Demon Kiss: New Life


1. recap.

"Erik!" I yelled, gripping my stomach. It was the middle of the night and an intense pain rippled through my lower abdomen. Erik ran into our room with a heated pack in his hand. "They're kicking hard again?" He said, Pressing the heat source on my stomach. I smiled at him, while we laid on the bed "you're so good to me darling." I leaned kissed him. "Any boyfriend would do the same thing. Especially for his 8 month along wife." Erik kissed my forehead. "I love you baby." I smiled, "I love you too cupcake."

Erik's dirty blonde hair had just been cut till it no longer touched the top of his ears. His green/blue eyes were glued to my face, he always knew how to make me blush.

Erik and and I and the other exiled fables had a camp in Indiana but we had recently relocated to a more secure base in Devin Island, Canada. Here was a main exiled camp in North America, over 1,000 fables of different varieties live here. The man I consider my father, Daniel, is the leader of our group, which consists of 46 other fables not including Erik and I. Each leader has their own building that is set up like a cozy little condo where they and their followers stay. There is also a large fable infirmary, and shop which has things you wouldn't sell to humans.

Erik and I were content on never leaving this place, but sadly we aren't that lucky. I am known as a pure blood succubus, a succubus who has little to no human in their gene pool, so the succubus council tricked me into mating with another pure blood named Simon. So now I'm pregnant, here's the kicker, the twins curled up in my womb have two different fathers. That's bad news for me.

I'm due to have these babies in a month, January 2016. Why is this a problem?? Well, I was the first female born pure blood succubus ever. Out of the 2 royal families I was the only female born... Ever. The prophesy states that the child of the two bloodlines would be a monster. No humanity... It would bring fables out of the dark ages. Us fables may have some pretty powerful abilities, but we are still outnumbered a million to one. Only a miracle could help us take the world back, the council was hoping my child would be that miracle.

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