Maybe Heaven's Just A Mile Up The Road

The second single from my forthcoming album THERE WAS NOTHING ON TV




Maybe Heaven's Just A Mile Up The Road was my statement of intent for the album. It's a straight up, balls out rocker. It's one of those tracks that smashes itself through within 3 minutes, and leaves you feeling somewhat exhausted. It's also one of my longest titles on the album, and probably came about after a good friend of mine yammered on about Fall Out Boy until I bought their album Infinity On High. There's also the inspiration from a band called Brand New, as they have a fair few long song titles too. But some long titles don't feel right. I knew mine had to. And it does.

The song itself is very simple, following the traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus-middle-instrumental-chorus x2 format. But it wouldn't work any other way. It's quick and snappy and makes you feel like you've been hit by a train. And that, friends, is just the right way for this song to me.

-Sam H-B


Cover art by

Cover concept by Sam H-B

Hammer logo by @h a n n a h

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