Demon Kiss

Amethyst Jones is adopted along with her other siblings, but unlike them she is a Fable (Term to describe mythical creatures) with two unwanted deaths under her belt. Amy is determined to lay low, however Justin and Erik Are two incubus brothers who have come to retrieve her before her abilities peak to their most dangerous level on her 16th birthday. Emotions grows between Amy and both brothers as they get to know one another. Feelings couldn't arise at the worse time, Amy is the first female pure-blooded succubus ever born, the council of fables intends to betroth her to another pure blood. Rebel fables don't want the line to go on, but why? The question is, who should Amy trust?


6. The Road to Indiana

Erik dropped me off at home and gave me back my phone. All of my texts were wondering where I was, what happened. I texted them back telling them I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it to Lily’s game. Lily was at her first game and I was missing it. Peri and Stevie were there, along with mom and dad. I needed to get ready, it was an away game, they wouldn’t be home till 8 or 9, and I had at least 4 hours. I started to pack the essentials, clothes, hygiene products, my laptop, etc. into my duffle bag. I took the key from the top drawer of my dresser and walked over to my closet. I unlocked a small black metal box which contained roughly $1,500 that I have acquired from my small dog sitting and dog walking business over the past 6 years. I also grabbed my ID, bank card, passport, and my necklace, it had a sapphire shaped like a heart on a silver chain, my biological mother left it to me when she gave me up. I got a text from Justin;

-come outside.

I took my stuff and went outside. “I’m sorry.” He said as I opened the door. “I should have told you sooner.” I didn’t even look at him. “Save it.” Is all I said as I got into the passengers seat. He started the car and sped down the street. “I’m sorry.” He said again. I turned and looked at him. “The only reason you wanted to be my boyfriend was for some mission!” I raised my voice. He smiled, I slapped him. “This isn’t fucking funny! You toyed with my emotions.” He looked at me. “The mission was to befriend you! Then break the news to you once you trusted me. I let my feelings for you, my real feelings, get in the way of that. Erik stepped in because I wasn’t quick enough. It’s not about the ‘mission’ anymore.” He paused “I really like you. I have since we were toddlers.” I didn’t reply, I believed him but the feelings I had for both Erik and Justin muddled things a lot, I couldn’t stop thinking about the note I left my family.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m sorry I had to go, I didn’t want this, I wanted to stay and live a normal life with you guys. Hopefully I can come home some day, this is for your own good, and I’m saving you. I finally know what I am, there are others like me and they can help. In order to control this curse I need to be with them, they can teach me how to live with this, without hurting anybody else. I will try my best to keep in touch, please don’t worry, I am safe. I love you,

Love, Amy

I was wondering if they were home yet, if they would understand, If they were hurt by my actions, if they would look for me, or if they were angry. We had been on the road for about two hours, basking in utter silence. I fell asleep in the passenger’s seat, and I woke up when the road got bumpy. “What time is it?” I yawned. Justin cleared his throat. “2:16 a.m.” I opened my phone 14 missed calls and 22 messages. Justin grabbed my phone and threw it out the window of the incubus.” I looked at him, shocked that he just destroyed my relatively new phone. He just shrugged. “They can track us through your phone.” He yawned and kept his eyes on the road. I noticed how tired he looked. “We should pull over and get some sleep.” I suggested, Justin nodded and about 20 minutes later we pulled into a motel. We checked into a room with only one bed, I think Justin did that on purpose. “I can sleep on the floor.” He said. I shook my head, “No you can sleep on the bed with me.” He gave me a skeptical look, so I clarified. “Sleep, nothing further.” He laughed. We crawled in bed and he wrapped his arms around me, I didn’t protest, it felt nice, I felt protected. “Goodnight Amethyst.” He whispered.

I fell asleep and the next morning woke up to the sun beaming on my face. Justin wasn’t next to me but there was a note. “Ran to the store, I will be back soon.” I read out loud. I got up and took a shower; after I was done I heard a cell phone ring. That’s weird; Justin threw my phone out the window of the car last night, I thought. It was Justin phone, plugged into the charger by his nightstand, I answered it. “Hello?” I asked into the phone. “Justin?” was all I heard. “No, he is out at the moment. Can I take a message?” I heard a pause. “Amy?” Erik’s voice asked. “Yeah, what’s up Erik?” I replied. I heard him laugh a little. “Where is Justin?” he asked. I told him he was at the store and should be back soon. “Wait. He isn’t with you?” Erik asked. “Where are you?” I told him I was in a motel. “You guys stayed in a motel together? Please tell me you didn’t, uh.” He paused. I caught on that he was asking if we had sex. “No! of coarse not!” I raised my voice. I heard Erik let out a sigh of relief. Just then Justin grabbed the phone from me. I didn’t even hear him come in. He talked quietly into the receiver and then hung up. “We gotta go, your face is on the news, and your parents are offering a reward for anybody who has info that leads to your safe return.” We packed up our things and got back on the road.

We didn’t speak for hours; I turned on the radio and found a news station. “In other news a serial Rapist has been wreaking havoc all over southern Michigan and Northern Indiana, His MO is raping and murdering his victims, the suspect is described as white, tall with blond hair and a tattoo on his right forearm.” I looked at Justin; he was still staring at the road ahead of him. “In other news...” the announcer continued. “A ChesterVille Michigan family is offering a reward for anybody who can return their daughter home safely. Amethyst Jones is 16 with dirty blond medium length hair, she has pale blue eyes. She is roughly 5’8 and weighs 170 pounds. She is believed to be accompanied by Justin Cooper; he has hazel eyes and short brown hair. They were last seen in a jet black Maserati Ghibli. The Reward is $50,000 to anyone who provides information to her safe return.” Justin gripped the steering wheel till his knuckles were white. He pressed on the gas. “50 grand.” I said. “Wow.” I looked at Justin. His eyes were still glued to the road. “Good thing we are already in Indiana, I bet the borders of Michigan are on high alert.” I tapped my thighs. “You know.” Justin began. “You can’t go back until you are under control.” He sighed, I nodded. “I’m starting to get hungry again.” I said as I got the cravings. He smiled and pulled the car to the side of the road. “You need to kiss me.” He said plainly, like it was no big deal. “What! I can’t just kiss you.” I protested. His lips looked so appetizing, I felt my body lean in to embrace his kiss, my stomach growled, and my head throbbed. My lips touched his and I felt my body fill with energy, it is the most amazing feeling.” In a sex drunken craze I began to lift up my shirt. “No.” he stopped me, his eyes were emerald instead of their normal hazel. “You don’t want to do that.” He tugged my shirt back down. I looked down at myself, horrified at what I just tried to do. “I am so sorry, I don’t...” I tried to explain, I was so embarrassed. He laughed. “No, I would love to, especially with you, but we can’t. If we mate, we will be mated for life, we will be pretty much married.” He said. What is he talking about? I thought. “Married?” I asked. He nodded. “When two of our kind falls in love, we have a ceremony, it’s a bonding and afterward we go in private and seal the bond by mating. We stay virgins until marriage.” He smiled at me. I smiled back “It’s our way, every now and then two teenagers break the rules, like your mom and dad.” He leaned in and kissed me again. “But I can still kiss you, weather you are my mate or not.” I smiled; we got back on the road. “So am I going to meet my mother and father?” a smirk wiped across his face and he nodded excitedly. “Your mother, Kayla, Is going to flip.” He laughed. “Your father was exiled though, you wont be able to meet him.” His smile faded. “Why was he exiled?” I asked. “Your father was a chronic rule breaker.” Justin began. “He killed many humans near our settlement and almost exposed us; he didn’t follow any rules and was exiled a few years after your adoption.” He concluded. “So he is a mass murderer?” I asked. Justin nodded “Pretty much, about 25 people that we know of. He had a choice to either leave the state or be executed. He formed a camp in Ohio, full of other exiled fables; we got word from one of our men that keeps an eye on his plans that he tried to find you a few years back, but failed.” He concluded. “Fables?” I asked. “What is a fable?” Justin sighed. “There are tons of creatures like us, mythical creatures with abilities, we are called fables. The different types of fables are things like shape shifters, who can change their form, Vampire, who drink the blood of the living, werewolves, who become wolves with power larger than life. The list goes on.” He said. I melted into the cool black leather of the passenger’s seat. “That’s a lot to take in.” I mumbled. “So the fairytales are real?” I asked. He smirked. “Dracula, fairies, and shit like that?” I asked excitement trembling through my voice. “Yes, I mean they are all based off of something. I personally know count Dracula, he’s really funny. As one of the first born vampires he didn’t know how to keep secret or control himself, so the myths came from him not being careful.” My jaw dropped. “You k-know Dra-Dracula.” I shuddered. “You should see your face right now.” He looked at me, then back to the road. “Would you like me to introduce you to Dracula?” he asked. “Yes!” I shrieked. “I have so many questions to ask him!” I was taking this better than I thought I would. Justin and I talked for another few hours, and then I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up I was in the arms of Justin. “Hey, Justin.” I said as I opened my heavy eye lids. “Hey beautiful, you need to pretend you’re asleep.” He said. I heard the urgency in his voice and immediately closed my eyes which felt nice because I was still tired.

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