My Fake Boyfriend 💕

Cover by BlueBailey��

Credit goes to (TotheExtreme)


1. 1

It was almost time. A minute left on the clock until it stuck 3. -end of school. Gathering all my papers, I stuffed them carelessly into my binder. At long last the weekend was here.

The bell rung and j remained seated hoping to wait out the crowd of 'kids' stampeding there way to the door. When all was clear, I stood up,and waved tiredly to the teacher. And trudged outside the classroom into the bleak hallways

I sighed heavily and opened my locker . Throwing my books in. I turned to glance at myself in the small mirror attached to my Locker. My brown hair was up in a bun. Giving a perfect view of my face. . I'm not pretty nor ugly. I just fade in the middle.

"Like what you see? I know I don't" A voice sneered sarcastically from behind me. I turned around to come face to face with the school slut.

Britney Saunders- School slut as know as my bully from day one. She was gorgeous which made me hater her even more.

Britney chucked. Slightly to her self.

"A sad, lonely Hideous hag. How pathetic" she squealed looking down at her nails. Tears stung my eyes She smiled and walked off.

Picking up my books I looked to see where everyone's attention had fallen on.

There walking down the hallway with his friends was the school golden boy. I looked at all the girls who made sure their make up was right pushing their friends for attention.

He smiled cockily walking down the hall was as if he owned it. On his right a blonde hair boy stood walking equally as cockily. Every now and the he would send a wink at a girl making them squeal with joy. His name was Lucas yet his friends knew him as Luke

My gaze fell to the left of the 'golden boy' where a black haired boy stood his grey eyes bored and unfazed-a scowl etched permanently I his features. His name was Michael watched him eye the people crowd them in the distance.

Every guy wanted to befriend them, every girl wanted to date them. They were the bad boys, the hotties, and the snack band in the middle was their leader.

Calum Hood

He walked down the hall way confidently. Winking at every girl who called for their attention. His black hair was tousled. His brown eyes shine with mischief as he flirted shamelessly with every girl.

I rolled my eyes, I knew he was good looking, okay that was an understatement he's hot. I turned away and continued getting books out my locker. I was ready to leave this school.

I turned to see the 'golden boy' standing in front of my locker. His hands stuffed in his pockets me.

What was I supposed to say?

"May I help you?" I said with slight irritation in my voice.

"I-" before he could begin. A crowd had from around us. With Britney at my side. He ignored the rest of the crowd and focused on me and Britney "Er, look Brooklyn" he said lazily

"Britney" she piped up lazily. He rolled his eyes. I had to bite my lip to keep my self from laughing.

"Yeah Britney I really need to talk to...." He raised his eyebrow at me waiting for me to tell him my name.

Seriously?!!! He didn't know my name? I have 5 classes with him!

"Kendall" I deadpanned eyeing him with a flat stare. He smirked in return

" I really need to talk to Kendall so if you don't mind...."

She pouted for bit then held his hands.

"Sure, but you get back to me right?" She asked the desperation obvious to anyone.

"Er, sure Bridget," He said looking at the ground with boredom

"It's Britney." She smiled

"Yea whatever" he glanced her.

"Bye" she chirped

Calum stole one last look at her before he turned his attention towards me. His face turning to boredom to serious in a matter of seconds he cleared his throat before speaking

"I need a favor"

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