Hounorbound oath


2. That godforsaken day

~~We travelled far and wide. We made camp next to the woods of Thum El. During the journey he had never said a word, nor had I to him, but I didn’t care to ask why. Let’s just say the salary was well… generous to say the least. But somehow, he made me nervous. We were trekking through the snow one afternoon, when I gestured to him to stop where he was. He crouched down hidden behind a snow mound. As I moved closer to investigate, as I moved closer I felt a strange feel that we were being watched, and as I turned to face the stranger I saw a cursed bones hanging from a tree. This place was cursed. A shockwave erupted throughout the area, I was knocked down as was the stranger. Next thing I knew; I saw a ring of black daemons floating around me. Then all of a sudden I could hear an ancient but dead language, but I knew every word the voice said. “I have bathed in the blood of your kind, and yet your arrogance has brought you here.” As the voiced finished a figure dressed in necromancers clothing walked from behind a snow mould, he headed straight towards me.
“You have brought nothing but darkness upon us!” I shouted towards him. “This night you shall perish!”
“Darkness shall descend upon you as well. Your kind cannot hurt me.” The necromancer replied.
“I know” I muttered. As I finished I saw out of the corner of my eye the stranger sneaking behind the necromancer sword and shield drawn. The stranger dragged his sword through the air in an attempt to catch the necromancer off guard, but he was ready. The necromancer dodged to one side and turned to face the stranger. Then the necromancer raised his hand and out dropped a flail, full of spikes and on a long chain. The stranger swung again and again the necromancer dodged his attack. I could hear the flail hitting the stranger’s shield and bouncing off his armour. And all I could do was crouched surrounded by these daemons. The necromancer flung his flail upwards and caught the stranger in the face, he fell to the floor in agony.
“NO!” I yelled. Trying to stand to help my fallen friend. The necromancer advanced towards the stranger, flail dragging along the floor. “NO! Don’t look at him!” I yelled. But he had already looked, and out shot a black cloud from the necromancer’s hand as he uttered an incantation. All I could hear was the stranger’s yelling, yet I was helpless to do anything. Now the necromancer started his advance towards me. But then all of a sudden his head violently jerked backwards. And as the necromancer fell, I could see that the stranger had managed to stab the necromancer in the back. With the blood still dripping from his sword, he collapsed to the floor, as it the daemons that surrounded me had vanished into thin air. As I got to my feet, steady and out of breath, I approached the stranger and said “you did not deserve this. When I have gained the wisdom to help you, I shall return.” With that I turned my back on the stranger and walked away from him. “I promise.”

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