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3. Chapter 2

I walked swiftly into the school carrying my backpack on one shoulder and my pumpkin spice latte in my free hand. I got to the doors, which Allister met me at as usual, and walked in. I ran to my locker and swiftly stuffed the books I didn't need into it. Did I mention I was running late? I looked in the mirror I keep on my locker door and fixed the pink beanie I put on because of a bad hair day. Allister grabbed my backpack and started running down the hall. We had 3 minutes to get from the west end of the school to the east, and we have a huge school.

I tripped on my own foot while running, but caught myself before any damage occurred. It's not like anything was slowing me down, I'm just terrible at physical education. The bell rang just as we got to the door so we weren't considered tardy, thank God.

   I sat next to my regular spot next to Allister and he handed me my bag. I got out a piece of paper and started taking notes, notes and more notes. I couldn't stop thinking about other things though, is Trump going to win, are cheeseballs just glorified Cheetos, do people only hang out with me because Allister is my best friend? It's not like I'm insecure, trust me I'm awesome, but I can't help but wonder what my social status would be if Allister and I weren't so close. Would I be a loner or a person who knows everyone, but doesn't converse with them? I definitely wouldn't be popular. Before I knew it class was over. I got lost in daydreams, and as I expected, I took very little notes. I'll just get them from Allister after school.

   I would talk about my day but the only thing worth talking about is lunch, the best period. The sandwich my mom made me was superb! Turkey on wheat bread with American cheese, lettuce, and tomato. YUM! Allister refuses to eat meat after he went to a farm and saw a chicken being decapitated, but I feel like it was the chicken's time.

   When the final class of the day was over I walked alone to my locker. Allister was giving his friend Cruz special attention. Cruz was a tall, blonde-haired boy with braces that actually looked good on him. His hair was always swooped into a Luke Hemmings kind of style and he was actually super cute. He's had a crush on me forever, but I've never told him I knew. It was pretty obvious, plus Allister turns into a gossip girl whenever he comes over. I honestly don't know why I haven't gone for it, he's nice, good-looking and likes me, I could go on but I'm getting tired of writing about my thoughts on Cruz.

   I saw Allister walking my way and closed my locker, which I wasn't really using. It must've looked weird, a girl just blankly staring into her locker not doing anything else. He linked his arm with mine and we skipped out of the school and headed to my house.

A/N: This ended pretty strange, but my parents are making me sleep so I must go now. I'm planning on updating every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Okay BAIIIII😜😒

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