Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


17. Three months later.


Me and Harry are together, and we couldn't be more happy. We have had a couple of arguments and rocky patches through time but it's all good. We have a good sex life, and we try to keep the relationship exciting. With him being on tour and me going around the world modelling, we have (embarrassingly) had phone sex a few times. He tries to come to as many of my runway shows as possible and buys almost every single cover I'm in. I buy every single song they produce on ITunes, and I also go to their concerts. I love it going to heir concerts, because I get to see Eleanor and Perrie. I haven't talked to Danielle, and she hasn't bothered to get in contact with me either. I don't really want to get in touch with her, as she broke Liam's heart-Me and Harry also found out that during their relationship, Danielle had been cheating! We have told the boys (except Liam obviously) and El + Pez. I am walking the runway tonight, and I'm going to be wearing: . I haven't seen Harry for around 2 weeks now and I miss him like crazy. I'm no longer nervous walking the runway. I can't hardly see the audience anymore because of the bright lights and I am only allowed to look ahead. I was going on the runway and I did my walk. With my walk, I have a serious face, walk strait and when I'm at the end of the catwalk, I put my hand on my waist and turn to walk back. I come off the stage and I hear cheers. I walk to my dressing room and sit down on the chair. I brush my hair more, as I need to go back onstage with all the other models later. I sigh and flick through my phone, when I suddenly hear a noise behind me. I turn round and look around...Nothing, just a rack of my clothes. I shrug my shoulders and call Blaire.

"Hey babe!" I say to her. I hear another noise.

"Hey Maci!" She replies.

"How are you. I miss you. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages...I think I saw you secretly just after Harry?" I ask and then I here a manly throat being cleared. What the fuck? I turn round to see an angry Harry. Harry! I run over to him and hug him, still on the phone to Blaire. He rejects my hug and I tilt my head.

"Are you cheating on me Maci?" He says pointing to the phone.

"No? Why would you think that?" I ask in confusion.

"Because you called the guy babe and you all said 'I saw you secretly after Harry'!" He says grabbing the phone out my hand. What an absolute twat. I laugh and cross my hands as he talks to Blaire.

"WHO'S THIS TALKING TO MY GIRLFRIEND?" He shouts into the phone.

"Erm...Harry...It's Blaire..." Blaire says slowly. I laugh at how calm Harry looks next. He smiles at me and mouths 'Sorry love' and I shake my head at him whilst grabbing the phone off him.

"Blaire, I'm going to have to go now, I've got to go back on the runway." I say blowing a kiss into the phone.

"Alright babe, bye." She says and ends the phone. I sigh and shake my head at Harry.

"I'm sorry it sounded like you had another boyfriend..." He says looking down. I go over to him and hug him.

"I've missed you...How come you're even here?!" I ask him in confusion as he hugs back.

"Got time off the road." He replys and the backstage director comes in.

"MACI TIME TO GO ON!" He shouts and runs off. I take a step back from Harry and we wave at eachother as I leave. I walk on the runway and pose with the other models. I walk off and Harry comes over smiling.

"You did great babe!" He says as he lifts me up in his large hands. He plants a kiss on my lips as I thank him. We go to my dressing room and I change but keep my make up and hair the same. . We walk out to millions of paparazzi. We get in the car and I kiss Harry. I tug at his curls whilst we kiss, I've missed his lips and it's only been two weeks. We have said 'i love you' to each other. Love is a rather scary thing, as you can't live without that person, and you feel lost without them...They're like your other half. My family now live back in LA, and my mom is nearly having her baby. We get back to the hotel room Harry booked for us. We also discussed how long Harry was going to be here. He was spending a few days off and we were going to go back to LA, as we are in San Fransisco. We got in the hotel room and I jumped on the bed and Harry laughed.

"I need food." I whine as I look through the food service menu.

"When was the last time you had food?" Harry said running over to the bed to jump on.

"This morning. Your not allowed to eat backstage." I scan through the menu hungrily. My phone then rings. Unknown number. I answer and I hear a drunk Lucas. He calls me every so often. Apparently from what I've heard around town, he isn't taking the single life well, he always is- I quote 'A pain in the arse who is always drunk and high'.

"Hello beautiful. I miss youuuu." Lucas slurs. Harry hears and grabs the phone.

"Lucas." Harry says.

"Oh here's the one who stole my girl. Everybody wanna steal my girl." Lucas slurs, taking lyrics out of the famous one direction song.

"She's my girl. Leave her alone else I'll call the police."

"The po po?" Lucas slurs and Harry laughs.

"Yeah so fuck off dickhead." Harry ends the call and passes me the phone. I go into the bathroom and wipe off my make up, and then go in the shower to wash my hair and body. I change into my pyjamas: . I walk out and Harry had food on the bed.

"So what did you get me?" I ask rubbing my hands excitedly. He shows me the food and grins at me like an idiot. I just laugh at his face and start eating. I lay my back on the pillow as Harry puts his head over mine. He leans in and kisses me, I turn his over so I'm on top of him and he moans. His tongue collides with mine. I know where this is going...


I woke up in a hotel room with Maci. I smile when I see her sleeping peacefully. I get up and I know why I'm so happy, me and Maci had sex again last night. I made us tea and woke up Maci, as we had to leave soon. She took the tea and sipped it, she still looked asleep. I had a quick shower and then got changed into my signature black jeans and white top. Maci then got changed afterwards. She looked good in everything, . She smiles and takes my hand as we head out. We go outside and there is a mob of paps and fans. We wave at the fans but ignore the paparazzi. Maci has her other hand over her eyes because of the flashing lights. I get Maci in the car and we both sigh. Maci falls back to sleep whilst we are in the car. I check through instagram and see a fan account, I love looking through fan accounts-it's funny because they don't even know me and the boys have seen their accounts. I see that they posted a photo of Maci. 

Caption: Who loves Maci? I do <3

I couldn't help but comment.

harrystyles: Me too :)

I post the comment and my phone buzzes like crazy, I sigh. Shit.

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