The Story of Us

The truth is, Audrey always dreamt of being where she was now. Always. But never in a million years did she ever think it would happen or that it could happen. Living in the confines of New York can place anyone in the oddest of circumstances. And the day she walked into that diner, changed her life forever. Being a Jonas Brothers fan was for life. But so were the vows she took. It was always him. Forever.

The moment Joe met her, he knew. It hit him like a ton of bricks. It was almost surreal to look into a her eyes and know he was going to spend the rest of his life with her. But with Audrey, it was instantaneous. There was no other way to explain it. He wanted to be a better man for her.


3. {three}



New York City – March 24th, 2012


Audrey wasn’t entirely sure what to expect or what exactly Nick’s intentions were when he invited her with him to a club that night. She told him she would go, but the skepticism set in when he told her his brothers would be there and he wanted her to meet them. Audrey and Nick had been meeting up at the 38th Street Diner off and on for almost a month now. But he never made a move or even hinted that he was showing any other signs but friendship toward her – which she was okay with. He and Delta just broken up and Audrey didn’t want to be anyone’s rebound. Plus, Nick was younger than her by a couple of years and she had never been much into the younger guys – even though he was Nick Jonas.

Oh yeah, and there was this little nagging part of her that secretly wanted to meet the illustrious Joe Jonas – even though she knew there was a snowballs chance in hell for anything to develop with that. Joe Jonas was what you might call a ladies man. He always had the most beautiful girlfriends, whether they be famous actresses or pop stars, it didn’t matter. This really was the only time in his life where he wasn’t toting around a gorgeous woman on his arm and that was because he was out promoting his solo album Fast Life. And if the songs on his record gave any indication of his lifestyle, then it was pretty much party, party, party non-stop. And someone like him didn’t go to clubs and not chase women. So, like she said – there was a snowballs chance in hell that she would ever have a shot with a man like Joe Jonas. But she could always hope, couldn’t she?

Audrey felt silly and out of place sitting with Nick at a small table in the club. But the thing that she liked about Nick was that she could tell he felt the same way. They were pretty similar with a lot of things. They liked their privacy and they weren’t too entirely outspoken. They liked to sit back and chill rather than being the life of the party. That much couldn’t be said about the man standing in the DJ booth, shouting out to the crowd.

Joe Jonas.

He was in rare form, dancing around in the DJ booth, laughing with the people up there with him. He looked like he was having an amazing time. And Audrey absolutely loved watching him. It wasn’t the first time that she’d been in the same place as him, but it was the closest she ever felt to him, especially with Nick Jonas sitting next to her.

If someone would have told her a month ago that she would become friends with one third of the Jonas Brothers, she would have said they were out of their mind. Being a long time fan, she had the chance to see the Jonas Brothers live on their Burning Up tour on ’08 – which was still something she had yet to share with Nick. Too much time had passed since they met and she thought it would be weird if she brought it up now. Besides, she never expected him to ever come back to the diner and she sure as hell didn’t expect them to become friends.

But there she was and there he was and there Joe was.

“Hey, man,” Audrey heard and looked up, only to be met with the likes of Kevin and Danielle Jonas.

Audrey was almost star struck as they stood in front of her. Her eyes were wide with excitement, being a fan of the amazing relationship that is Kenielle.

“Hey! I’m glad that you made it,” Nick said, hugging his brother and then his sister-in-law.

“Hey. I’d like you to meet my friend Audrey,” Nick said, introducing her to his family.

“You’re friend Audrey, huh?” Kevin said, smiling suggestively, looking over at her.

“Yeah,” Nick said as Danielle leaned up to say something to him.

“It’s nice to meet you, Audrey. I’m Kevin, Nick’s oldest brother, and this is my wife Danielle,” Kevin said, shaking her hand.

“Hi,” Danielle said with a wave and a bright smile as she continued to carry on a secret conversation with Nick that neither Kevin or Audrey could hear.

“So how do you know Nick? Do you work on the production?” Kevin asked Audrey curiously.

“Of How to Succeed? Oh, no. I wish,” she giggled lightly. Kevin smiled at her, but waited for her answer.

“Nick and I met about a month ago in a diner,” Audrey told him.

“In a diner, huh?” Kevin asked as his eyes widened in amusement.

“Yeah. I don’t know. We just started talking and we’ve been friends ever since,” Audrey said with a shrug.

“Friends?” Kevin asked.

“Friends,” Audrey nodded. Kevin smirked and looked over at Nick.

“I swear that’s all it is,” Nick was saying to Danielle, oblivious to mine and Kevin’s conversation.

“Alright,” Danielle smiled at him.

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Audrey,” Kevin smiled at her.

“Likewise,” Audrey smiled back at him to show him how unfazed she was by his implication that there was more going on between her and Nick besides a simple, budding friendship.

The four of them sat down at the table, watching Joe rile up the crowd between songs.

“He’s a little crazy right now,” Kevin laughed, looking over at Nick.

“You know Joe. He’s always got that pent up energy,” Nick chuckled.

“I know. But like, he’s acting crazier than usual,” Kevin said, making a face.

“He’s probably drunk,” Nick laughed, which made Audrey giggle.

She thought it was kind of funny that the first time she would meet Joe, that he just so happened to be drunk. She waited a long time for this. But luckily for her, it was almost kind of exciting to see him like that, since the Jonas Brothers were always usually so well put together. She wanted to see a little slipping-up. She wanted to experience what most people would never be able to with them.

Joe’s DJ set lasted two hours before he handed the reins over to the house DJ. And soon enough he sought they four of them out by the bar.

“Hey, you were awesome up there!” Kevin told him, giving him a quick hug.

“Thanks, man. It was a blast,” Joe said with a wide smile.

“It really was a great,” Danielle said, wrapping her arms around him for a short hug.

“Thanks, Dani,” he told her.

“Congrats, man,” Nick said, giving Joe a hug as well.

“Yeah, thanks,” Joe said before his eyes fell on Audrey.

It was crazy the sensations that flitted through her entire body as his eyes washed over her. It was Joe Jonas after all. She’d never been more than a large crowd away from him. And now, she could reach out and touch him if she wanted to. And she wanted to. She really did. But that would make her the crazy girl and she didn’t want to be that.

“Joe, this is my friend Audrey,” Nick introduced them quickly.

“Audrey,” Joe breathed.

There was something about the way her name sounded rolling off of his tongue. It was heavenly – absolutely divine.

“Audrey, this is my brother Joe,” Nick continued. Joe reached out, taking her hand in his to shake it.

“Nice to meet you, Joe,” Audrey said, trying her hardest to keep her voice from quivering as she said the words.

Her face was burning with blush, but that couldn’t have been helped. When given the chance to meet a man who she’d admired for four years, things as trivial as blushing cheeks didn’t mean a whole lot.

“Likewise,” he said, still shaking her hand lightly as he stared into her eyes.

Audrey wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, but she knew she felt something. What really threw her off was how entranced Joe was with her. He wasn’t backing off. He was just standing there, staring at her, shaking her hand – taking her all in. Audrey’s heart was beating out of her chest, she was so excited. But she didn’t know what to do, so she just stared back, appreciating every single second with him.

“Ohh-kay,” they heard Nick say awkwardly.

Kevin and Dani’s snickering was enough to break Joe out of whatever daze he was in and he dropped Audrey’s hand and looked around at his brothers.

“So uh, do you want to get out of here? Get something to eat?” He asked his brothers casually.

“Yeah, sounds good,” Kevin smirked at his younger brother.

“Audrey, are you in?” Joe asked, his eyes coming back up to her, stunning her with the use of her name once again.

She looked over at Nick who had yet to answer. After all, she was there with him. She couldn’t just go off with his brothers without him. Nick gave her a slight head nod to say it was cool.

“I’m in,” Audrey told Joe.

“Awesome. Let’s go,” Joe beamed a smile at her.

An hour later, they were sitting around a table at a small 24 hour diner near the club. They were already finished eating and they were just talking and laughing with each other. Audrey was seated between Joe and Nick – any girl’s dream – while Kevin and Dani sat across from them.

Joe was bouncing in his seat, still going off the adrenaline from his night at the club. It was surprising that he was still so hyped up. He was obviously a little intoxicated and alcohol was a depressant that usually slowed a person’s movements and mood. But then again, if you knew anything about Joe Jonas, you’d know that he was a hyper person in general. Audrey had always loved that about him over the years.

“So, what is it that you do, Audrey?” Danielle asked Audrey.

“Oh. Uh. Right now I am a full-time student,” Audrey told her, feeling a slight blush rise up her cheeks.

She was in the company of multi-millionaires and here she was, a poor little college student with an encroaching mountain of student loan debt.

“Awesome. What’s your major?” Kevin asked.

“Business,” she told him.

“Oh, really? Anything in particular? Or is it pretty generalized?” He asked curiously.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe management of some sort. I just want to be able to make a living for myself and my future family,” Audrey said shyly as she pushed around the crumbs on her plate with her fork.

“That’s very noble of you,” she heard Joe say.

Audrey looked up at him from the corner of her eye and he gave her a wide grin as he bobbed his eyebrows at her. Every little thing he said or did made her heart beat a little faster.

“You gotta have a plan, you know,” she said.

“I’m all set,” Joe smirked.

“Unfortunately some of us don’t have the luxury,” Audrey said, breaking her eyes away from him to look at her plate again.

“And that’s okay. Working for what you get is the most rewarding,” Kevin chimed in.

“That’s not what I was saying,” Joe said, looking around at his brothers before he looked at Audrey.

“I wasn’t being rude. I didn’t mean it to be rude,” Joe said to her.

“I didn’t take it that way,” she said, looking at him again.

“Good,” he said as he began to bounce his leg once again.

The five of us sat in an awkward silence for a few moments. Audrey wasn’t sure of what to do or say. She already knew so much about these people and that was awkward in itself, carrying that information around. She always thought she’d have so much to say to her idols if she ever met them, but the reality of it was, that when she faced with it, it was hard to get anything out.

Joe Jonas was sitting to her left. Joe Jonas, the boy who she had legitimately fantasized about on several occasions was sitting right next to her, bouncing his leg so much that every once in a while he’d lose control of it and it would knock against hers. Joe Jonas’ anything touching her was like a dream come true. And that fact made everything awkward.

“I’m going to go check my levels,” Nick said, standing up from the table.

“Alright,” Kevin said, looking at his younger brother.

“I’ll come with you,” Joe shot up too, heading after Nick to the bathroom.

Kevin, Dani and Audrey were left at the table with each other, which wasn’t too entirely awkward. Just the sight of these two together made her internally happy. She was a big supporter of their relationship from the get-go.

“So… are you from around here, Audrey?” Kevin asked curiously.

“I grew up in New York City,” she said with a nod.

“Oh, yeah? We grew up in New Jersey,” Kevin smiled, looking over at his wife.

“Yeah. Nick told me that,” Audrey smiled back at him.

“So you and Nick…” He started to say.

“Are friends,” she reminded him.

“And that’s it?” He asked curiously.

“I swear,” Audrey laughed.

“Alright,” Kevin chuckled.

“Leave her alone,” Dani laughed, smacking Kevin’s arm lightly.

“What? I’m just asking,” Kevin laughed, rubbing his arm.

“I already told you I talked to Nick,” Dani reminded her husband.

“Yeah. I know,” he chuckled.

“Wait. What did Nick say?” Audrey asked curiously.

“That you were just friends,” Danielle told her.

“That’s all he said?” Audrey asked.

“Would you have liked him to have said more?” She smirked at Audrey.

“Ha. No. I just… I don’t know. I’m curious,” Audrey laughed, shaking her head.

Those two sure we’re inquisitive. And the fact that they were grilling her about their brother gave her more than a few butterflies, even though it was Nick they were talking about. The way they kept smiling at her made her think they would have liked to see Nick with a girl like her. And that kind of approval was life-changing.

“So, how did you two meet again?” Kevin asked.

“Well, there’s this diner I’ve been going to since I was really little. And one day he came to eat there and I don’t know… we just started talking. And he kept coming back and we kind of just became friends,” Audrey told them.

“That’s cool. Nick usually likes to keep to himself, but I’m glad he’s opening up to you,” Kevin smiled at Audrey.

“I wouldn’t really say ‘opening up’. It’s not like we talk about our deep dark secrets or anything. The conversation stays pretty light. But he did tell me a little bit about how he and his girlfriend just broke up. Long distance issues and things like that,” Audrey shrugged.

“Yeah, it happens,” Kevin nodded.

“Not for you two though, huh?” Audrey smiled fondly at them, trying her best to lead the conversation away from herself.

“Dani usually just travels with me wherever I go,” Kevin smiled, giving his wife a cute little look as Dani scrunched her nose up at him adoringly.

“That’s nice,” Audrey smiled, just as Nick and Joe came back to the table.

“Hey,” Nick said as he sat down on her right side.

“Hey,” she said to him as she felt Joe drop down next to her on her left side, the side of his leg resting up against the side of hers.

Audrey’s heart began beating faster and more irregularly at the thought of her and Joe touching. She didn’t want to be that girl who has a coronary being in his presence, so she took a couple deep breaths to try and calm herself.

 “Are you okay?” Audrey heard Nick ask her.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she nodded, giving him a small smile.

“Good,” he said, smiling back at her.

“Any of you looking to have some desert?” The waitress asked them.

“Oooh,” Audrey heard Joe exclaim and her head immediately turned in his direction.

“Ice cream,” he said, bobbing his eyebrows at her. Audrey giggled slightly at his excitement over it.

“What kind would you like, sugar?” The middle-aged woman asked Joe.

“Vanilla with hot fudge,” he said, smiling at her.

“Anything for anyone else?” She asked.

“We’re good,” Nick said.

“Ah, come on. Someone’s got to eat desert with me,” Joe whined. Audrey smiled to herself over the childish nature his voice took on.

“Audrey, come on. I’ll buy,” he said, elbowing her lightly. Audrey turned her head toward him, letting him see her smile.

“Come on,” he said, giving her puppy dog eyes.

“Fine,” she smiled at him.

“Awesome,” he said triumphantly.

“I’ll have the same as him,” she told the waitress.

“’Atta girl,” Joe said, patting her upper thigh, causing her entire body to tense at the contact.

It only fueled the dirty thoughts in her brain that she really shouldn’t have been having for this man as she sat in such close company to three members of his immediate family, one being a friend to her. But she couldn’t help herself.

And every time she was in his presence, the desire for him only grew and got harder to hold in.



New York City – April 17th, 2012


“Come out with me tonight,” Joe told Audrey who was sitting across from him in Nick’s living room working on some sort of homework.

Audrey had been spending more and more time with Joe and Nick at Nick’s apartment over the last couple of weeks and Joe couldn’t say it bothered him one bit. He enjoyed her company a lot. And seeing her face grace their presence on these occasions was a plus. Even on days like these when she was weighted down with her laptop and books, doing copious amounts of homework. Joe couldn’t even deny he was sitting here for the last couple of minutes just watching her. She was beautiful and intriguing and genuine. Yet, somehow she still felt unattainable to him, even after Nick told him he had no real claim over her – that his feelings stretched only as far as friendship. Joe still felt like there was something about her that was so pure and special that she would never fall for the likes of a guy like him, despite the whole rich and famous aspect. He was sure Audrey wasn’t swayed by things like that, which only made his desire for her heighten.

“Go out with you?” She asked, eyeing him over the top of her laptop.

“Yeah. You know, go to a club or something. Nick never wants to go out. He hates clubs,” Joe told her with a shrug.

“Honestly, so do I,” she said with a smirk.

“What? Nah-uh,” Joe chuckled.

“Nick and I have something in common in that sense,” she said, continuing to smirk at him.

“Well, do you like to have a good time?” Joe asked her.

“I think everyone likes to have a good time, Joe,” she said, lightly scoffing.

“Come on. I’ll make it fun,” he edged her.

“It’s a Tuesday, Joe. I have class tomorrow morning,” she told him.

“But, I go back to L.A. soon. Don’t you want to hang out with me?” Joe whined.

A smirk formed on her face as she watched him. He could tell she was contemplating it.

“Fine. But not too late,” she said finally.

“Define ‘not too late’,” he smirked at her.

By nightfall, Joe had Audrey out on the dance floor with him at a night club called NV. She got more vocal and livened up a lot once she began drinking. It was like he was seeing a whole new side of the perfectly poised girl he usually saw. And he definitely enjoyed it a little bit too much.



New York City – April 17th, 2012


It wasn’t like Audrey at all to be out at a club. And it certainly wasn’t like her to actually be enjoying herself there. But she was certain it had everything to do with the man she was with, a man she was dancing exceptionally close with.

Joe Jonas.

Audrey rarely drank, so she had the tolerance of a fly when it came to the alcohol Joe kept providing her with. But she kept drinking them. And before she knew it, everything was swaying and distorting and it wasn’t because of her dancing or the intoxicating man in her arms.

“Well, Mr. Jonas…” Audrey giggled as she grasped onto Joe’s forearms to steady herself.

“Yes, Miss Brighton,” he smirked back at her.

“You have officially gotten me drunk,” she said matter-of-factly, slurring her words slightly.

“Oh! Well, now. I think this isn’t entirely my fault though,” he laughed.

“Oh, no?” She questioned with a sly smirk.

“No. I think you secretly wanted to come out with me and you wanted to drink with me and you wanted to have a good time, despite the little nagging voice in your head to be the good girl,” he told her with a wide smile.

“The good girl?” Audrey laughed out loud.

“Yes, Audrey. You are a good girl,” he told her with a nod.

Psssh. As if you know me,” Audrey scoffed playfully.

“Well, you’re certainly not a bad girl,” he countered, cocking his eyebrow at her.

With his words and the way he was looking at her, she took it as a challenge of sorts. If he wanted to corrupt her, she was sure as hell going to let him.

“Hmm,” she breathed, moving closer to him so they were almost touching.

“Define ‘bad girl’,” she breathed suggestively in his ear.

Joe’s eyes went wide as a devious smirk played across his lips. Their eyes connected and there was a moment of contemplation, of hesitation before Joe’s hand snaked up around her, pulling her as close as close can get, pressing his lips hard against hers. It took a few moments for Audrey to realize what was happening – that Joe had fulfilled a deep, long-stand desire within her when he kissed her, that he just opened all the feelings she bottled up since the moment she met him.

It wasn’t long until they were stumbling into Nick’s apartment with each other. Everything that just happened with Joe at the club was still fresh in her brain. She wanted him. She wanted him bad. And she could see all the desire swirling through his eyes. When Joe pulled her toward the bedroom he’d been occupying since he arrived in New York, Audrey knew what was going to happen. And she wanted it to.

But when she woke up in the morning and realized what they did, it scared the shit out of her. She slept with Joe Jonas – a boy she was still not entire sure wasn’t a virgin. Fleeing the apartment before Joe even woke up was cowardly, but she wasn’t sure she could handle herself in his presence. She didn’t know what to say and she couldn’t bear to see the regret in his eyes once he realized what they did.\

Audrey avoided Nick’s apartment altogether until she knew Joe was back in Los Angeles. She had a glimmer of a chance with the boy she always loved and with one stupid, drunken night she was certain she threw it all away.

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