Fred's NOT Dead

Fredell and Georgina Gryffindor are the twin daughters of Sadie and Augustus Gryffindor. When they receive their letters to Hogwarts, they are told they can not attend because there is no way the family can get to London, twice every year, and pay for their school supplies on their budget. Deciding they could not miss this chance, the girls make every effort to make it to the train before it leaves on September first. Meanwhile in London, Hermione is convinced she's found Fred. The Weasley twin was assumed dead after disappearing during the Battle of Hogwarts.


1. Chapter 1: The letters

A/n: Hey guys!!! So, I've never done this before, but I thought that it would be nice if I did Early Access on this one. If you would like the code for this, just let me know in the comments!

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Jeanne Dragon


Sadie and Augustus Gryffindor of 72 Grandeur Road were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. Well, almost normal. Augustus  ran a perfect joke shop, The Gryffindor, and had a perfectly perfect knack for creating the perfect pranks and gags that worked perfectly perfect no matter how perfectly stupid the buyer. Sadie was a stay-at-home mom who loved sewing, knitting and anything to do with making clothes for their three children. Their twin daughters, Fredell and Georgina - around whom the most extraordinary and unnatural things happened -, attended the town elementary school with their younger brother, Harry.  Fredell and Georgina were the daughters of a joke shop owner and acted accordingly. They had detention almost every week, and would punch, pinch or kick anyone who called them by anything other than Fred and George. Harry was one of those kids who's kind of in the middle. He was by no means popular, but he had friends whom he hung out with quite often, and a pet rat, Peter.

Now, this Friday happened to be the twin's 11th birthday, though it started just the same as any other. Augustus went to work, plans for a new product in one hand and his lunch in the other. Fred, George and Harry went to school not long after, Fred in Georges sweater and George in Fred's, bickering like there was no tomorrow. Sadie got them to the bus stop and waved them off before returning home to enjoy an hour of peace before she went to run errands. It was while Fred sat in George's science class, and George sat in Fred's English class that something big and disruptive happened. At exactly the same time, an owl flew in through the window of each class, dropped a letter on the girl's desk and flew out.  Sensing a weekend detention if they were linked to the disturbance, both girls stuffed the letters into their backpacks and joined the class at the window looking for the owls that had just swooped back out.

The teachers managed to get the class back on track and the letters were quickly forgotten, left in the depths of their backpacks till school got out for the summer and Sadie was helping them clean out their bags.

"Fred, hon. What's this? It doesn't even look opened." Sadie asked her daughter holding a crumpled letter with green lettering on the front and a red wax seal on the back.  

"Not sure. I forgot it was in there." Fred shrugged.

"Oh, I got one too. Hope it's not too beat up." George rummaged in her bag and pulled out her letter. The two girls opened them and read the green words on the battered paper.

"Must be a joke Dad's trying out." Fred said once she had finished reading hers and the girls swapped so they could read the others.

"Must be, none of our family's ever had any magic in it, and seriously, Hogwarts sounds made up." George said and the two handed the letters to their mother.

"Augustus never mentioned anything about prank letters. He's usually careful not to joke around with fake magic. He hates slight of hand and that sort of thing." Sadie said and looked over the letters, "Besides, no one at the shop has this handwriting." She handed the letters back.

"Well, Dad'll be able to tell if it's a gag." Fred said and set the two letters on the dresser.

"Hey,  Sadie! Do you remember where I put the plans for the DD's?" Augustus called up the stairs, coming into the house.

"The Decoy thingies, or the candies?" Sadie asked, standing up and leaving to help her husband look for the missing plans.

"George, do you remember where we put the plans for the Decoy Distractions?" Fred asked her sister.

"The one's that looked like little ducks?"

"Yeah, and we changed the name and tried building one."

"Oh. Eesh. That didn't end well."

"No kidding, I still have bit marks on my ankles from it." Fred told her sister and looked under her bed.

"We left them in your locker at school." George said.

"We did?"

"Yeah. Sounds like Dad needs them."

"I think now would be the perfect time to ask him about the letters." Fred and George grabbed their letters and bounded down the stairs to their father.

"Daddy!" Fred yelled, grabbing his attention.

"Hey Ginger snaps." Augustus hugged his daughters.

"These came for us today. Do you think their pranks?" George handed her dad her letter. He opened and read the letter, his face a mask of perplexed nostalgia.

"Their not pranks, but we have no way of getting to London for you two to go. I'm sorry." Augustus apologized to his daughters and handed back the letters.

"It's alright Dad, we thought they were pranks, so we didn't have any hopes riding on it." George said and Fred nodded her agreement. Augustus apologized one more time and the two girls went back up to their room to finish preparing for their summer. There was no way they were missing that train in September.

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