Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


1. The Move

Maci's POV:

I was really nervous about moving to London. It's a whole different country, city, school, house and friends. I'm rather good at making new friends but I still get nervous about it. But of course you would if you were in my shoes! I was kind of happy that I was moving from North Carolina (where I lived). The reason for this is I recently broke up with my boyfriend, Lucas. He had cheated on me with the school slut, Amelia. Ugh what a fucking whore. My best friends all said that they'd make sure Amelia payed for sleeping with Lucas...But I'm not even angry at her. She was never my friend, she's a bitch and a slag. She's known for sleeping around so Lucas was probably just another fuck to her. I'm angry at Lucas. The son of a bitch. I was very depressed after what Lucas did. I wouldn't go out, I used to cry myself to sleep, hide what I was feeling, starved myself and cut myself. I also tried to kill myself. My friend's helped me through the depression and it worked-I'm no longer depressed! Lucas took my Virginity when we were 14. Yes, 14. I was a bad girl, but I was not a whore. I used to drink and smoke every single night when I was 14. I was having family problems, and that was my way of taking the anger out. My family problems were caused because my dad sadly passed away from cancer. My mom now has a boyfriend, but I know she still loves dad. And I feel very sorry for her, because I know she will never love another like she did with my dad. That's why I'm not so bothered if she has a boyfriend, because dad is still in her heart. I only care about her boyfriends if their dicks or abusive towards me, my mother, little brother Felix or my little sister Kiera. Felix was only 7 and Kiera was only 2, bless them, when our dad died. I'm 7 years older than Felix, 12 years older than Kiera and I'm protective as fuck. He's my baby brother for gods sake. I still drink and smoke to this day, but not because of family, because I'm just a bit addicted. I don't give two flying fucks about school anymore, because when I get out of school, I'm working for my mom's fashion company. That's the reason we're going to live in London, for her job. My soon to be stepdad is coming too (yes he has engaged for fucks sake already!). That's my (kinda) life story :).

I was getting on the plane, and I was wearing: 

A blue / grey ish colour shirt, and blue shorts with black and white shoes. I also have my hair in pig tails because ya know that's the fashion right now. I was on the plane sat next to my brother and sister. I was reading seventeen, while he was playing on my IPhone 6s and Kiera was napping. I went on instagram (I'm in love with instagram and I try to keep a hella good theme). I post a selfie that I took earlier. 

Caption: London soon bitchessss.

~8 hours later~

We were finally in London! I can't tell you how happy I was to be in London finally. I then saw that my ex boyfriend had texted me 'Text me when you're there I wanna know if your okay'. Yes he was trying to win me back the loser. This is what he looked like: 

He's fit ain't he? Yeah well he cheated on me with this rat.

Anyways, let's not talk about that anymore...This is my cute younger brother, Felix:

Then here's my little sister Kiera:

Their adorable, right? We rented a car for tonight, just to get to our new house. My soon-to-be stepfather is getting us a car tomorrow, when me and my brother and sister are at school and mom's at work. Our new house looked amazing. I stared at it in amazement:

I got inside. It was 11:30 PM and I was exhausted, I can never sleep on planes. So I just went upstairs and went to sleep in my new room. 

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