Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


2. New School

I got ready at 6:30 AM. I first took a shower, then got dress, did my make up, did my hair and then brushed my teeth. I wasn't really hungry that morning, so I  didn't eat any breakfast. I was too nervous to eat. I went downstairs and sat on my phone for a while until my stepdad, sister and brother were ready - My mom starts work superrrr early, I guess you could call her a workaholic? I got in the rented car that my stepdad bought last night, and my stepdad dropped me off. I pretended to walk in, but really I hid behind a bush until my stepdad's car sped off. I came out from behind the bush, and lit a cigarette. I stood smoking a cigarette for a couple minutes and went on my phone. I posted a selfie on instagram that I had took earlier on that morning. I was smiling at my best friends comments like: 'Damnnnn girl' , they were hilarious. I then heard someone clearing their throat. Shit. No no no. I really hope it isn't a teacher! My mom is under lots of stree and I don't want to add more stress onto her. I looked up, and breathed a sigh of relief, it wasn't a teacher. It was just some fit curly haired boy around my age. 

"Can you quit staring at me?!" I said starting to get creeped out by this dude.

"I can't help it your too beautiful." He winked at me.

"Right seriously, I'm not in the mood for a fuck boy, so piss off." I said, taking a smoke out of my cigarette. He then suddenly took the cigarette out of my hand and put it in his mouth.

"Hey! What the fuck?!" I said stomping my foot, but he just grinned at me like an absolutely arse.

"So new girl what's you name?" He said coming a step forward to me, but I didn't step away. I didn't want him to think he had power over me.

"How did you know I was new? And it's Maci Pope." I said rolling my eyes.

"Well Maci Pope, my name is Harry Styles. And I would've remembered a hot girl like you." He winked at me once again. Ugh. Barf.

"Okay whatever. I need to get going." I say and brush past him.

"I can tell you and me are going to get along real well Maci Pope!" Harry said, taking a puff out of his cigarette- MY cigarette. As I was walking away I felt him slap my butt. I turned back to him and stick my middle finger up at him. I could hear him chuckle.


The headmistress Miss Leigh got me someone to show me around the school. She was a very pretty girl called Eleanor Calder and I also had second period with her.

"So Maci, where do you come from?" Eleanor said as we walked past some of the lockers and classrooms.

"North Carolina." I say and smile, thinking of my best friends.

"Wow that's a long way away. Why'd you move?" She says as we carry on walking.

"My mom's a fashion designer. This is a big deal for her, moving to London and all."

"Really? That's so cool! My mom is just a teacher for 7 year olds!" I laugh at her comment. "What's your mom's name? I might know of her."

"Eleanor Waldorf?" I knew my mom was a big hit.

"OMG THAT'S YOUR FREAKING MOTHER?!" Eleanor screams. I laugh.

"It is indeed."

"Anyways, let's talk about you. Do you have a boyfriend?" I say to her raising my eyebrows and she giggles.

"Yes I do, his name's Louis. There's a whole group of us. You should sit with us at lunch." She says. Yesssss, I won't seem like a loner!

"That would be great, wait let me see your timetable?" I say grabbing it off her. Bingo!! Me and Eleanor have every lesson together today.

"We have every lesson today!" I say to her with wide eyes, she returns the wide eyes.


Maci was so cool. I know the group will love her. Me and her walk to Mr Guiness' lesson: Science. Ugh! We walk in there and I see one familiar face. Harry! I walk over to Harry, Maci following.

"Hey Eleanor!" He says smiling. I reveal Maci and she looks at him with a 'not bothered' look...Why? Harry just smirks. I ignore it and say: "So Harry. This is Maci, Maci this is Harry." 

"We've met." Harry says winking at Maci.

"You have?!" I say to them.

"Yep. I'm gonna go sit down." Maci says and I follow her wanting to sit with her.

"Welcome back class. This is your last year at this school and I'm looking forward to teaching you all. Now we have a new student all the way from America. Welcome Maci Pope. Which is Maci?" Mr Guiness says, and Maci puts her hand up. All the boys turn to her and they all wolf whistle. No surprise, she's fucking perfect. She doesn't even blush at all these boys. She most be used to all this attention??

"Maci what part of America do you come from?" Mr Guiness says.

"North Carolina." She says, she doesn't really care about all these people staring. I already think me and her are going to be best friends.

"Ahhh lovely place. Anyways let's get on with Science!".


I could see Maci in the corner of my eye, with her phone out on the desk. She was scrolling through instagram! What a fucking legend! I saw that Mr Guiness noticed she was on her phone.

"MACI! Are you paying attention?" He says raising his eyebrows.

"Yep" She says popping the 'p' at the end. Everyone laughed.

"SILENCE! What did I say then?" She puts her finger on her mouth and turns her head to the side, as if she's thinking.

"That you have a massive boner?" She says looking utterly serious, and everyone (including me and Harry) are in laughing fits.

"No I didn't say that! Who do you think you are?"

"I'm fucking Maci Pope. If you were a good teacher, you'd know my name. But you suck dick at being a teacher." She says, and everyone is amazed at how she spoke to him.

"I  don't know what you school allowed you to get away with, but that's not acceptable here!" She just stands up, walks out the classroom and sticks up her middle finger. I love her.

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