Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


15. I did not expect you here


I got home in my car as fast as the driver could go. I couldn't wait to get out of these clothes! I got home and yes I have enough money now so I can afford a house. This is what it looks like:

I'm in love with the house...I walk towards my door to find a dark figure sitting next to it...What the fuck! 

"Who is there?" I say nervously. I heard sniffles, I come towards the person and it was Liam?!

"Liam?! I did not expect to see you here." I say sitting next to him.

"I need someone to cry on and I can't always count on the boys for that." He said as he put his hands over his face.

"Danielle broke up with me." He starts to break down in tears. Why would Danielle do this to him? I hold him until I finally decide its time to go inside. I pick him up and open the door. I get him inside, and I put him on the sofa. I excuse myself to go get a shower and changed. I changed into this: . I run downstairs to the kitchen. 

"Liam do you want a drink?" I shout to him.

"Yeah please." He shouts back. I make him tea, as that's what they all drink in England. I bring it in the living room to where Liam's sitting. 

"Right Liam, we can either watch a really depressing movie so you can get all your crying out or watch a really funny movie to get your mind off things." I say flicking through netflix.

"Depressing." Liam says looking away.

"Liam I know how you feel." I say putting my hand on his shoulder.

"No you don't Maci! You don't know what it's like to be depressed!" He shouts at me and I take my hand away.

"YES I DO LIAM! After my first boyfriend Lucas cheated on me, I became depressed and felt like an ugly pile of shit! I was insecure so I starved myself. I tried to commit suicide to be with my dad. I cut myself and everytime I look at my wrist all it does is bring back horrible horrible memories." I say crying. Liam puts his hand on my back. I then hear a familiar voice, but it wasn't Liam's.

"I-I-I didn't know it hurt that bad..." I look up to see Lucas stood there with tears in his eyes. 

"Go away Lucas I don't want you here. I'm sick of you trying to get into my life!" I say stomping out of the room and walking up to my bedroom.


I was still under my covers trying to block myself from the world. I knew Liam was downstairs still because he won't have left me in a state like this, and he would want to give me space. I shift up from the duvet to my phone. I grab it and call my mom. My mom is now pregnant with her fourth child, and first with Rick. I was super happy for her, I loved being an older sister. Felix is now 10, and Kiera is 5. I then hear my amazing mother pick up the phone.

"Hello darling, I watched you on the runway and you did amazing. I'm so proud. Sorry I didn't get to call you earlier, I've been so caught up with work and the kids." She sighs, I love my mom so much. I have began to love Rick now like a father. But he will never be my father. EVER. 

"Thank you mom. It's fine, I know you're really busy with your schedule. How are Felix, Kiera and the unborn baby?" I say laughing and she laughs too.

"They're all fine. I went to a doctors appointment today, I have copies of photos of the baby. I can send you one if you want." She says. My eyes light up and I grin.

"Yes please mom! I can't wait to meet my baby brother/sister!" I exclaim. She laughs.

"Yep just another 5 months or so to go!" She chuckles into the phone.

"So how's Rick doing?" I ask. This is Rick's 3rd child, as he has two older ones.Two boys. Their both twins and their 20. I have to say, when I first met them I had a bit of a crush on them!

The one of the left is Jack and the on on the right is Finn. I love them as if their my own brothers. I spend quite a lot of time with them now as I live in LA again. I'm going to see if they want to meet up again.

"Oh he's wonderful. He knows exactly what the baby needs and he helps me with everything-even work!" My mom laughs. I know she's in love with him and I'm happy as long as she's happy. Damn I miss her.

"That's sweet. Anyways, I have a friend downstairs, see you later mom!" I say to her and wait for her to reply.

"Okay darling, no problem! Love you bye!" She says to me.

"Love you too." I say then end it. I go and walk downstairs to find Liam on the sofa, where he's been for five hours waiting. I feel bad for him, but at the same time, he made me confess my shit so he deserves this.

"Hey." I say and sit down next to him. He smiles.

"Hi, sorry about before." He says sincerely.

"It's fine I guess. So what do you wanna do?" I say looking at my phone clock. 8:00 PM.

"Is it okay if I invite the boys? Including Harry?" He says to me with questioning eyes, I nod and smile.

"Yeah am gonna invite my brothers and best friend." I say grabbing my phone. He nods. I call Jack and Finn first, they agree to come. I then invite Blaire.

"I'm gonna go get changed, I'm sick of wearing these clothes." He laughs at me. I know I change clothes a lot but I always get sick of the same outfit, and I have a lotttt of clothes. . I walk downstairs and the boys are already here. They all smile at me as I sit down. They've been talking. Shit. I look at Liam confused.

"What's up?" I say looking at them all.

"Liam told us." Harry says to me looking at me with serious but sad eyes. Luckily, the doorbell went just in time. I smile. I go to the door and open it to find Blaire. 

"Maci babe!" She says hugging me as I hug her back and lead her into the livingroom, she sits next to me. She looks at Harry and shows a disgusted face.

"Ugh." She says and rolls her eyes. Harry shoots his hands up in defence and give me a look what-did-i-do-wrong-now?! Everybody laughs. Blaire is single and so is Niall, I  could see Niall smirking at her. We put on a horror film and half way through, I hear the doorbell ring. I open it to find my step brothers.

"MACI!" They yell and pick me up spinning me around and I laugh. They put me down and pat my head. They go in and shake hands with all the boys. They give Blaire a hug, because they're really close with her. They are really protective over me, Felix and Kiera. And they will be with the unborn baby. We sit down and talk. Harry still doesn't know who they are and he looks confused. 

"So how do you know Maci?" Harry says clearing his throat.

"We're her step brothers!" They both say at the same time, and I laugh at them.

"So Maci I saw you on the runway the other day!" Finn says wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, you looked gorgeous." Zayn says winking at me and Jack tilts his head.

"Is this guy your boyfriend?" Jack says looking at me and pointing and Zayn. Harry stiffens his body and his face goes red in anger. 

"No. I don't have one." I answer, looking at Finn and Jack. Harry looks even more angry. What? He isn't my boyfriend!

"Have you talked to mom about the baby photos?" I say to my brothers. They nod.

"Yep we are both getting them in the mail soon." Finn explains for them both whilst eating a bag of chips. Finn has always been the more hungry one.

"What baby?" Niall says raising his eyebrows.

"My mom is having a baby with Rick." I explain to him.

"When is your mom moving back over here? I can't wait to see her again." Blaire says excitedly clapping her hands. She's always been close with my mom.

"Just before the babies born, she wants to have the baby in LA." I eat my grapes.


All the boys have left and Finn, Jack and Blaire are staying at my house for the night. I go to the spare rooms and get their pillows and duvets ready for them. They were all taking showers. I just went to wipe off my make up and then I fell asleep. 

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