An Outsider's Guide to Yin Hong Kong


1. Introduction

Most people will have at least heard of Hong Kong, the Pearl of the East as it is sometimes called, but very few will have known that it hides many doorways to another place.  This place is a place where an all manner of strange and wonderful things that you’ve most likely read about in books, or perhaps you have seen in your dreams.

Like the Yin and Yang, there are two sides to Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong you know is the Yang side of the circle, always bathed in light, whether day or night.  But the other, Yin Hong Kong, is bathed in Yin energy which gives it its gloomy atmosphere.

The only lights that you can see in the night are paper lanterns lit by candles and foxfire as well as the glow of some of the creatures who live there.  Many will consider this place a throwback to a time long gone.  Indeed, even when they had all faded to myth and legend and were able to venture freely, many rejected the way that their country was undergoing and so chose to live in the sanctuary permanently.

Yin Hong Kong, or Yim Heung Gong as it is called in Cantonese, is where the spirits reside.  Facing persecution from Buddhist and Confucianist followers, a group of Chinese supernaturals created a safe haven to live without fear of persecution.

Though Yin Hong Kong is most easily accessible to members of the supernatural community, that is not to sat that you can’t visit it too.  Getting into Yin Hong Kong is easy if you know where and how to find one of the entrances.  Usually, they are found in back alleyways, but the odd one can be found in a doorway of a derelict building.  An unsuspecting human will find one of these entrances and find themselves stumbling in, but those are few and far between.

But if you just happen to stumble into the place on a holiday to Yang Hong Kong, this handy dandy visitor’s guide should help you find your way to somewhere you can return to the Yang side.  And maybe you’ll learn some things about the place.

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