Crash and forget

Annabelle Bellinbooth was in a car crash when she was dating a guy she barely can remember and Lucas Smith was the same but they have a connection can they figure it out before it is to late???



It is 7:30pm and I am having doubts that I am getting stood up by Lucas I am walking around my room worried that he had second thoughts about me or Meagan has told him something bad about me that's probably wrong but then I hear a knock on my door and say "Yes,"

"Someone's at the door for you,"

"Thanks dad," I open the door and go down stairs and see Lucas standing there and I say "Hey,"

"Hey are you ready?"

"Yeah Bye dad," I kiss my dad on the cheek and go on my date with Lucas and he takes me to a shack in Charlston and says "This is my dad and I have it for the weekend,"

"Okay," We get out and he grabs our bags and we go inside and it is massive but beautiful it reminds me of the beach and I smell garlic bread and bologna and we eat it's really delicious and I say "Did you make it?"


"Ummm... I ask you something?"


"Will you be my girlfriend?"


He comes around the table and kisses me and he takes me to the bedroom and we sit there and kiss watch movies and talk about anything we want until we fall asleep hugging 


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