An Outsider's Guide to Yin Hong Kong


3. The Land

The general geography is much like Yang Hong Kong; a coastal city surrounded by lush green hills, that could almost be mistaken for mountains.  But that is where the similarities end. Visitors have said that the air is much cleaner than the polluted atmosphere of Yang Hong Kong.  Many have said that Yin Hong Kong has an atmosphere that makes the city seem darker than it really is.  This can be explained by the abundance of Yin energy which emanates from the creatures that live there.

Much of the population that make up Yin Hong Kong are creatures that have come from all over China to make a life for themselves in Yin Hong Kong.  But just like the human tourists that flock to the well-known landmarks in Yang Hong Kong, creatures from other parts of the world also like the visit Yin Hong Kong and.  But not all the native supernaturals stay there.  Some migrate to the Yang side; especially those that like to help humans or feel that they would benefit from living and working there.  Many of these immigrant supernaturals keep a second home in Yin Hong Kong which they use during important holidays and as a base to visit family and friends. 

In contrast to the Yang side’s hot and muggy summers, Yin Hong Kong is definitely cooler than its counterpart and also does not suffer from typhoons.  This might suggest that the weather is unchanging, but it is just as changeable as anywhere else in the human world.

While must of Yin Hong Kong is full of natural habitats like caves and hollowed out tree trunks, there are villages, towns and cities of artificial structures that house supernaturals who wish to mimic the way that humans used to live.

The capital, Dragon's Heart City (Lung Sum Si) is a hub of activity.  It is the largest supernatural settlement as well as the place where the most important historical landmark in the Yin Hong Kong lies—the Pavillion of the Four Dragon’s, where the hearts of four dragons which sacrificed themselves in order to create the dimension where Ying Hong Kong resides, are housed.  The four hearts also stabilise the dimension and make it so that it doesn’t implode.

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