Demon Kiss: New Life


4. An Understanding

I stared at Oryn, he was so beautiful. I knew he couldn't be a monster, I hoped in one of the gulf carts, realizing my daughters body was still peacefully lying on my bed. I headed off to dr. straps house. I pounded on his apartment door, it swung open. "Amy?" He asked, half asleep. He looked down at Oryn and gasped. "The girl didn't make it?" He asked, I shook my head negatively. "Come in." He said, I walked into his small apartment which looked a lot like mine. "He can't be evil." I said, Gesturing toward Oryn. He scowled, "where is Erik?" He asked. "I don't know, and I don't care. He tried to kill Oryn!" I exclaimed. "You named him Oryn?" Asked dr. Strap, my head nodded. "The prophesy foretold that if any of the two Royal bloodlines merged, the baby would come out looking preeminently like its original form, in the succubi case, wings, horns, and a tail." Dr. Strap stared at Oryn.

"He has Erik's eyes, and face. Is it possible the DNA tests were wrong?" He looked at me. "Anything is possible." In less than an hour we were at the apartment of the only seer in our camp. Before we could even knock the door opened. An old woman with grey hair and a wrinkled face answered, "I've been expecting you." She smiled. After a cup of tea and some explaining, the seer (Margaret) finally spoke more than a one word reply. "The child is that of both Erik and Simon. In fable history I cannot recall a single time a female has been impregnated by 2 mates. It is quite interesting. Oryn, took the life force of his twin, their energy merged into one another. Oryn is both of your children, in one body. He has the power of the pure blood, but the heart of human. Given enough care and schooling, I don't think he will be a danger to any humans. If the fable council were to somehow get their hands on him..." She trailed off. "Erik was only trying to protect the world. Forgive him, you will need him." She looked at me. Oryn began to cry, I took out my left breast and let him drink.

"Thank you." Said dr. Strap. I turned to him "thank you doctor." I smiled. "Please, call me Robert ." The green elf bowed. We drove back to my house, I closed my eyes and delivered the memories of my trip to the seer to Erik. I could sense his brain buzzing around, he was awake. He came out to meet me at the front door. "I'm sorry Amy." He said. His eyes were red and puffy. "I thought.." He began. "Shhh." I placed my index finger in his pink lips. "I know, I understand." He smiled then looked down at our son. "Hello Oryn, I'm your dad." He smiled then looked back at me. "You don't know this now, but you have the best mother in the world." I laughed and hugged him. Robert was behind us, "I will help in any way I can." He said kneeling down. "My king." He looked at Erik, "my queen." His eyes darted to me, "and my prince." His eyes rested on oryn. "I know others who will follow you. Anything you need, that baby is the key to taking down the fable council, for good."

News of Oryn traveled around the camp like wildfire. News that he was on our side produced an army that would die for my infant. He was the most protected baby in the world, but he was also in the most danger.

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