Valdis H. Troublefield.


Little Troublefield.

"A name represents identity, a deep feeling and holds tremendous significance of its owner." ▬ Rachel Ingber


1. Val


Valdis H. Troublefield




Little Troublefield


A name represents identity, a deep feeling and holds tremendous significance to its owner.  Rachel Ingber


Full name : Valdis H. Troublefield

Nickname : Val


Place of Birth : Busan, South Korea

Date of Birth : October 30th, 1996

Nationality : Korean - Russian

Occupation : College student of Seoul National University (SNU); Major : College of Fine Arts/Department of Crafts and Paintings

A fine ordinary girl living her life to the fullest, a highly desirable one who rather chase her own awesomeness because she knows really well that chasing after people is just a waste of time. The world will take a notice when she progresses in her own life. As long as she knows, it is a much better idea to be a better version of herself.

You will not find her moping about every bad relationship or failure in her life. In fact, she is always in control of her emotions. She does not waste her time and energy in harboring useless emotions that will not take her anywhere. Simply put, she would rather be a shoulder when she is needed than be a constant crybaby.

Gossip is something she must avoid as much as possible. Petty gossip, useless talking and drama are for school girls, definitely not the desirable women people look up to. She knows this better. She would rather spend her time productively than for indulging in petty gossip.

She makes massive efforts to be better at her hobbies and passions. You will not find her constantly procrastinating. She finds out what she loves doing and does it with finesse. She uses her time to take up hobbies and work on improving. She is the one who cares deeply about her hobbies.

She is fiercely intelligent. And intelligence does not always refer to IQ. She is fiercely intelligent in terms of her understanding of the world and its people. She has a certain kind of wisdom that comes from experience, from a plethora of mistakes and a life full of lessons. She has impeccable understanding of life and herself.

Val who understands and takes pride in her womanhood is the one that knows that grace and elegance are not qualities she compromises with. It is not about her appearance but her aura. What makes her highly desirable is that she does not worry about her physical shortcomings. She fixes what she can and carry herself with elegance and charm that only a lady can possess. She dresses well and knows how to exude confidence. She knows that grace does not come with expensive fashion choices. It comes with self confidence.

Sour then sweet, she is sarcastic. Being fluent in sarcasm is a talent not everyone is blessed with. It is probably the greatest trait she can possess. It serves as the perfect defense mechanism and it certainly comes in handy when dealing with people especially in the term of dating. If you really think about it, the only way to flirt with someone without being cheesy is with sarcasm. Val who frequently takes a sarcastic tone does not really care about what others have to say. In fact, she is focused on her interpretation of whatever situation she is currently in. It is a huge indication of intelligence.

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