"Don't worry about me. After all, I'm already a goner..."


1. Do You Understand?

Can you imagine...?

If you had never been?

That this world you're a part of, 

In one moment you are here, 

And the next... 

You are gone—


Even less than that. 

You aren't alive, 

And you never were. 

What do I mean?

Do you not understand?

No, you do not. 

Why do I bother? 

But...even so... 

Please...since you are here 

Would you listen to me? 

I...I just need someone to hear. 


It scares me. 

It does. 

That is...I was once like you. 

I once...was

Of course, would you understand that either? 

I doubt it. 

I'm not sure how I arrived here. 

Look at me. 

You can see me, can't you? 

How did I become this? 

I shouldn't be here, in more ways than one. 

How can you see me? 

I don't exist. 

If you can comprehend it. 

But...I did once. 

I did. Please believe me when I say that. 

I had a family. 

I had friends. 

A home. 

A life. 

A name... 

Yet I have forgotten— 


How long, you say? 


No, that is the wrong question. 

Haven't you been listening? 

For this wasn't the past, you understand? 

It's now. 


It's never. 

I was,  

But now I never was. 



This...makes no sense to you, does it? 

Yes. I can see it in your eyes. 

You look at me in bafflement, hiding behind a strained stare. 

Don't try to fool me. 

Don't act like you get it. 

No one can get it. 

N—never mind this! 

Just—just leave me alone, whoever you are! 

Get away from me!

And take your stupid umbrella with you! 


W—why do you have an umbrella? 

It's...not even raining out. 


You look ridiculous. 



...ha, ha... 

That's...that's kinda funny. 

I can't remember the last time I laughed. 

It's been so long... 

Or...it's never been... 

I guess I...that makes me feel a little better. 

For now, at least. 

But I like it. 

It's feels nice. 

I'd like to hang on to it. 

Well...thank you. 

That's all I can say to you. 

Just please...leave me. 

It's more a request now, I feel. 

And forget about me, will you? 

Like everyone else has. 

Forget what I told you. 

It doesn't mean anything to you. 

You have nothing to worry about really. 

Least of all me. 

I mean, I'm pretty much a goner, right? 

Just...don't think about this anymore. 

Or me. 

You aren't supposed to anyway. 

You weren't ever supposed to. 

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