's why I wouldn't sleep with him? Did he also tell you that he only beats up Landon because he thinks he is gay? I know how you feel about hate crimes against homosexuals. I wonder how your uncles would feel about Kyle. I bet they'd love him." I ranted. Madison quickly stepped away from him, and ran away. "Hurry! Go! Make sure he hasn't infected you yet!" I screamed. I looked at Felicity who just burst into tears and ran away after Maddison. I looked at the rest of them and waited.

"Should I expose you too?" I questioned. They all quickly left. I rushed over to Landon and helped him stand up.

"Why are you helping me?" He asked.

"One of these days, you will see that we all have our own hell that we live in, but I am not the devil." I took off my sweater and used it to cover his nose to help the bleeding. "Lets go inside. The workers will know how to help." I suggested. He was in too much pain to disagree. Landon and I made our way inside. He then said something I didn't think he would ever say to me.

"Thank you, Alexandra."

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