Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of short stories that I either 1) Wrote in my creative writing class. Or, 2) have this inspiration for, but I don't wanna write a whole book. I might throw a 3) A spoiler/teaser chapter from one of my other books.


1. Fear-

I wrote this in creative writing, the topic was Fear- only you couldn't use the word or any synonyms, so here's my take one it.

I woke up at 2:57 AM once more. The first time this occurred was three weeks ago, on a Tuesday. I remember it clearly, I've memorized the event that here yet to come tonight, but still I trembled. Silently my bedroom door swung open, a dark hallway coming into view, though I knew I couldn't move I struggled to get out of the way, to get up and run. When the first figure had shown itself, I stopped attempting my escape and lay very quietly, very still. I held my breath, just as I do every night, and the figure start to drift toward my bed. It has no features, it is only a silhouette, a shadow. Look up these shadow people on the internet, and as skeptical as you may be. You will find them.

My heart quickens, and I squeeze my eyes shut, not wanting to see the scene before me. My eyes shoot open involuntarily, and I cannot look away now. It's 2:58 AM now, but it feels like an eternity has passed, not a moment. The demon appears, crawling on the ceiling from the darkest corner of my room, with its long claws, long, serrated, needle-like teeth that come in hundreds and no longer fit in its mouth, sockets instead of eyes, and somehow all its joints are pointed backwards; like they'd been smashed in with a hammer. 

It's now 2:59 AM, I only have to withstand one more moment, this illusion will end at 3:00, it always does. The demon descends from the ceiling and sits on my chest, staring down on me as if it had eyes, those sockets cold, dark, and empty. I've been holding my breath so long I feel like I am about to explode, The demons razor like nails are slicing my arms, driving themselves into my shoulders, just 30 more seconds left. I feel a presence to my right, and it shouldn't be there, I look, and there's another shadowperson in my doorway, only this one it taller, it's wearing what appears to be a top hat, and carries with it a cane.

It seems to dismiss me, and simply waves its cane towards the other two. I snap my head to look back at the demon toptop of me, and then back to the clock, 10 seconds. Slowly looking back at the demon, a grin creeps across its face, a disturbing, sick, twisted grin. My bed seems to shake, and whilst looking for the source, I realize that the shadow on the edge of my bed was, what appeared to be, laughing. My alarm goes off, and finally its 3:00 AM. It wasn't long before I realize the only figure that had exited the room was the man with the cane. The others were still there. And I was suffocating, however slowly, the thing was choking me. I was dying. It should have been over, they should have left at 3:00, this shouldn't have happened. There's a metallic taste in my mouth and I realize I've chewn through my bottom lip, my head it pounding, and my vision is going cloudy. Please just let it end already.

Time of death, 3:01


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