Fred's NOT Dead

Fredell and Georgina Gryffindor are the twin daughters of Sadie and Augustus Gryffindor. When they receive their letters to Hogwarts, they are told they can not attend because there is no way the family can get to London, twice every year, and pay for their school supplies on their budget. Deciding they could not miss this chance, the girls make every effort to make it to the train before it leaves on September first. Meanwhile in London, Hermione is convinced she's found Fred. The Weasley twin was assumed dead after disappearing during the Battle of Hogwarts.


4. Chapter 4: Diagon Ally

Fred and George sat with Hermione outside the ice cream shop on Diagon Ally.  

"Alright, we got your school things and I've sent them over to your house. We still have a little while before your mom wants you two home. What do you guys want to do?" Hermione asked.

"What about a pet? We don't have one yet." Fred said and George nodded.

"We can go look and see what they have, but you might want to ask your parents before you buy an animal." Hermione said and they stood up, Hermione leading them down the cobbled street.

"We know, Mom said we can get an owl to share if we have money left over." George said, following Hermione into the owl emporium.

"You have 17 galleons left. If your getting an owl, you'll also need a cage, and some treats." Hermione said as Fred and George started exploring the dozens of owls.

"What about this one?" George asked, pointing to a barn owl.

"I like this one." Fred showed her sister a small tawny.

"This one's cool." George moved on to a great grey.

"George. This one's giving me puppy-dog eyes." Fred waved her sister over to see the spotted owl she was staring at.

"That's adorable. How much?"

"Ten galleons." A woman with a black braid came over and picked up the cage, "Ten galleons for the bird and the cage, a bag of treats are eight."

"How much are the small bags?" Fred asked as they followed her up to the front counter.

"Five." The woman sighed.

"Perfect. We'll take them." George said and Hermione managed to catch up with them.

"Fifteen galleons." The woman said and Hermione handed George the money. They paid and walked back out onto the cobbled street, their pet swinging between them.

"Should we head back now? We have everything." Fred asked George.

"Yeah, and it's not like we'll never come back, or haven't been in literally every shop."

"What about that one?" Fred pointed to an orange and purple building with a tall statue of a red headed man rising three stories.

"I've been in there. They don't have anything for less than four galleons. Tell you what. We can go there first thing Christmas Vacation." Hermione tried to bargain as the girls pushed closer to the building.

"You don't want to go, do you?" Fred asked as they neared the front doors.

"Let's just say that it's 4:45, and your mother wanted you home at five. And that place does being back a lot of memories." Hermione explained.

"Alright. Christmas Vacation it is." George sighed.

"You better not try to weasel out of it then too." Fred said and Hermione had to fight to hold back her laughter.

"I promise. I'll take you and any one thing is on me." Hermione said and motioned for the girls to take her hands. They did and the three of them apperated back to their house in Boston.

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