Forever and Always

Alaina has been best friends with the adorable dimple faced curly haired boy, Harry Styles since she was born. They're a week apart and were always stuck by each other for as long as they could remember. She started to develop feelings for him in middle school while he's had feelings for her since they were little. Except they're both oblivious to know how the other one feels about each other. Their lives are far from being picture perfect, especially Alaina's. Her dad is dead and her uncle abuses her every day at home while her mother is not around. She can't tell anyone about it...including her best friend, the person that she trusts the most. On top of that Harry gets a new girlfriend named Danielle and he starts to ditch Alaina for her. It shatters her heart and it makes her miss the times they had together. The times where he didn't cancel their plans or ditch her just to be with his snobby girlfriend, and when he showed how much he cared for her. No matter how many times Harry tries to fix things with his best friend, Danielle has to get in between. With all the drama that's going on between them, will they finally confess their love for each other or will everything come crashing down on them and they lose each other forever?


Author's note


20. Chapter 19

'I know I can treat you better than he can and any girl like you deserves a gentleman. Tell me why are we wasting time on all your wasted crying when you should be with me instead.' -Treat You Better by, Shawn Mendes



Chapter 19


Alaina’s POV


I shot up awake on the couch, grasping onto my chest breathing heavily as tears stream down my face. Oh my god I just had a nightmare…again. Except it wasn’t the same one like I had last time when some person was beating me up in my basement, it was a different one this time. In this dream, I was going on another date with Josh and he tried to rape me again and I was trying to run away from him but he ended up catching me. This wasn’t the first time I had that nightmare though, I’ve been having the same one since our “date” on Friday and the dream has always ended when he caught me. After speaking with Josh at my party I thought the nightmare was going to go away but sadly it didn’t.


I sigh and lay back down on the couch, once I fully calm down, before looking over to my right finding Harry laying a few feet away from me, still asleep. He probably moved over before going to sleep last night so he can have some room to sleep since we were both lying on a recliner couch. I want to wake him up and tell him what happened but at the same time I want him to rest because it’s probably still early in the morning. My phone is up in his room charging so I can’t see what the time is. I also don’t want to mention Josh around him because all he’s going to do is get worried and I don’t want that. I just can’t imagine how upset he’s going to be when he finds out that I’m giving Josh another chance.


I mean I know it was a stupid decision but who knows? Josh could change for me and then we’ll be happy again. If Harry doesn’t like that then so be it, he’s going to have to get used to it because if I have to support his relationship with Danielle then he has to support mine with Josh too. I know he’s trying to protect me but still he’s not my father so he can’t tell me what to do. If Josh doesn’t change and still continues to treat me badly then I will break up with him but if he does and treats me better than I’ll stay with him whether Harry likes it or not. If he wants me to break up with him then I won’t listen because I don’t need to let my best friend to make my decisions for me.


“Alaina,” I hear Harry mumble.


“I’m right here,” I giggled.


He groans and lays there in silence for a little bit, waking himself up a little bit before sitting up to face me.


“What time is it?” he asked.


“I don’t know my phone is upstairs in your room charging,” I replied.


He groans and lies back down.


“I’m not in the mood to get up,”


“Me either but we have to some time today,” I sighed and tap his cute little bum. “Come on let’s go,”


“But I wanna cuddle,” he playfully whined.


I playfully sigh and shake my head. Ever since Christmas break, he’s always wanted to cuddle. I mean I don’t have a problem with it or anything I just don’t know why he wants to do it with me when he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. He’s either being Harry or he actually does have feelings for me.


“We can in your bed, where there’s more room,” I suggested.


“Okay,” he said.


While I fold up the blankets and fix the pillows, Harry gets Step Brother’s out of the DVD player and then we go upstairs. Once we got up there we notice it’s still kind of dark outside so it’s probably around 5:30 AM. When we got upstairs, we walk quietly down the hall so we don’t wake anyone up and go into Harry’s room, shutting the door behind us. While I go lay down in Harry’s bed, he puts in the movie before coming over to join me. Once he got under the covers I immediately snuggle beside him, wrapping my arms around him and rest my head against his chest. Without hesitating he wraps arm around my back holding me close against him before softly kissing the top of my head.


“I’m glad I’m here with you,” I whispered to him.


“Me too,” he replied.


We spend the rest of the hour watching the movie and then once the movie ended Harry turns off the TV and we decide to go back to sleep. I don’t want to be tired later today.





I awake again to the sound of laughter coming from downstairs along with the smell of bacon. Strange, who’s here this early in the morning? I turn over to check the time on my phone and notice that it’s 9:30 AM so I’m guessing everyone is up and making breakfast downstairs. Once I was fully awake, I wake up Harry and then we go downstairs finding Anne, Gemma, my mom, Shane, and Harry’s dad, Des. What the heck? What is he doing here? I’m guessing Anne invited him over because he wasn’t able to attend the birthday party yesterday. Even though he and Anne are divorced they still tend to get along really well. It’s like they’re still married but in reality they’re not. Usually divorced couples don’t get along but not Anne and Des. They still respect each other’s presence. It’s kind of weird but at the same time it’s nice.


“Dad!” Harry said and goes over to give him a hug.


“My son finally decided to get out of bed,” Des joked and hugs him back.


“Good one, Dad,” Harry joked back.


The break free from the hug and then Harry goes over to get some breakfast.


“Hi, Des,” I smiled and go over to give him a hug as well.


“Alaina! You get beautiful every time I see you,” he said. “You look just like your mum,”


“Thanks,” I said and go over to join Harry.


I put some pancakes, eggs, and bacon on plate and then Harry and I go over to sit down at the counter with Gemma.


“So Dad, what are you doing here?” Harry asked him.


“Your mum invited me over since I couldn’t make it to your party last night so we’re having another small one tonight,” Des said.


“That’s nice. I’m glad you’re here,” Harry said.


I smile while he continues to have a conversation with his dad. He’s so lucky that he has his. Mine has been dead for 12 years and I still wish he were here with my mom and me today. But Des is like a father to me so I’m glad he’s around sometimes. After we finished breakfast, Harry and I help clean up and then we go upstairs to get dressed. I shower and dress in jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and then I go back into Harry’s bedroom so he can go in and take his shower. While I wait, I play some games on my phone but then I get a text from Josh, asking me if I want to hang out. I decide not to answer him and continue to play Candy Crush.


I’m not in the mood to talk to him right now nor am I not in the mood to hang out with him today. I know I gave him another chance but I’m still not fully ready to hang out with him at the moment. Yeah, I feel bad but still I want him to know that he hurt me. A few minutes later Harry comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. I’m pretty sure he does this just to turn me on. If he really is then he’s doing a good job. Sometimes it sucks having a best friend who is so hot.


“How was your shower?” I asked him as I begin to play the next level of Candy Crush.


“Fine I guess…. wet,” he replied. “Close your eyes,”


I do what he says and wait for him to get dressed. I still don’t know why he makes me close my eyes when I’ve seen him naked already and we almost had sex. After he was done getting dressed he tells me to open my eyes and then we decide to go downstairs into the basement to play air hockey. We haven’t played that in a while. I always beat him but who knows he could beat me today.


“Don’t think you’re going to win,” Harry joked as he turned on the air hockey table.


“You say that all the time and I still end up beating you,” I joked back.


“You probably won’t this time,”


“Fine. It’s on!” I smirked.


I dropped the puck on the table and we start playing. After playing for what seemed like forever, he beat me. Twice. I guess today is his lucky day. Usually he never beat me but just like I expected, he finally did.


“Told you, you weren’t going to win,” Harry smirked.


“Yeah, yeah whatever you say,” I laughed. “There’s always next time, Styles,”


“Sure,” he laughed back.


I playfully roll my eyes and then we begin to go back upstairs to see what everyone is doing but then I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I take it out and my heart pounds a little when I notice that Josh texted me again. Can’t he just get the memo that I want to be alone right now?


From: Josh

Alaina…. I know you’re reading my messages. Just come over and hang out with me. I miss you cutie ;)


To: Josh

I can’t today. I’m not going to be home for the rest of the day. Sorry maybe tomorrow.


I send the message and I notice Harry looking over my shoulder to see who I’m texting. I frown and hide my messages to prevent him from seeing them but then I felt like there wasn’t a need to. He probably saw our whole conversation. Seriously, who gave my best friend the right to see who I’m texting?


“Alaina?” Harry mumbled.


“Harry…. it’s not what it looks like,” I replied.


He scoffs and rolls his eyes.


“It’s not what it looks like?” he asked. “You’re texting that fucking asshole!”


“So?” I frowned.


“He almost raped you, Alaina!”


“I know that but he apologized and I’m giving him another chance,” I replied.


His mouth drops a little and he looks at me for a few seconds. I take a look at him and I can see that his green eyes are starting to darken in anger like they usually do when he gets mad.


“You what?” he mumbled.


“I’m giving him another chance,” I said again.


He sighs and gently pulls me into the movie room, shutting the door behind him. Great, he’s going to give me another one of his lectures.


“Why are you giving him another chance, Alaina?” he asked.


“Because I like him. And he came to the party yesterday to apologize and I was able to tell that he was sorry about what he did to me so I’m giving him one more chance,” I exclaimed.


“Wait…he came to our party?” he asked.


I slowly nod. Since when does my best friend have the right to butt into my business? I mean I know he’s my best friend but still he has no right to tell me who I can and cannot date.


“So that’s where the roses came from. But you had to lie to me and say they were from your aunt and uncle that couldn’t make it to the party,” he continued.


“I didn’t want to upset you,” I said.


“But you still did,”


“I know what he did to me was wrong, Harry but still I was able to tell he was sorry about what he did. If he hurts me again then I’ll leave him for good,” I explained.


“Why couldn’t you leave him before?” he asked.


“Because I want to continue dating him,” I replied.


He gives me an “oh really?” look like he always does whenever I lie.


“Really? Because I remember that night after your “date” you were crying in my arms telling me that you didn’t want to see him anymore,”


“I say things that I don’t mean so if you don’t mind, please stay out of my dating life. You’re not my father so you can’t tell me who I can and cannot date like I can’t do the same thing to you,”


I begin to walk out and go up the stairs but he gently grabs my wrist, pulling me back into the room and shuts the door.


“I’m your best friend and I’m trying to look out for you,” he said gently. “I know you like Josh but I also know that he’s not right for you. Just because he hurt you once doesn’t mean he’ll do it again,”


“You don’t know that,” I said.


“I do know. Remember Gemma was in a relationship with a guy like that during her first year of college? That guy was just like Josh. Guys like him don’t change. They say they’ll be better but they don’t mean it,”


I sigh, he’s right. But I still want to be with Josh. Yes, I know he hurt me but still he’s a nice guy when he wants to be, he was there for me when Harry ditched me for Danielle, and I felt comfortable with him. Like I said before I’m giving Josh another chance but if he continues to treat me like trash then I’m done with him. So far right now he hasn’t tried to do anything so I’m going to stay with him whether if Harry likes it or not.


“I just don’t want to see you get hurt again, Alaina. You’ve been through enough as it is and seeing you hurt kills me inside. I just want you to be happy,” Harry continued.


“I know but right now nothing bad is happening between Josh and I now but if something does happen I will leave him for good, honest,”


“I believe you,” he replied.


I nod and then he pulls me in for a hug. I hate arguing with him, really I do but I just wish he could respect my decisions.


“I’m sorry,” I mumbled against his chest.


“No, I’m sorry. I freaked out at you when I shouldn’t have,”


“You had the right to be mad,” I said.


He laughs a little and I feel him kiss me at the top of my head. We stay like this for a little while and then we decide to sit on the couch and watch something on Netflix.


“Want to watch Friends?” Harry asked while scrolling through Netflix.


“What do you think?” I laughed.


“I take that as a yes,” he laughed back and plays the show starting with season 1.




Harry’s POV



Alaina fell asleep while we were watching a marathon of Friends on Netflix. We managed to make it to the 4th season but then she fell asleep after the first few episodes of the season. Instead of watching the rest of the episodes, I turn off the TV and get up from the couch. I grab a blanket, covering her up and then I dim the lights a little bit before walking out of the movie room. Man, Alaina loves to sleep. She’s like Sleeping Beauty. After shutting the door slightly I begin to make my way over to the game room to play some video games while Alaina sleeps. I push open the door and turn on my Xbox360 and decide to play FIFA 2011 that I got from Louis for my birthday this year.


While I was playing I start to think about Alaina. I can’t believe she’s actually giving that asshole Josh another chance. She knows he almost raped her and also hit her so how does he deserve a second chance? Sometimes I don’t know what’s going on in Alaina’s head. She’s so smart but she’s making a dumb decision by going back with someone that almost hurt her emotionally. She’s been through enough as it is and doesn’t deserve to be with someone who will continue to treat her like shit. Maybe if I wasn’t with Danielle, Alaina and I would probably be in a relationship right now.


I mean, please. I can treat her better than that asshole. She knows that but she’s still going for him anyway. Ugh! I just want to knock some senses out of that guy but I know it’s not going to do anything. It’s just going to make Alaina mad and I don’t want that. God, why couldn’t I ask her out a long time ago? I know Alaina loves me as much as I love her so I should have just went for it instead of pulling back all of those years. I sigh and continue on playing my game. I’m winning 4-1 so I should concentrate on that instead of Alaina. But I can’t seem to though. Ever since I knew I had a crush on her, she’s been on my mind 24/7. Just as I was about to score my next goal, I hear my phone start to ring. I pause the game and pick it up on the couch and answer it without looking at the caller ID.


“Hello?” I asked.


“Hi Harry Bear!” Danielle said with a hint of smirk in her voice.


I cringe after she called me that horrific nickname. She’s been calling me that for a while now and I have to admit it gets really annoying. And it’s also babyish. I’m not really a fan of cutesy nicknames like that but Kendall doesn’t seem to care. She’s probably only calling me that to annoy me and she’s doing a good job.


“H-Hi, Babe. What are you doing?” I asked her.


“I haven’t heard from you in a while. Where have you been?”


“I’ve been busy. Alaina and I had a birthday party for our 17th birthday with our friends yesterday and my dad and sister are visiting,” I replied.


“Wait…you had a birthday party and you didn’t bother to invite me?” she asked all pissed off.


Fuck I shouldn’t have told her that. I should have made up something else but I didn’t want to lie to her because then she would have gotten mad at me for lying if she found out.


“I wanted to but we already had everything planned out for the party before you moved here. I’m sorry,” I explained.


“Don’t give me excuses. You didn’t invite me because you didn’t want to make your loser best friend Alaina upset,” she snarled.


I sigh and roll my eyes. Why does she hate Alaina so much? She has never done anything to make Danielle hate her. She’s either being a selfish bitch or she’s just jealous that spend more time with Alaina than her.


“No that’s not why, Danielle,” I exclaimed.


“Bullshit! You could have done something to make room for me because obviously, I’m your girlfriend,”


Girlfriend? I don’t remember us making our relationship official. We just started seeing each other and she’s already taking this way too fast. We kissed on our first date and then the second time we hung out she tried to get me to have sex but I had to tell her that I wasn’t ready. Of course she made fun of me but she brushed it off.


“I couldn’t. My mum said I was allowed to invite 10 people including my family so I had to do what she said,”


“Your mother still tells you what to do?” she laughs. “Wow! My mom stopped telling me what to do when I was 13,”


“Yes I still listen to her. And I don’t care when your mum stopped telling you what to do,” I said.


I hear her sigh and she doesn’t say anything for a few seconds. I sometimes don’t know why I’m dating her in the first place. I mean, she’s controlling, clingy, and she’s also not respectful to my best friend or to me sometimes. But at the same time I like her because she’s so hot. I usually go for girls with good personalities over their looks but I don’t know why I decided to go for a girl like Danielle.


“Okay, whatever. So anyways, are you doing anything?” she asked changing the subject.


“Uh…yeah I just told you I have company over,” I frowned.


“Come on, Harry. I think you can get one night off from everyone to come spend time with your girlfriend,” she said. “Just sneak out and come over, my mom won’t care,”


“I told you, I can’t,”


“Yes you can. We haven’t spent time together in a few days, probably because you’ve been hanging out with that annoying little loser you call your best friend. I mean, don’t get annoyed with her? She follows you around like a lost puppy and looks like she’s 12,” she exclaimed.


Now she’s really crossed the line. How dare she makes fun of my best friend! Seriously, I should have broken up with her a long time ago. I can be so stupid with my choices sometimes.


“She’s not a loser, Danielle. She’s my best friend. It would be nice if you stopped disrespecting her,” I exclaimed.


“Sure,” she said with a hint of sarcasm. “Alright, since you can’t come see me, I guess I’ll come over then,”


What the fuck? This girl never quits. I just told her that I have company over but she’s not listening. No wonder she’s so rude, her mother stopped parenting her.


“I told you, for the millionth time, I can’t! I’m-“


“Cool. I’ll be over tonight. I'm going shopping with my sister for the afternoon. Love you,” she said cutting me off.


She makes a smoochy noise and then hangs up. What the fuck? I put my phone down on the couch and slouch back, making my game counsel slide down my lap and onto the floor. Fuck! I should have told her that we weren’t home.




Author’s Note:



Danielle is just a little bitch, isn't she? I know, she's probably not like that in real life but that's the way I wanted to portray her in this story.


Sorry I took a while to update. I hope you liked it :) Please review.

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