the popular girls

this story is about 3 popular girls in school they hate school they always get what they want they always make people In trouble . the first girl you should know about is Scarlett she is the one that is the smart one, the next one you need to know about is Emily, she is the one that is sassy she is the one that always haves the ideas the last one you need to know about is Kendall she is the pretty one the one that gets the boys she's the main one she always gets what she wants. the plot of the story is that they all meet this one boy Connor separately at their own times they all end up dating him, none of them know that they all are dating the same boy. what will happen when they all find out that they are all dating the same guy. will they be friends? who will get the guy? find out on the popular girls.


1. introduction

 Scarlett POV

hey my name is Scarlett I love to read I am not a nerd by the way I hate nerds, you know I am more of a the funny one in our group and the dumb one but please you still don't want to mess with me.

Emily POV

hey my name is Emily I am the one that gets all the ideas and plans for some sneaky thing that Kendall wants ( btw you will find out who Kendall is in a sec) I am Kendall's best friend I always got her back if she is angry or upset.

Kendall POV

hey my name is the beautiful Kendall I am the pretty one in this group I always get what I want I never not get what I want if you know what I mean. I always get all the boys and I never had a boy that hated me because im the prettiest in the whole grade.



so this is my new book

sorry about the very short chapter

it will get longer as the story goes

so hope you enjoy

- till till xx


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