Crash and forget

Annabelle Bellinbooth was in a car crash when she was dating a guy she barely can remember and Lucas Smith was the same but they have a connection can they figure it out before it is to late???



Today is Friday and that means tomorrow is the weekend YAY! not I hate weekends because all I do is sit and do homework or go to the gym or library and this weekend will be more boring to because my bestie Mya is grounded cause she has been arguing with her mum and now I have no one to hang out with so I will be bored 

* * *

I get up for school and make dad breakfast again and walk to school before he gets up when I get to school Mya is cmplaining about her mum and how she is grounded to her boyfriend Toby than he wants me then I walk over anyway and say "Hey Mya,"

"What's up?"

"My mum is a bitch that's what,"

"Oh still grounded then,"


We walk to our lockers and get our books then go to our classes when I get to German class I see Lucas there and I sit next to him and say "Hey,"

"Hey what are you up to this weekend?"

"Nothing really,"

"Well can we go on a date then?"


"Here's my number,"

"Thanks here,"

I smile at him and for the rest of the day I am happy that I have something to do this weekend and I have Lucas's number at lunch Mya ask what's wrong with me but I don't tell her anything then I go home excited for my date and plus I don't tell dad at all

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