Queen of nature

Royals ruling both are hard where you have school work and your the queen of nature


1. Where

I live in a forest in Maine also I am the Queen of nature and my name is Skye Meadows but I don't go to school like other teenagers I learn from my friend Tyler he comes to see me everyday and another thing is Elfs, fae and pixies see me as the goddess of the forest of Maine but I am okay with that but for the time being I am at home waiting for Tyler then I hear a know at the door and see Tyler I open the door he says "Hello your majesty,"

"Hello Tyler please don't do that," he was about to pick me up but I stop him and let him in the house and I make a pot of green tea and we get started on school things he teaches me a lot of things like Maths English history my family history and more but then he says something like it wasn't him speaking "Will you have sex with me?" I am so shocked I slapped him in the face and pushed him out my front door and slammed it shut behind me I really want to forget what just happened but I know I cant and I go to lay on my bed and then I cry myself to sleep 

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