The Boy Who Walked Away

France <3 A Place Where Couples Trip And Fall In Love Not For Me France ._. A Place Where I Tripped And Fell Out Of Love That's For Me


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Wake Up Call

My eyes slowly flutter open as bright rays of sunlight beam onto my face.

Painfully, I quickly blink, trying to shelter my eyes from the agonising pain.

My fingers raise up to my face and slowly rub my eyelids in a sleepy manor as I try to wake up.

Once I am lively again,

I come to realise that soft, protective barriers hold me hostage, hiding my delicate body from harm.

As fluffy as a blanket, something moves on my bare back, forcing me to squirm about from the tickles.

I turn my head to stare at the buzzing red numbers, which sits on my bedside cabinet.


First, I don't think much of it until I finally come to terms that today is a big day.


I mumble to myself, repeatedly.

We have to be back at school by 8:15, otherwise we miss our trip to Paris!

As much as I know I will regret this, I look over to my protective barrier; my dick-of-a-best friend; my lover;

my Andy Biersack.

My hand moves onto his muscles, which wrap around my waist, and I start to shake them. Shake my 'oh so loving' fucknut.

''No......I'm awake.''

The words fall out of his mouth.

''Just get up!''

I start screaming at him

He doesn't move.

I slowly lean into him and softly let my lips dance in sync with his.

His kisses are time well spent, especially when they are yours every day.

I pull away and smile at him.

He smiles back. Oh how I love his innocent smiles.

Suddenly, a smirk spreads across my face, like a knife spreading butter, revealing the mysterious part of me.


His smile turns into a giggle.

I dare to reply since my thoughts are going to be thee reply.


Malice Sidney Bell, what are you smirking about?''

The giggle fades and his serious tone takes over his face and voice.

I've had enough of the joking around and the suspicious mystery left on suspense.

Finally, I rip the duvet off of us, revealing his body (only covered by his black underwear).

Goosebumps build up on his cold body once the strong wind from outside swept through the gap between the window and the ledge.

''Before I freeze to death, are you going to tell me why you woke me up at 6:50!!''

Chattering teeth could vaguely be heard between each word he spoke.

''Hmmm.... I don't know. Maybe it's because we're going to Paris today and we still haven't packed everything!!''

The crustal blue eyes sitting on his face suddenly widened, showing his shocked expression.

After staring at each other, shocked, for seconds, Andy and I leap out of bed and darted for our suitcases and wardrobe.

Planes are highly uncomfortable (I learnt that the hard way) so I threw on my black leggings, my black Good Charlotte t shirt, a black hoodie, my black pair of converse and a SuperDry coat to keep me warm.

I underlined my eye with an eyeliner pencil and put some liquid eye liner on.

I painted my face with foundation.

Standing by the door, I watch Andy fumble around, trying to fill the rest of his bag with more clothes and rubbish he didn't need.

''Are you done?''

My impatient side lashes out when I can't stand waiting.

Hearing the annoyance tone in my voice, he looks up at me, raising his hand very slowly and shoots his middle finger at me.

I try contains my giggle but the serious look on his face was adorable humorous.

''I'm done, now carry your god damn bags down the stairs. We have no time to loose!''

I huff and walk out the room with my black PINK bag, hanging off my shoulder and my suitcase rolling behind me as I pull on the long metal handle.


I heard his faint scream behind me.

I turn to see a sleepy Andy struggle to get down the stairs, almost tripping over his long coat, which dangles by his feet.

My laughter fills the house as I drop my things and dash up some steps to carry some of the things.


The door locks tight as I shut it behind me.

I give one last wave to my parents who stand on the icy front lawn, smiling and waving back at me.


He asks, stroking my hand with his thumb.


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