My Fake Boyfriend 💕

Cover by BlueBailey��

Credit goes to (TotheExtreme)


3. 2

I was surprise to say the least. THE Calum Hood just asked for a favor from me. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"You" I motioned towards his lean body before continuing

"Need a favor from me?" I ended the question with my eyebrows raised.

"That's what I said right" He shit back his eyebrows raised in a similar manner. I was beyond confused

"W-what?" I stuttered. What kind of favor would the play boy as of me- the loser?

Probably some sexual favor given his infamous reputation

Calum frown slightly raising a slender eyebrow

"I thought you'd be smarter than this," he muttered to himself than me

"I am smart" I sighed exasperatedly glaring at Calum with the resentment I could muster. Rather than faltering. Calum simply chuckled at this, my frustration growing even more by this simple action. All of a sudden he placed a hand on my shoulder, my cheeks, against my own will, blushing under his touch. I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

"And in regards to your 'favor', I assure you I have class. I am NOT a sex slave and I will most definitely do not sleep with jackasses" I explained putting emphasis on the word favor.

He simply blinked after my words, taking in my mini speech before breaking into a fit of laughter. My anger grew in that split second as I glared at him.

"That's most definitely not what I meant" he managed to say between laughs.

I rolled my eyes in an act of annoyance yet I could feel my cheeks heating up. Yes, I knew I wasn't attractive, but I also knew what type of person Calum was- he was known for his endless list of 'bedroom conquers' and to know I was probably one of the only girls not in that list, well, it wasn't a compliment to say the least. I looked up to see Calum smirking at me.

"That wasn't the favor I was going to ask, but I if thats was the first thing that came to your mind, I think I can arrange something," he spoke in a suggestive voice, leaning in closer to my body. He raised and eyebrow and winked teasingly, creating a pit of fire in my stomach.

It was probably just the lunch I ate.

I recomposed myself and gasped loudly, pushing him back by his shoulders. He didn't even stumble, yet he got the message and moved back, the smirk still in place.

"Woah hold your horses cowboy! That's not what I had in mind!" My face flustered as I said this, my breathing heavy from the close proximity I had just experienced with not less than a second ago. Never before had I let anyone get that close to me, so The Golden Boy was no different. Calum smirked again- an action I found to be really hot on him.

Wait. What?

His voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Hold your horses? Does that line still exist?" He raised an eyebrow questioning my choice of word. I scowled at him yet instead of giving him a befitting reply with a heavy dose of sarcasm,, I found my self mute.

"So...what's this favor?" I questioned curiously

"Yeah, I know it's a lot to ask but I really need your help," the seriousness in his voice make my hear skip a beat. Now I was really curious. Something about his tone sounded distant and somewhat...sad what could this favor be?

"What is it" I asked carefully. The curiosity getting to me. Although I was curious I was also scared to what the 'favor' might be. I, myself hadn't ever had the pleasure of getting to know him, but the rumors seemed to be enough to give me a gist of what he was like. If they were true. Then I couldn't guarantee his favor would be something in my favor.

He looked me in the eyes just the my brain fart ending as I gazed into his deep brown eyes. His stare was so intense I thought my knees were going to give out. He opted his mouth to speak, but shut it again as if he was contemplating how to phrase his sentence. As if his mind had been made up , he exhaled slowly before saying the unexpected

"I need you to be my girlfriend"

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