Crash and forget

Annabelle Bellinbooth was in a car crash when she was dating a guy she barely can remember and Lucas Smith was the same but they have a connection can they figure it out before it is to late???



"Annabelle get up please!" Dad calls from down the hallway so I get up and it is my last year in high school before I go to college next year I get dressed then go down stairs for breakfast and I make bacon and eggs for dad but I don't eat though I just walk to school and I get my new timetable and I go to my home room and I sit down and text my bestie she got held back a year because she failed in Maths and English so I am all alone for this year then a new boy walks in with Meagan Fuller and I hate her and she takes him over to her friends then he sits next to my and he says "Hi I'm Lucas Smith,"

"hey I'm Annabelle Bellinbooth nice to meet you Lucas,"

"You too," I feel like I know him from somewhere but I don't know where thought but after I go to my next class Maths I see him in my Music class with Brittney one of Meagan's friends which is bad very bad and I stay clear of him the whole day then I go home and dad is out until five o'clock at four I start dinner when dad comes home dinner is ready then we watch tv then I go to bed and all night I dream about my accident that happened four years ago










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