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2. Chapter 1

Hey! I'm Anastasia, you've probably heard, daughter of the moon "eyes grey like the fur of a wolf." That's been hanging on my shoulders since the day I was born. The whole thing may seem serious and all that stuff, but that's not me. I'm the most carefree person in the world, that I know of. I was named after my great grandmother, Anastasia, duh, and my eyes are grey but they don't deserve the introduction 'like the fur of a wolf'.

You may be asking yourself, why is she so special, honestly I have no clue. I have yet to show any super powers and when I occasionally howl at the moon for laughs the only thing I hear is silence, and Allister laughing, but mostly silence.

Allister is my best friend, he's the popular kid at school, and I'm the quirky bestie to go along with him. He's the offspring of the sun the weird poem thing was talking about. I was probably just as confused as you are now at the fact that he is the offspring of the freaking sun. No the sun didn't birth him silly, his mother did, after she was impregnated by the sun. Joking, again, that sounded painful. You see, every hundred years or so the Sun can take the form of a human for a night, and the Moon for a day...that's where Allister and I came from. It's not like our mothers were hoes or anything I mean, I imagine the Sun is pretty hot *wink* in human form. Our mothers were specifically chosen by the Sun and Moon and they called in Cupid and had him shoot them in the booties. Okay, okay, Cupid wasn't really there, but they do have a love spell. Is all of this making sense?

Allister and I met at a park when we were 2, that's almost 16 years of friendship, since we are both turning 18 in 5 days. We've been inseparable since we met and go everywhere together. One time my family went to Rome on a vacation and Allister came too. The poem isn't the reason we stay together, it's the joy we find in each other. If I didn't have Allister I'd just be Anastasia, the quirky girl who's cute but not cute enough to be popular without connections. When I was 14 I found out his BIGGEST secret, he has 6 toes, but don't tell anyone, he'd turn into the Red Queen! #offwithherhead

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this😏 I will try to write more if I can fit it into my schedule... ~Grace~

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