Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


3. Lunch


I knew that Maci would be hiding in the girls toilets, I walked in and shouted "MACI!" She came out of the cubicals smiling.

"Yay you found me."

"Yeah Harry's waiting outside. C'mon let's go." I told her and we walked out.

"Hey Maci." He smiled at her.

"Hi. So how was 3rd period?" She says.

"Boring as fuck." Harry moaned.

We walked into the the lunch hall and we got lunch and we found Danielle, Perrie, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis. 

They all loved Maci. We all arranged to have a drinking session at Harry's place.


I was getting ready to go to Harry's I wore: (she is wearing her profile picture). Eleanor picked me up, and I was ready to get this party started!!!!!!!!!


I had finished putting out all the drinks we had loads. We had vodka, tequila, whiskey, strongbow and kopperberg. All of the group had arrived except Maci and Eleanor. They were both best friends already. Maci is fucking fit. She is gorgeous and I have a massive crush on her. I love bad girls, and I get that vibe from her. I'm a bad boy! I looked up as the door opened, in came Eleanor and then Maci. Maci looked hot as fuck. I grinned at them as they walked in, Maci had a fag in her mouth. Eleanor is kind of a rebel, but I know she'd never smoke; she hates it. Me and the boys smoke, but none of the girls but Maci smoked. They came in and we all drank the strongbow and the kopperberg. 

"Right guys! Now lets do shots with the Whiskey, Vodka and Tequila." She said and we all nodded.

"Have you guys ever played never have I ever?" She said. We all nodded.

"Okay who's going first?" She says, I put my hand think of something you haven't done.

"Never have I ever...Got expelled." I've never been expelled, but I have been excluded. Only one person drank, and that was Maci. Everyone looked at her.

"When?!" Perrie said.

"Last year, I got caught smoking." She said, I've only knew her for a day, but that does not surprise me. It went round to Danielle. 

"Never have I ever...lost my virginity." I knew she hadn't. She wanted to wait. Liam hadn't either, he wanted to lose his virginity to Danielle. Everyone but Liam and Danielle drank. It then went to Liam.

"Never have I ever, been excluded more than once."  Me and Maci both drank.

"Come on!! Please can you do really daring ones so that I don't get absolutely pissed?" Maci said and everyone laughed. It went onto Niall. "Never have I ever, cheated on my partner." Nobody drank, Maci looked down, she was upset about something. She had tears in her eyes. 

"Whats wrong babe?" Perrie says to her, looking at her worriedly.

"Nothing I'm fine." She says wiping a tear away. 

Half way through the game, Maci got a call. I could tell it was a boy on the other end. "No I don't want to, leave me alone!" She said into the phone, we all looked at her. 10 seconds later she ended the call.

"Who was that?" Niall said.

"Ex-Boyfriend." She says turning her phone off.

"And why is it that he's an ex boyfriend?" Eleanor says to her.

"Cheated on me with the school's slut." We all  gasped.

"How could anyone cheat on you?" I accidentally blurted out.

"Just did. He's trying to get back with me." She said.

"Even though you now live in London?" Zayn says.

"Yep, he's pretty desperate. I don't have a clue why."


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