Writing Tips

Some of these tips are from what I learned, on Pinterest, and other things. Hope you find it useful!


8. Writer's Block

Almost all writers I know have this thing where we can't think of a single thing to write about or how to start something! That's called Writer's Block.


So I looked as some sites that told me a few things to do to help you get inspired:


* Go for a walk. I think this would be good if you are stressed and it will help you clear your mind. And I just thought of something will you walk. Looking around narrate what you see in your mind like you are writing. I think looking at it and narrating in your mind what the trees and people are doing will be a good idea to give you an idea how to write your story. If that made sense at all.


*Read a book. Reading a book will give you words to use. Like if you use said to much look read another person work and see what they put instead of said. It might give you some ideas like how you want to describe your character or how to describe a tree that your character is looking at.


*Write ideas you have for that story before you start. Like brainstorming write down or make notes of all the things you think will be important to the story and list them so when you are stuck go back and make sure you didn't leave out an important  part of the story.


*Listen to music. A lot of the titles I have are something I heard from a song. Like I have a story called Crazy In Love that is in drafts right now but I got it from Beyonce. And it can also help you to clear your head and zone out people talking like your family and stuff.



Another thing I heard from someone was you should figure out the beginning and end(and the plot) and then you can fill out the rest leading to the end. I think this is good because you know the end of it so you don't have to think about it when it comes to that. You just have to fill in the middle with whatever you want to happen. 


So that is all I have for you guys. If I have anymore on Writer's Block I will make a part two! 

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