Demon Kiss

Amethyst Jones is adopted along with her other siblings, but unlike them she is a Fable (Term to describe mythical creatures) with two unwanted deaths under her belt. Amy is determined to lay low, however Justin and Erik Are two incubus brothers who have come to retrieve her before her abilities peak to their most dangerous level on her 16th birthday. Emotions grows between Amy and both brothers as they get to know one another. Feelings couldn't arise at the worse time, Amy is the first female pure-blooded succubus ever born, the council of fables intends to betroth her to another pure blood. Rebel fables don't want the line to go on, but why? The question is, who should Amy trust?


13. Detox

“How could you do this to Justin and me?” Erik roared. “We buried you! I saw your body! It was cold as ice!” Erik stood over his brother who was now on the ground with a bloody nose. I touched his arm to try and calm him down, Erik relaxed instantly. He held out his hand which allowed jack help up. Jack wiped his nose, “I guess I deserved that.” He stared at his brother; he then wrapped his arms around Erik, who hugged him back. “I missed you so much, Jack.” Erik said softly. “I missed you too, little brother.” They embraced for a long time, then released. “So little brother, have you been looking out for Amy?” Jack looked at me and smiled. Erik nodded, then reached over and kissed me, his eyes, along with mine, turned sapphire. Jacks brown eyes widened, “You did not.” Jack smiled, Erik and I both nodded. “Wow.” Said Jack, “So, how did Jacob take my death?” Jack asked with a heavy heart. Erik cleared his throat, and wiped the tears from his bright eyes, “Not so well, he was torn apart. Why the hell did you fake your death anyhow?” Erik asked. Jack sighed, “I didn’t have a choice, the council found out that Jacob and I mated, the only way to break a royal bond is through death, mom and dad and Jacobs’s parents faked my suicide so the rest of the council would think I was dead, by the time they figured out Jacob was still mated, I would be long gone and they wouldn’t be able to hurt me. They got some witches to plant memories of a funeral into everybody’d head; they also planted the feeling of our bond breaking into Jacobs mind. They haven’t yet figured out it was a faÇ;ade so I’m safe, they will probably hunt me down if they realize.” Jack said "They weren’t going to let a Royal marry a man, because then we couldn’t produce a child and keep the bloodline going.” The last remaining succubus society was ruthless, I thought they were the good guys, I was wrong.

“We are going to Detox you.” Daniel said. I had been with the exiled camp for about a month now, Erik and I got our own tent and Daniel became like a father to us both. We trained, learning hand to hand combat, and how to use a sword, modern weapons weren’t the way of Fables, only specific weapons were allowed in war, it was a law internationally. I was mainly trained with a bow and arrow, since I had the most experience with that than any of my other choices of weaponry. “What’s Detox?” I asked Daniel. Erik then told me that Detox was a painful process that will help you gain control of your powers. It starves you of sexual energy, and brings out the true predator in you, It brings out your wings, tail, and horns, all of which are hidden within a succubus, but only comes out when needed. Every Succubus is detoxed, you can only make your wings, tail,and horns come out at will after you have them come out for the first time, which can only happen when you are starved, or detoxed. Most succubi are detoxed for the first time at 14, Erik had already done it, but I should have done it two years ago. I was led into a stone chamber that was roughly 10 yards underground, that’s where Erik showed me his wings. Erik became fully unclothed so his clothes wouldn’t get ripped, I can’t say I was complaining either, it was a nice view. He closed his eyes and focused, after a few moments I heard a terrible cracking noise, then a ripping noise, Erik screamed in pain. I then heard a swoosh; Out came a pair of dragon like wings, were you thinking they would have feathers? No, they looked scary and demonic; when they were fully extended each one head a length of roughly 2 meters. Their interior, which was a thin sheet of skin, was sapphire. The bone that the skin extended from was jet black. The next sound I heard sounded like a whip, his tail was a meter and a half long and had the thickness of a broom handle. The end of it had a sharp barb which had several smaller sharp barbs extending from it. I then looked up at my lovers head, and that’s when I noticed the blood, he had two upward turned black horns. Blood dripped down his face, and the skin the horns protruded from looked cracked; this looked like a painful process. Despite the blood dripping down all of the new wounds in his perfect body, he did not seem distressed. Both his eyes and mouth were tightly closed. When his eyes opened they were sapphire, he stared at me and smiled. He flapped his wings and flew into the air about 10 feet, show off. He then picked me up and I flew with him, not very high but still, 3 months ago I would have never thought Id be flying in the air with my demon boyfriend.

They told me they didn’t know how long detox would take. I was untrained and detoxed way too late, Daniel described me as an over ripe fruit. They locked me in the chamber, but I asked to keep my clothes on. Days seemed like weeks without my new found nutrition of sexual energy. I couldn’t pick up on small details, I was weak, I couldn’t move. After several days of the worst kind of torture I sat by the metal door and begged for somebody to either let me out or kill me, my eyes were glowing sapphire nonstop in this little hell. I then felt the skin over my shoulder blades rip, my wings sprouted, and tore the entire back of my pink blouse off, and it was an intense pain. I felt my tailbone elongate and rip the skin above my bottom. Then my head, Imagine the worst brain freeze combined with your skin being viciously torn open. I lifted my hands, which were once weak but now energized, to my forehead. I felt my horns; I was the demon everybody in my small town thought I was. My horns were much different than Erik’s, His were roughly five inches in length and slightly curved toward the back of his head, mine (If you were to straighten them out) were maybe two feet. They reminded me of a male Ram, curling around several times. I felt the blood drip down my face, I tore off what remained of my shirt; luckily my bra was still intact.

I heard the large metal door creak open and in came Daniel, Erik, Jack, and two other fables named Greg and Mattie. Greg was a dragon and his wife, Mattie, was a witch, they were exiled for breeding with each other and producing their part dragon part witch “disgrace of a daughter” Erin. Breeding between different kinds of fables was a crime in some societies, like that of the dragon. Dragons could shift into huge 2 ton creatures with the strength of 100 men. The chamber I was in was the size of a high school gymnasium; they brought the dragon in to keep me under control if needed. They put up their hands as if trying to subdue an angry horse. I tried to stop flapping my wings but it was like a reflex. Greg’s body began to ripple, and he transformed into a monstrous reptilian creature. He was Maroon, very thick with shimmery scales that reflected what little light came from the deep holes in the chamber ceiling. I saw the fear in the dragon’s eyes, and then I looked at Erik and Daniel, then at Mattie. They were all scared of my appearance, I didn’t care, I was hungry and Erik wasn’t even a foot away from me. I grabbed him and wrapped him close to me, soared through the air , my wings wrapped around Erik, and I and took off, through one of the many small holes allowing oxygen and light into the chamber. I burst into the darkness of the night, with Erik still in my arms, I flew to our tent, flying was almost instinctual, and I dropped him onto our bed. He looked at me and smiled. “Amy, I’ve never seen a succubus with such big wings and long horns.” He looked at me up and down. I smiled, he leaned in and kissed me, the energy transfer was convex, as I took energy he replenished it with energy he took from me. I fell asleep completely naked and in human form that night, I even forgot to wash of the blood my temporary wounds had left.

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