Crash and forget

Annabelle Bellinbooth was in a car crash when she was dating a guy she barely can remember and Lucas Smith was the same but they have a connection can they figure it out before it is to late???


3. HIM

I get up and I am up before dad so I go and make him breakfast his favourite eggs and bacon then sit it in front of him then he says "Are you okay Anna?"

"Yes why?"

"You are always sad but you are happy today,"

"Is that a bad thing,"

"No it's a great thing," He smiles at me and eats his breakfast I go get ready for school then dad drives me to school and I walk to my first class Science and Jamie and Courtney are in my class but they are lab partners then I see Lucas and the seat next to him is the only one in the class that is available so I sit next to him and I say "Hi,"

"Hey," he looks up from what he is drawing to talk to me 

"What are you drawing?"

"This's nothing,"

"Can I see?"

"Yeah," He shows me a beautiful drawing of a girl with a flower in her hands and she looks so real then I say "It's beautiful,"

"Thanks it's bad though,"

"No it's not,"

"You can have it if you want?"

"Thanks," By the time we finish our conversation the teacher comes in and starts the lesson when the bell rings we pack up and I invite Lucas to sit with me at lunch and he accepts then we walk to the oval and sit together 


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