Forever and Always

Alaina has been best friends with the adorable dimple faced curly haired boy, Harry Styles since she was born. They're a week apart and were always stuck by each other for as long as they could remember. She started to develop feelings for him in middle school while he's had feelings for her since they were little. Except they're both oblivious to know how the other one feels about each other. Their lives are far from being picture perfect, especially Alaina's. Her dad is dead and her uncle abuses her every day at home while her mother is not around. She can't tell anyone about it...including her best friend, the person that she trusts the most. On top of that Harry gets a new girlfriend named Kendall and he starts to ditch Alaina for her. It shatters her heart and it makes her miss the times they had together. The times where he didn't cancel their plans or ditch her just to be with his snobby girlfriend, and when he showed how much he cared for her. No matter how many times Harry tries to fix things with his best friend, Kendall has to get in between. With all the drama that's going on between them, will they finally confess their love for each other....Or will everything come crashing down on them and they lose each other forever? *CHAPTERS 2,3, & 37 ARE NOT SHOWING UP ON THE APP! PLEASE READ THEM ONLINE, THANKS!


22. Chapter 21

Chapter 21


Alaina’s POV



“Alaina?” went my mom’s voice.


I groan and hide under the covers. It’s Monday, which means I have to school. To be honest, I’m not in the mood to go because I’m tired and I don’t want to see Harry. He’s just going to make up excuses about why he was with Kendall last night and hanging out with me. If he does then I’m not going to forgive him because I gave him a chance the last time he ditched me for her. I know it’s harsh but I don’t give people many chances. After waking up from my peaceful slumber, I finally get out of my bed and go into the bathroom to get ready for my day. I can tell already it’s going to drag. Once I was done getting dressed I put on some makeup before straightening my hair and then I go downstairs finding my mom in the kitchen cooking some eggs on the stove. Just as I took my seat at the counter, she comes over with the pan full of scrambled eggs.


“You okay?” she asked as she scoops some eggs on my plate.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just tired,” I replied.


“I know its early but just wait until you’re my age. You’re probably going to have to wake up earlier than this,” she said.


I nod agreeing with her. She’s right. Before she changed her hours, she would be going to work around 4 AM and coming home around 5 o’clock in the evening so I should be lucky going to school around 7 and not earlier. When we were done breakfast, I help her wash the dishes and then we leave so she can take me to school. Usually Harry takes me but he’s once again not doing that. Speaking of Harry, I haven’t heard from him once ever since I left his house last night apologizing for not coming downstairs to say goodbye or if I needed a ride to school today. Obviously because he was busy fucking Kendall instead coming down to spend some time with me before I left.


I mean that was literally the reason why I was there in the first place; to spend time with him. Not blow me off to have sex with his girlfriend. He probably invited her to come over once I left so I wouldn’t get mad and I wouldn’t find out but sadly I did and it hurt. It felt like I got punched in the gut and got the wind knocked out of me. That’s how much it hurt me. When it seemed like forever my mom pulls into the parking lot of my school and parks by the curb near the front office. I really don’t want to go into that building today but I know I have to. I sigh and grab my bag before fixing my beanie at the top of my head and look over at my mom.


“Just have a good day, okay,” she said sympathetically.


“Okay,” I mumbled.


“I love you, Lovebug,” she smiled.


“Love you too,”


I get out of the car and start making my way inside. Like always people are at their lockers talking to their friends or girls are making out with their boyfriends. It’s nothing new. I walk down the hall and finally make it to my locker so I can get my stuff for class today. First period doesn’t start for another 5 minutes but I still want to get them ahead of time so I’m not rushing. Suddenly I feel arms wrap around me and I immediately feel my blood start to boil in my body. Harry. Here to make up excuses again? Shouldn’t he be hooking up with his girlfriend in the boiler room like most sexually active couples in this school do? Eh, they probably had their time earlier. I pretend I didn’t notice him and continue putting the stuff that I don’t need into my locker before putting my coat in there.


“Hiiii!” Harry said cutely.


I ignore him and start putting the books I need into my bag. He’s once again not noticing that I’m mad at him.


“Hello? Lainey? Did you hear me?” he asked.


“I heard you,” I mumbled, trying to hold back my anger.


“Then why didn’t you say hi back? Is something wrong?” he asked.


I sigh and ignore his question. Does he seriously not understand why I’m mad at him again? Ugh, he’s such an idiot.


“Babe, what’s going on? Why aren’t you talking to me?” he asked.


Babe? Are you kidding me? Last night he blew me off to fuck Kendall and now he thinks he can call me “babe”? I don’t think so. I angrily sigh, shutting my locker and turn around to face him.


“Why don’t you ask Kendall?”


I grab my bag off the floor and start making my way to my first period class so I don’t have to deal with his shit. Suddenly the bell rings which means first period is starting now. People are starting to walk into their classes but not me because mine is on the other side of school and thanks to Harry I’m late.


“Alaina! Wait!” I hear Harry call.


I hear him walk behind me but I try to walk faster so he doesn’t catch up to me but he ends up making it over to me. Forgot that he’s taller than me now and can walk faster than I can. I stop walking and turn around to face him once again. Does he seriously want to do this again?


“What?” I asked.


“Please…can we talk?” he asked.


“There’s nothing to talk about,” I replied.


“Yes there is because there has to be a reason why you’re mad at me…again,” he exclaimed.


I sigh and roll my eyes. He may be my best friend but he can be an idiot sometimes. How does he not get that I’m mad at him for ditching me again? Usually he’ll know right off the bat but not this time…once again.


“Where were you when I got home from the mall or when I had to leave? Huh?” I asked. “Oh that’s right, you were with Kendall,”


His mouth opens and he tries to say something but no words came out. Cat got your tongue? Instead of saying anything he just looks down at the ground in disappointment before looking at me again, his green eyes glistening with regret.


“I-I’m so sorry,” he said.


“Of course you are,” I laughed sarcastically.


“How did you know I was with her?” he asked.


“Because when I got back from shopping I went upstairs to see what you were doing and then I heard Kendall moaning your name like the fucking slut she is! Like you could have came downstairs to say goodbye but no you were more worried about your girlfriend instead of me,” I exclaimed.


“Alaina, it’s not what it looks like. I didn’t invite her over she came over herself. While you were sleeping yesterday morning, I went into the game room to play a video game but then she called me saying she wanted to hang out but I told her I was busy but she didn’t listen so she invited herself over,” he said.


“You know there’s a word called ‘no’ right?” I asked him.


“Yes I know that but I didn’t want to be rude,” he said.


I roll my eyes. Of course he didn’t want to be rude! He’s never been rude to anyone in his life, surprised he hasn’t received an award for that. Sarcasm.


“You didn’t want to be rude to HER! Because obviously you didn’t care about being rude when you blew me off again just so you can have sex with your girlfriend,” I said.


“What? Kendall and I weren’t having sex,”


“Sure,” I replied with sarcasm. “Because from what I heard it sounded like you two were,”


“We weren’t,”


I cross my arms and give him an ‘oh really’? look. I’m seriously not buying any of his bullshit right now. It’s obvious he and Kendall were having sex because if they weren’t then she wouldn’t be moaning like some slut.


“Then what were you doing then?”


He doesn’t reply and looks down at the ground again and I wait for a few minutes for his response but he still doesn’t say anything. Yeah that’s what I thought.


“I-I was…going down on her,” he finally said.


“That’s the same thing as sex, Harry,” I exclaimed.


“I know but we still haven’t gone all the way yet,”


“Mhmm, sure,” I replied rolling my eyes.


I know Harry is lying about all of this. I know he lost his virginity to her. Yeah I shouldn’t assume things but he’s been with her all this time so it’s obvious that he’s done it already. He said that he was going to save himself for someone special but I guess he found his special someone. And who it is? Not me!


“You know Harry, I don’t know what to do with you. One day you’re kissing and flirting with me and then the next day you’re shoving your tongue down Kendall’s throat!” I said. “I seriously thought we had something between us but I guess I was wrong,”


“Alaina, we DO have something! You know I always had feelings for you,” he exclaimed, pulling me closer to him.


Okay seriously? This is what I mean! He’s doing it again. After he’s done with Kendall he comes running back to me and then he’s going to do the same thing all over again. I gently push him off and I can tell that I kind of hurt his feelings but I don’t care. Now he knows how I feel.


“Don’t touch me!” I said. “Just go back to whatever you were doing with Kendall. I can’t do this right now. I’m late for class,”


I begin to walk away but then Harry gently grabs my wrist and spins me around. Before I could react, he pulls me into him and leans in to kiss me but I scoff and push him away again.


“Ugh! You’re unbelievable!”


I walk away and right then I hear Harry angrily mumble something before punching a locker. He’s such an idiot. The second bell rings and I sigh with frustration. Great thanks for making me late, Harry! I shake my head and decide to ditch class since there’s no point in going now. I decide to go to the teacher’s lounge since it’s relaxing and teachers don’t go in there until lunch. I make it to the lounge, type in the code, and then I go inside once it unlocked. I sit down on the couch and lay down before deciding to listen to music. I’m probably not going to hear the bell ring but I don’t care. I would rather be in here instead of sitting in class for 6 hours.




Harry’s POV


Damn it! Alaina is mad at me again. Instead of being a good best friend and going downstairs to say goodbye to her after she came back from shopping, I decided to fool around with my girlfriend. Ugh! I’m such an idiot. I can’t believe I hurt the girl that I loved since I was 13 for the second time. I seriously hope she forgives me because if she doesn’t then I don’t know what I do. I almost lost her once and I don’t think I would be able to handle losing her completely because it will literally kill me inside. Alaina has been the love of my life ever since I was little but I never realized it until I was about 13. It’s crazy but I don’t care, I love her. Always have always will. I wish I wasn’t so afraid to ask her out because then we might be together right now and we wouldn’t be in this mess.


I sigh and start making my way down the hallway of the school to my locker. It’s now the end of the school day and I haven’t seen Alaina all day. She’s in my English, Algebra II, and Biology class but I didn’t see her. She probably ditched those classes just so she didn’t have to face me. If that’s the reason then I kind of understand why she did because I hurt her again. Once I make it my locker, I put my bag down on the floor and start putting in my combination before opening up the door. I take my books out of my bag that I didn’t need and then I shut it so I can go home but once I did, I jump with surprise when I notice Kendall standing right there.


“Boo!” she giggled.


“Shit, you scared me,” I laughed.




She bites her bottom lip and starts twirling her hair around her finger. Damn, she’s so sexy when she does that especially today. She curled it today and I have to admit that I actually like it like that.


“I-It’s fine,” I said. “So what’s up?”


“I’ve been trying to text you but you didn’t answer so I decided to come over here and ask if you wanted to hang out,”


“I don’t think I can today,”


“Awww, why?” she asked giving me a pouty face and making sure she emphasized the ‘awww’.


“I have to help my mum,” I said, obviously lying.


It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with Kendall today but at the same time I want to find Alaina and sort things out with her…. again. She’s probably not going to forgive me so maybe hanging out with my “girlfriend” will help take my mind off of Alaina for now.


“Awww come on, Babe,” she said wrapping her arms around my neck. “My mom doesn’t come home until 8 tonight so we have my whole house to ourselves,”


“I thought your mum doesn’t care if boys come over when she's not home,” I said.


“She doesn’t. I was just letting you know that if you come over we’re going to be alone,” she smirked.


“Alright then. Let’s go,” I smirked back.


She squeals with excitement and I couldn’t help but kiss her. She’s so cute. I wrap grab my bag off the floor and put my arm around her and we start walking out of the school. We reached my car outside in the parking lot and then soon we were off to Kendall’s house. I haven’t been over there in a while since I was hanging out with Alaina a lot so I’m kind of excited to be back in that big house. It’s literally a mansion. When we got to Kendall’s house, I park my car in her long driveway and then we go inside and go upstairs into her room. It still looks the same like it did the last time; the walls are still painted a light pink color with roses, she has her gigantic bed and her fluffy white bedspread, all of her jewelry, and all of her shoes and clothes are still perfectly lined up in her closet.


“Ugh, it’s such a mess in here. I have to get the maid in here to clean up later,” Kendall complained.


“Are you kidding? It’s completely spotless in here,”


“It’s not the way I like it,” she replied.


She takes off her coat, revealing her black low cut shirt that shows off her beautiful chest. Then she kicks off her shoes and lies down on her bed before turning over to face me, giving me a seductive look.


“Come here,” she whispered seductively, motioning me over to her bed.


I smirk and make my way over to her bed, immediately hovering over her. She’s so sexy; she never fails to turn me on.


“Kiss me,” she whispered again.


And then with that I lean down to kiss her passionately, which quickly turns into a steamy make out session. I hear her let out a small trickle of laughter when I start going down her neck, sucking on the skin and then she moans once I found her usual sweet spot so I start gently biting it, leaving a mark before running my tongue over it. As I slowly tease her with kisses along her chest I slowly run my hand up her shirt cupping one of her breasts into my hand before pulling the shirt up over her head. My eyes widen when I notice her black-laced bra and she giggles, running her long fingernails into my hair, gripping onto it like she always does as I start slowly kissing down her stomach until I reached the lining of her white skinny jeans before pulling them down slowly, revealing her silky white G-string. I feel myself beginning to harden in my jeans and it’s making me want to be inside her so bad.


“I can feel your dick hardening,” she smiled.


“Just for you, Babe,” I said and lean up to kiss her again.


She smiles and before I knew it, we rolled over and now she’s on top of me. She straddles against my groin, making me harden some more and then takes off my shirt. Chills run down my spine as she lightly runs her fingernails along my torso before tracing each indent of my abs. She just started doing that recently and I have to admit that I actually like it because it feels nice. When I finally had enough of her teasing, I gently pull her down to kiss me and then before we got any further, Kendall reaches behind her and pulls the covers over us.




Alaina’s POV



It’s later in the day and I’m finally home from school. I’ve wanted to get out of that hellhole ever since the argument Harry and I had today. His excuses gave me a headache and it made me not want to go to class. Well, I ended up going to the classes Harry wasn’t in with me and then I skipped the ones that Harry and I had together because I wasn’t in the mood to face him. All he would do was try to make me forgive him but sadly that’s not going to happen. Speaking of Harry, I once again haven’t heard from him since this morning. He’s obviously with Kendall because who else would he be hanging out with? God, why did that bitch have to move here? If she didn’t move here then Harry and I would probably be together right now and not be in this mess.


I sigh for the millionth time today and fix my position on my bed. I’ve been sitting up here ever since I got home. I did my homework and then I decided to do nothing for the rest of the afternoon. I haven’t spoken to my other friends because Becky, Lauren, and Bailey are still besties with Kendall while Louis and Niall are busy training for sports so basically I’m a loner right now. I don’t care anyway because ever since that bitch moved here they’ve been paying attention her instead of me. Is that what you get for being the new girl?


Hopefully people would treat me like “royalty” when I start school in LA in a few months. After laying here in boredom I decide to check my phone. I got a text from Louis asking what’s up, which made me smile a little bit. At least Louis is a caring person. I scroll down some more and then I notice that I got a message from Kendall on Facebook. Strange. She's not even friends with me on there. She blocked me a few days after we met so I didn't try to send her a request. I can't believe she seriously thought I would though. But still, why would she send me a message? Maybe Harry talked to her and then she decided to unblock me and decided to apologize. I sigh and then decide to unlock my phone and read her message.




How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from Harry? I thought I told you when you hung out with Lauren, Bailey, Becky, and I but you obviously didn’t seem to listen. As you can see, he doesn’t care about you anymore. He cares about me now because I’m his girlfriend. How do I know that? Because he told me. He told me after we had romantic sex in my bed today (Btw he’s great in bed. I still don’t believe that he was a virgin before he met me). We were naked under the covers and he was holding me, kissing me, and telling me that I'm better than you. Well, let’s face it; I’m prettier, a better flirt, more popular than you, and I’m a part time model about to be full time for Victoria Secret and Vogue and that's the kind of girl Harry wants. He doesn’t want a fat, ugly, virgin like you. He never wanted you anyway he just never had the guts to tell you so that’s why I’m telling you everything he said. If you try to get in the way of our relationship things will get uglier between you and me so I suggest you stay away from me and especially MY Harry. He’s mine now honey. So yeah…bye! <3




I stare at her message confusingly. Why did she message me all of that when I haven't done anything to her? Once I started reading Kendall's message I should have known known what it was going to be about. Why did I think she was going to apologize? Ugh, she’s such a bitch. I can’t believe she took her time to write something like that to me. But what if she was being serious? What if Harry really told her that she was better than me? No, it can’t be true. Harry would never say anything like that about me. He would never say anything like that about anyone. Kendall probably made it all up just so I can stay away from Harry. Or maybe she didn’t and he really said it.


I shake my head and exit out of my Facebook before putting my phone back on my nightstand. Tears start to fill up in my eyes but I hold them back. I clutch the Simba doll that Harry got me a long time ago when I was in the hospital after I got my appendix out just so it could keep me company. That’s when he was my best friend. Now I don’t think he is anymore. What if he actually said those things to Kendall and she wasn’t really lying at all? I mean, he has been spending time with her so who knows what he’s been telling her? I don’t know, maybe I should just give up on Harry. It’s obvious that he’s done with me. And if he really is done with me then I guess I’m done with him.




Author’s Note:


DON'T HATE ME! I'm sorry but I couldn't have Alaina forgive him again. It wasn't a good idea for now. But who knows? Maybe they'll sort things out again. You're just going to have to wait and see ;).


Sorry about the sex scene. I'm not that good at writing them so bear with me. Oh and btw, yes Harry lost his virginity to her in this chapter. I just didn't want to go too far with it right now.


I really hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please review.

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