The Great NaNoWriMo Race 2016

The greatest race of the year is back! Sharpen your pencils, buy a huge stack of paper, charge your laptops. November is coming . . .


2. Participants

Here's the list of all the awesome people taking on this incredible challenge. In brackets I've put everyone's NaNo username so we can all add each other as buddies!


Molly Looby (MollyLooby)

t r u l y (BrynnaW27 - Young Writers Programme, racing to 30,000)

Le Fox (Vampire Bite)

Prodigy (NCC1701-A)

SnowPotato_ (Snow-the-Potato-Eater)

DragonSoul Jess (DragonSoulJess)

fictionbefourblood (writtenbynadia)

Lady Panda (Lady Alora Wiley)

Lavern L.C. (Lavern2002)

FANGIRL!!! (Leesa Crakon)

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