Crash and forget

Annabelle Bellinbooth was in a car crash when she was dating a guy she barely can remember and Lucas Smith was the same but they have a connection can they figure it out before it is to late???



We sit there and talk for about anything really but it's good to talk to him then we ask questions about to get to know each other "Worst day of your life?"

"When my boyfriend died you?"

"When my girlfriend died,"


"Car accident,"

"I'm so sorry,"

"It's okay what about your boyfriend?"

"Car accident too,"

"Wow that's weird,"

"Yeah it is,"

"Anyway your turn?"

"Best day of your life

"When I started here,"


"Because I have friends here,"

"Like who?"

"You, Veronica, Georgia, Mya, Sam, Kyle, Tyler, Brodie, Dan, Will and more,"


"Am I your friend?"

"Yeah why not,"  

I smile at him then the bell went so we go our different ways and I go to Cooking and I have it with Meagan which is bad then I partner up with Delta who is new as well and she is also in my art class and I keep away from Meagan and her friends then it was time to go home I was waiting for the bus when I see Lucas and he walks over to me and says "Do you want a ride home?"

"Yeah if you don't mind,"

"Nah it's okay,"


We walks to his car and we get in and he asks "Where do you live?"

"76  Madigan drive,"


"You know where it is?"


"Most people wouldn't know,"

"I'm not most people am I?" 

"No," So he drive me home and we talk the whole way and when we were driving to mine Green Day came on and I turn up the volume and he laughed at me and then we got there we said goodnight and he drove away then Dad and I had dinner which was pizza then I done homework and went to bed 



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